To everyone I'm perfect... please don't let them see behind the curtain... I'm full of scars...

Everyone thought that she had it all. She wasn't rich or was perfect but from the stories, she was happy. She was on her way to making something of her life...

But it was all show. Was she truly happy? On the outside it was something and on the inside it was something else completely. What was true and what wasn't no one knew?

Things start to fall apart when Gabriella vanishes into thin air without a trace and is never to be found...

What mysteries did she hide and who is to blame? What happened to Gabriella Lane?


6. Six

‘We put on a fake smile to hide the pain yet we wish someone would just look closely enough and see how broken we really are inside.’ 




All through the ride to work, Gabriella hid her face as the tears wouldn’t stop. People walked by and she hid her face but the memory of the previous events kept playing in her mind. She knew that she wasn’t perfect. She already herself hated herself because of her weight and wished that she could become like on of those skinny models. She had tried everything. Dieting, starving herself at times, diet pills and even over exercising in hopes of losing those kilos. It wasn’t easy for her to lose the weight and the constant reminder of how she measured up to her sister…


It was no secret that her parents were hoping for a boy and were actually disappointed of her birth. She had known this truth for over 15 years when one night her parents had said this when discussing the mishap that occurred when she was born. It was also always apparent that her parents loved Holly more to not only her but to many people around. Yet Gabriella had learnt how to hide this fact.


Even though Gabriella had cried her eyes out, she still didn’t feel any better. She still had that knot in her chest and she still felt like little knives were jabbing at her. By now her eyes were red and raw from the non-stop crying and so was her nose. Finally, she arrived at her station and she got out, still rethinking of the whole mornings events.




“Morning,” called out Stella. She came in and started to help Gabriella set up for the morning rush. Gabriella took a deep breath in and tried to focus her mind at the day ahead. She was still not over the mornings events but she wasn’t going to let anyone know about it all.


“Hey, how have you been?” she asked.


The day started of busy but as it started to get quiet, Gabriella’s attention started to drift back to her mum’s words from the morning. The more she tried to forget the more it kept replying in her mind.


“Are you ok?” came Stella’s voice.


Looking up she saw that Stella had been talking to her and she had lost track of it. Pushing away the sorrow she smiled at her.


“Yeah, I just was thinking about the assignment that’s due tonight. I have completed it but have my conclusion to add and then done,” she explained.


“At least you are done, I still have to start mine and its due in two days.”


“Best assignments are done last minute,” joked Gabriella.


“By the way, how is your sister’s wedding planning going? Did you guys manage to get the make-up artist you wanted?”


“No, mum has been busy with all and I managed to send cards oversea. Still a lot to do but mum has been on top of things. Dad also has his hands full.”


Gabriella put a heavy stone on her chest and continued lying to Stella about how everything was so perfect in her life and home. The more she lied the more Gabriella wished her life could be like that lie.


Was she lying to Stella or herself? That wishful thinking of a life that she kept talking to Stella about felt more real to her yet she knew that it was no way near. Thinking of the constant words of her mother and that pain that it caused, she pushed it away and continued to lie. The more she made out her family life to be…the more she felt like she lived a happy life.


No one around her saw that pain she felt. No one saw the scares she hid. No one really saw the tears that she had shed. No one saw anger she had. No one knew the battle that she had with herself. No one truly cared to look at her and say that they understood the pain and that they cared.


People can only throw empty concerns and say that they should take action but in reality when they even see this they don’t truly see the pain in someone. All lies.


Gabriella looked at the time and her heart sank. It was nearly 4pm which meant that she would soon finish and have to go home… home to her mum and her poison coated words that kept digging into her heart. There was nothing left in her to save as Gabriella no longer knew how much she could take any longer.


The day ended… The reality of her life started to sink in. It was time to take of this mask of fake laughs and smiles and face what was real. This wasn’t those happy movies or books where suddenly you would get your happy ending after few emotional months. No it had been years and Gabriella had stopped hoping for that to happen. She had accepted the fact that she was never going to get that moment. She was never going to be happy as maybe she didn’t deserve to be.


“You know you can go home now. It’s 4:10pm now,” smiled Sam.


Gabriella looked up at him and gave him a weak smile. “Yeah I know. But when I go home, I’ll have to work on my assignment,” lied Gabriella. That wasn’t the reason why. She had actually completed her whole assignment expect for her reference list.


Walking away from the store, Gabriella once again felt that same pain raise again in her chest. Once away from here, she was going to have to go back to the same place and go back to hating every moment of her life.


Her mother may have been right all along. She was worthless and that she only made things worse and never better. She was… no is useless… 

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