To everyone I'm perfect... please don't let them see behind the curtain... I'm full of scars...

Everyone thought that she had it all. She wasn't rich or was perfect but from the stories, she was happy. She was on her way to making something of her life...

But it was all show. Was she truly happy? On the outside it was something and on the inside it was something else completely. What was true and what wasn't no one knew?

Things start to fall apart when Gabriella vanishes into thin air without a trace and is never to be found...

What mysteries did she hide and who is to blame? What happened to Gabriella Lane?


8. Eight

“Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent            pain, cry behind closed doors and fight battles nobody knows about”



Gabriella sat curled up on her bed. The more she tried to forget the things that her mum said to her in the past the more she kept running everything over and over. She kept thinking that would everything be different if she was skinny and the prefect little daughter or if she was a boy that her parents desired but was still be fat. There were so many questions in her mind and no one could answer it for her. There wasn’t anything or anyway to explain the pain and sorrow she felt. She hoped at least her family would but they were oblivion to this all.


How could people she spent so much time with, people that meant to love her not see that pain that she was in? What would she have to do in order for them to even care a little? The pain rose in her chest as it started to crush her lungs and she found it harder and harder to breath. She could feel her chest tightening and suddenly tears poured down her checks. She wanted someone to hold her tight and comfort her. She wished she had someone to hold and listen to her. She wanted for once to matter to someone. How can someone so BIG be so invisible to all?


She tried to calm herself down as she knew… no one was coming. No one could hear her cry or see her pain. It was all her and she had to once again put on a face smile. She had to once again put on the mask.





Gabriella came downstairs the next day and she stopped when she heard voices coming from the kitchen. She tried hard to listen in while at the same time careful not to be seen or heard.


“Make sure that you don’t forget to take all that in box to you new house,” said her mum.


“Yeah I will take it today. No one uses it here anyway or no one needs it either.”


“Your outfit is ready to be picked up. I got a text this morning. Don’t know what is happening with the other one. We don’t have time and she doesn’t seem to fit into anything.”


Gabriella’s eyes started to burn and she knew soon tears was going to start. Taking in a deep breath she tried to control her breathing to avoid the tears.


“I don’t know why she doesn’t seem to get it. Because of her weight… I feel ashamed in family functions.”


She could not take it anymore. Without another word, Gabriella opened the front door and left the house. She needed to get away... away from it all. How long was she expected to pretend that this all didn’t bother her.


She started walking unable to focus on where she was going or anything. She couldn’t get the voice of her mother out of her head. She walked and walked still holding onto all the pain and anger that she had. Finally she stopped when she reached the park and she was alone. She fell to her knees and her eyes couldn’t hold back anymore.


She started to cry and at that point she didn’t care if anyone was watching. The pain was unbearable and it was starting to hurt her. she was tried of pretending. She no longer had the strength to keep going.


She looked at the lake in front of her there was a voice inside her that kept telling her to do it… get up and start walking. Walk right into the lake and don’t look back or stop. Walk in do deep that you cant get out. Stop fighting and just let go. No one is going to ever understand…. You are always going to be the one that is wrong… no one cares until it is too late…


Gabriella couldn’t see any other way to make this pain stop. If she was no longer alive then the pain would have to go away. She hated to be the reason for embarrassment for the family. The voice was strong in her mind and she was starting to listen to it…

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