To everyone I'm perfect... please don't let them see behind the curtain... I'm full of scars...

Everyone thought that she had it all. She wasn't rich or was perfect but from the stories, she was happy. She was on her way to making something of her life...

But it was all show. Was she truly happy? On the outside it was something and on the inside it was something else completely. What was true and what wasn't no one knew?

Things start to fall apart when Gabriella vanishes into thin air without a trace and is never to be found...

What mysteries did she hide and who is to blame? What happened to Gabriella Lane?


1. ONE

Chapter One


The sound of the alarm rang in the quiet room. slowly a head appeared from under the covers. Half eyes still closed and trying to see find her phone, Gabriella Lane poked her head back into her covers. With a little moan, she once again slowly removed the covers off her and looked at the time. It was only 5:45am.


She rubbed her eyes and saw started to get out of bed when she stopped when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her long blond hair was in mess, her PJ’s were missed matched and hung loosely from her body. Gabriella had a curvy figure, which she always hated. To avoid people’s comments, she would often wear oversize and loose cloths. She made her way to the bathroom, and stopped to check if her parents and sister were still asleep.


The house was quiet and the only light came from the downstairs lamp. Even though it was nearly 6am, the sun hadn’t risen yet. The outside was light pink but too dark for any light. Going back to bed, Gabriella once again stopped at the stairs as if someone would suddenly jump out from behind the stairs.


 At first, it was hard for her to go back to sleep, as the day’s events were going through her mind. Finally, after numeral times of fail attempts, she managed to sleep again.




“Gabriella, wake up. Aren’t you coming with us? It’s nearly 7am, wake up,” called Natalia Lane.


She stood outside Gabriella’s door and once again knocked. She heard a loud groan and a thud from inside indicating that Gabriella was up and now running around her room trying to find her clothes.


“I’ll be down soon,” called the muffled voice from inside.


After 15 minutes, Gabriella came down with her hands full of books and laptop. As she came into the kitchen, she saw that her mum was at the table having tea while her dad was watching TV. They looked up at her but no one said anything.


“Sorry… I missed my alarm completely.”


“Hurry up. I have to be at work early and there is going to be traffic,” said her dad Jacob Lane.


Jacob was an average build, tall man. He fixed his glasses and made his way out the door followed by her mum. She was a tall but curvy.


Gabriella rolled her eyes as she now stood in the kitchen alone. She was starving and she wanted eat something but she didn’t have time as clearly indicated by her parents leaving.




She sat in silence in the car as her parents were discussing something about her sister’s wedding. Gabriella zoned out like she usually did when around her parents. This was a typical normal day for her. She had started to get used to the fact that she was always in the background around her family and that what she thought wasn’t important.


Finally, the car stopped and she got out at her university. She looked at the time to see that she had just made it yet she didn’t have time to go and have something to eat. Letting out a deep breath she made her way to her lecture hall.


As she entered the large hall, she heard someone calling her name. looking around she found the source of this voice to be her friend Laurel Harrison. She was a short and skinny woman with long hair. She was one year younger than Gabriella but they had met in their first year at University. They had become friends since then and now in their final year together.


“Hey, so did you ask your parents about coming?” asked Laurel excitedly.


Gabriella shook her head. “They said that I can go but it is very close to my sister’s wedding. They said they will think about it again,” lied Gabriella.


“Come on, this is the final time we all may get time off where we can all go on this trip. It won’t be the same if you can’t make it.”


“Don’t worry, I will ask again. They are cool and they will let me go.”


Deep down Gabriella knew that there was no way that her parents would allow her to go on a road trip one week before her sister’s wedding. Not with all that they planned to do. She still was hopeful that there would be a change of heart and she would be allowed. It was a long shot.




All day Gabriella walked around with a smile on her face. She excitedly shared her plans for a holiday with her family after the wedding and enjoying some family time. The day went on and she forgot about the events of the morning. She was happy yet still bored out of her classes. At times if felt like time was dragging.


The final class finished and Gabriella made her way to the buses with her friend Ruby. She parted ways as Gabriella found a seat and sat down. The smile from her face disappearing. Dreading the thought of going home. She looked at the time which read 5:40pm.

The bus stopped at the bus stop. Slowly Gabriella got off and made her way towards her house. By the time she had reached here, the sun had fully set and now was dark and cold. Looking at her phone once again, she saw no missed calls or messages. The time read 7:29pm. It had been late and no one from home had even tried to contact her or see if she was ok. With a sarcastic smile to herself, she started to walk in the dark.


At one stage, she would have feared to walk alone in the cold, dark streets but not anymore. Now she didn’t care even if someone was following her. She put in her earphones and played her music as she walked. Cold wind blew on her face as she felt goosebumps but she kept making her way home. Well somewhere she called home but didn’t truly feel part of…

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