Your Warmth

Arranged marriages, company dinners, school trips and dances. The factors of complicated romances. Four best friends, moving onto their fourth and final year of high school with low expectations, are dragged into chaos over and over again by the same people every time. What’s gonna happen to them? Will they make it through these difficulties and find their happy endings? Or will they fail to push past the troubles?


5. Five

The first day of school. The day where friends reunite and share their summers with each other. The day where ex-es are forced to see each other again after an awkward break-up. The day where new crushes and new friendships are formed.

Also, the day where four transfer students from Daegu show up and have every single girl in eye contact distance falling for them, literally.

Woo Young, Min Hyuk, Seok Min, and Jae Yeol confidently walked side-by-side towards the welcoming front gates of Wangjo Academy. Whispers and giggles could be heard from the countless groups of girls as they walked past them without sparing a single glance. Not far behind them were the school's very well-known 'Golden Bad Boys': Cheol An, Seung Wook, Soon Jae, and Jin Hyun. All four of them casually walked through the ocean of bodies. And they all had messy, rebel-like styles. Cheol An, who was known as the captain of the boys' swim team and one of the most dangerous guys on campus, left his hair fall over his forehead in a messy yet stylish manner. His untucked uniform shirt and loose tie matched his hair. Seung Wook, known for being an 'arrogant flirt' and captain of the football team, let his hair stick up in a way that looked natural but, at the same time, completely planned. The top two buttons of his uniform shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a white t-shirt underneath. It was messily tucked into his uniform pants and his blazer lazily hung on his shoulders while his tie was nowhere to be seen. Soon Jae, the captain of the boys' tennis team and a well-known troublemaker, was dressed properly and yet was still giving off the rebellious vibe with his hair that looked like he just rolled out of bed. Jin Hyun, known as captain of the boys' volleyball team and another one of the most dangerous guys, looked as though he had planned everything when in truth, he just rolled out of bed and put in the least amount of effort possible when getting dressed. The four boys ignored everyone around them as they proceed down the hallway to the auditorium for their senior year orientation.

Behind the eight boys were four girls that were popular due to the fact that everyone feared them and their ability to get whatever they want, whenever they want it. These four girls were Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, Young Han, and Sae Eun. All their lives, they got everything they want. The only things they couldn't obtain were their crushes which so happen to be the four 'Golden Bad Boys'. Although it seemed as though dating the four boys were just another one of the girls' sources of popularity, the girls' really were interested in them. Even though it was mainly because the boys were always rejecting them and seemed to be immune to their charms, the girls couldn't stop the fluttery feeling they would get in their stomachs whenever they were near the boys. Nor could they stop their hearts from racing, beating so hard that they were scared their hearts would jump right out of their chests.

Right behind them, were Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu. The four girls that had been best friends, practically sisters, since they were only toddlers. All of them were dressed properly without a single wrinkle or speck of dust on their uniforms. On their faces were bright smiles as they greeted anyone that approached them. Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, Young Han, and Sae Eun were standing by the auditorium and noticed how everyone seemed to love their ex-best friends. Annoyed and jealous, they blocked the entrance as Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu approached them.

"Um, excuse me," said Ryu Maeil as she stepped forward, trying to get through.

"Hm. How about, no?" replied Sae Eun with a smug look on her face. Ryu Maeil sighed and turned to face us with a forced smile but we could see the annoyance in her eyes.

"What? Giving up so easily?" asked Rae Shin with a smirk. Ryu Maeil turned to face them again and Nae Jin shook her head while biting down on her tongue to stop herself from blowing up.

"Ahem, is there something wrong?" Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, Young Han, and Sae Eun turned around to see who had interrupted them, ready to yell at the person, but gasped and gaped at the four guys standing behind them. Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu were also quite shocked to see them but they were more confused than anything else.

Behind Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, Young Han, and Sae Eun were Cheol An, Seung Wook, Soon Jae, and Jin Hyun. All four of them had empty, straight faces and it seemed as though they would have been more interested in doing anything else. Tension rose in the air and suspicion spread through the crowd behind the eight girls. Cheol An, who had been yawning just moments before, started taking slight glances at Ryu Maeil who was lost in thought as she was still both shocked and confused by their presence. Seung Wook was obviously restraining himself from looking at Nae Jin too much but his occasional glances were anything but unnoticed, at least to everyone else. Soon Jae, on the other hand, was boldly staring straight at Ti Hyun, making everyone whisper, starting rumors about the two of them. Jin Hyun, as usual, was just staring straight ahead of him without any emotion. As usual, he didn't care about what was happening. He didn't even want to be there. If it weren't for the others practically dragging him back to the entrance, Jin Hyun would've stayed back in the auditorium, peacefully sleeping while waiting for the orientation to start.

"N-Nothing, oppa," stuttered Dae Yeom staring nervously at the four boys. Her nervousness quickly turned into anger when she saw how Soon Jae was staring at Ti Hyun. All she wanted to do at that moment was cling onto Soon Jae and receive the look he was currently giving Ti Hyun. However, that anger faded as quickly as it had come when she heard Soon Jae's growl.

"I'm not your oppa so don't call me that," he said harshly without taking his eyes off of Ti Hyun. Dae Yeom was a mess. She was nervous and slightly frightened although she would never admit it. However, she was also furious. She honestly felt as if she had been cursed. Her eyes darted back and forth between Soon Jae and Ti Hyun. She could even feel her bones shaking in anger. Her hands curled into fists as she made her way past the four boys into the auditorium, shoving them out of the way. She didn't want to deal with whatever was happening between Soon Jae and Ti Hyun at the moment. It was the first day of senior year and she certainly did not want it to start that way. Behind her were Sae Eun, Rae Shin, and Young Han, scurrying after her. The sight almost made the four boys laugh but they instead showed arrogant smirks. Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu were still dazed and stood there, spaced out. The four boys before them then moved out of the way, making room for the girls to enter the auditorium. Ryu Maeil was the first to snap out of her confused state.

"Thank you," she mumbled as she passed the four boys and entered the auditorium. Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu followed with their heads down so that they wouldn't accidentally make eye contact with any of the boys. They wanted anything but awkwardness and drama on the first day of school. As they walked down the wide aisle, they approached the bulletin board that had been stationed on a walkway that divided the seats into two sections.

"Look! We're in the same class this year!" announced Nae Jin excitedly when she saw their names on the same list. The four of them looked through the other names on the list and their smiles fell as they continued down the list.

"You have got to be kidding me," murmured Ryu Maeil under her breath. This was not what she expected to happen on the first day of their senior year.

"Well, at least the guys are in our class too," said Ti Hyun trying to find something positive in the situation. Nae Jin shrugged as a response before suddenly widening her eyes and turning to face Ti Hyun and Min Yu who were watching her with furrowed eyebrows and confusion.

"You two haven't finished telling us about what happened on Monday," said Nae Jin excitedly. Ryu Maeil watched in amusement as Ti Hyun's cheeks starting turning rosier, causing her to turn away in embarrassment. Min Yu, on the other hand, groaned in annoyance and rolled her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest and shifting all of her weight onto her left leg.

"I would love to hear about what happened but can we go sit down first?" asked Ryu Maeil as she turned to start walking back up the aisle to the last ten rows that were reserved for seniors. The ten rows in front of them were for juniors and the last twenty were for sophomores and freshmen. Nae Jin nodded in agreement before catching up with Ryu Maeil while Ti Hyun and Min Yu dragged their feet behind them. Most of the seats had already been taken by other seniors and the girls continued to search for a row with four seats that were right next to each other. As Ti Hyun was walking by rows, she stopped when someone suddenly grabbed her wrist and cleared their throat loudly, obviously trying to get her attention. She looked down and immediately pulled her wrist out of his grip as the rosy color from earlier returned to her cheeks.

"Are you looking for empty seats?" he asked without even looking up at her. She nodded but then realized he wasn't even looking at her. She looked down at her hands and played with her fingers.

"Yes," she answered softly, suddenly feeling shy and embarrassed. If the other girls had seen this, they would've been utterly shocked and confused. Even Ti Hyun was confused. She didn't understand why she was so embarrassed until an image from last night flashed in her mind, making her feel like the temperature of the room just rose by another thirty degrees. Soon Jae stood up and called out to the seniors sitting in the seats next to Jin Hyun who looked up, confused.

"Move," he ordered. As if they were robots being controlled by a simple remote, the students stood up and moved to find new seats immediately, leaving four seats empty for Ti Hyun and the others. Soon Jae turned to face her, waiting for her to say something. When she just stared in shock, he was slightly disappointed but of course, he didn't let her see it. He let out a long breath before sitting back down next to Cheol An. Ti Hyun snapped out of her trance before bringing Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, and Min Yu back to the seats. They all thanked Soon Jae before moving to sit down in the seats in the same order they always sat in, making Min Yu sit next to Jin Hyun. Both of them were beyond uncomfortable and an awkward silence hung in the air around them. Jin Hyun cleared his throat and shifted slightly in his seat, causing his arm to brush against Min Yu's arm which she quickly brought down to her lap. She looked down at her hands in her lap and started playing with the rosary ring on her right index finger then the rosary bracelet on her right wrist. Jin Hyun noticed her playing with the two pieces of jewelry from the corner of his eye and subconsciously reached for his own rosary ring that also rested on his right index finger but then scolded himself internally for it. What are you doing, Kim Jin Hyun?, he thought. Don't even think about getting close to her. All she'll do is hurt you in the end.

After what felt like an eternity, the lights started to dim as the curtains on the stage moved to the sides, revealing Mr. Kwon, the principal, who was standing in the center of the stage with a podium in front of him, holding papers and a small microphone. He cleared his throat and wave of silence washed over the sea of students before him.

"Good morning, students," he started. "I'll make this brief. Welcome to Wangjo* Academy. Here, you are expected to always be working with 100% effort. If you are not putting your all into whatever you're doing, I can tell you right now that you will be kicked out right away and someone else with more talent and abilities will take your place here immediately. You have all come here with hopes to hone your skills and talents. However, that will be impossible if you do not have the right attitude or passion for what you're creating whether it's a painting worth a million won or an invention that will save humanity. The other teachers and I will do our best to help you succeed in the world and we expect nothing in return except for you all to do well in the future. I look forward to seeing our freshmen's skills and what our returning students have to offer this year, especially you seniors." After he finished his speech, Mr. Kwon stepped back and stood silently as the students clapped and cheered for their beloved principal. When the auditorium returned to silence, Mr. Kwon made his way to the side, behind the curtains, where the rest of the teachers were sitting in their designated seats. The students paid close attention as Mrs. Ahn, the vice-principal, made her way to the podium from her seat and started giving them instructions.

"Please wait patiently as your homeroom teachers direct you to your classrooms," said Mrs. Ahn as she signaled at the teachers to start gathering their students. Mrs. Ahn first dismissed the freshmen, then the sophomores, and then the juniors. Seniors, however, were requested to stay back a bit.

"Welcome back, seniors. We're glad to see that so many of you have returned. As you know, we have many departments such as the Music department and the Art department. This year, your finals will be different from the written tests you've been taking for the past three years. This year, each program will have its own fair or showcase in which the students will display all that they have learned and how much they've grown," announced Mrs. Ahn. She paused for a minute to let the students react and say whatever they needed to say to their friends. Mrs. Ahn held up both of her hands, palms facing the students, as a signal to quiet down and stop talking. After everyone was silent, Mrs. Ahn continued. "I hope you will take these activities as seriously as you have been taking the tests because they will determine your final grade."

Mrs. Ahn then turned to face the 10 teachers that were still sitting behind the curtains and nodded as a signal for them to start heading out to the yard where the students would be shortly after. "Seniors, you will head out to the main courtyard where you will then meet with your teachers and classmates for the school year. Dismissed."

Mrs. Ahn then backed away from the podium before walking back to the side where Mr. Kwon was waiting. Once she arrived, the two of them started making their way back to the main office through the back door. Meanwhile, Cheol An, Seung Wook, Soon Jae, and Jin Hyun were still in their seats, waiting for the other seniors to leave so that they would have more room to walk. Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu were forced to do the same since there were so many people and the four boys sitting next to them wouldn't get up. After the auditorium was empty again, the four boys stood up and started walking towards the exit. Right behind them were Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu. When they got to the main courtyard, all ten teachers were lined up on either side, waiting for their students. When the eight of them arrived, all of the seniors immediately quiet down and watched as they walked towards Mr. Byun, their homeroom teacher for the year.  

"I heard that Mr. Byun is a really strict teacher. Every year there's always at least one student that drops out from his class," whispered a female student to her friend from the neighboring class. 

"No way, really? I can't believe they're all in the same class! That can't be a coincidence!" replied the friend. The two of them stopped talking and continued watching the class next to them, staring intensely at the interactions between the sixteen students that had been gaining everyone's attention since they stepped onto campus.

After Min Yu, who was last to check in, got all of her papers, Mr. Byun started leading the class to their classroom for the year. When they entered, Mr. Byun went straight to his desk while the students hesitated to choose their own seats. They had all heard the rumors about him from their seniors the past few years and definitely did not want to get on his bad side. When Mr. Byun noticed that the students were just standing there instead of going to their seats, said something that made them question the rumors. 

"What are you doing just standing there? Take your seats," said Mr. Byun without looking up from the stack of papers on his desk that happened to be the students' progress and grade reports. Sae Eun, Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, and Young Han were the first to sit down. The seats were in sets of two and were divided into four rows and three columns. They sat in the second and third rows of the second column, exactly the center of the room. The other students were still hesitant but followed their example and went to sit down. Cheol An was walking towards a seat in the back row but when he looked up he saw a seating chart drawn on the whiteboard. He stepped back and tapped Seung Wook's shoulder and pointed at the board. The two of them moved to their new assigned seats. When Soon Jae and Jin Hyun noticed, they looked up at the board and started moving too. Soon enough, almost everyone was in their assigned seats. The only ones that still weren't situated were Sae Eun, Dae Yeom, Rae Shin, and Young Han. The four of them had been looking at their nails and were whispering to each other instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Rae Shin was currently sitting in Ti Hyun's seat and Ti Hyun was waiting for her to notice along with three other students that were supposed to be sitting where Sae Eun, Dae Yeom, and Young Han were. Ti Hyun sighed and rolled her eyes a little before clearing her throat and stepping up.

"Can you please move? That's my seat," said Ti Hyun quietly. Too quietly. Rae Shin, who actually heard Ti Hyun, continued to play with her painted nails as if she didn't hear Ti Hyun's request. 

"Yah. Move," said Soon Jae from his seat next to Min Yu in the back row, also in the second column. Ti Hyun blushed due to embarrassment and was slightly angry with him for speaking up to her because now there would definitely be some rumors and drama. Rae Shin who was still ignoring Ti Hyun and Soon Jae stayed in her seat until Dae Yeom nudged her and told her to get out of the seat. The four of them then took their assigned seats and so did the four students that were waiting for them. After everyone was seated, Mr. Byun stood up from his seat and stood in front of the whiteboard with a stack of papers in his hand. He divided the stack into three then gave them to the people sitting in the first row. The people in the first row then started passing them back so that everyone had one. 

"Your first quiz of the year. You have five minutes to complete starting now," said Mr. Byun before he went back to his seat. All of the students started to panic and most of them started to answer the questions right away without through the quiz. The few that took the time to look through the questions and instructions flipped the paper over and started scribbling on the back. When they finished, they leaned back in their seats while the other students continued rushing to answer all of the problems. When the five minutes ended, Mr. Byun stood up to collect everyone's papers. He then went back to stand at his desk and looked through the papers.

"Hong Nae Jin, Choi Seung Wook, Jung Cheol An, Lee Min Yu, Kim Jin Hyun, Kim Ti Hyun, Lee Soon Jae, and Song Ryu Maeil," he called. "You are dismissed. You may have your free period."

The eight students that were dismissed continued to do their own things while the others were looking around at each other, confused. Mr. Byun went back to his desk where there was an ELMO so that he could show the whole class the papers. 

"The eight students that I dismissed are the students that passed the quiz. Those of you who were not dismissed didn't pass," Mr. Byun as he sat down and took a blank quiz then put it under the Overhead. Mr. Byun explained that the students that passed took their time to read the instructions instead of rushing to get everything done. The instructions at the top of the paper clearly stated that it was NOT a quiz and to draw something on the back of the paper instead of answering the questions. The rest of the paper was formatted like an actual quiz. After he finished explaining, Mr. Byun told the class that he wanted to talk to them before they were dismissed for their break.

"I know for a fact that every year, my students like to scare their juniors by telling them that my class is extremely difficult and almost impossible to pass. Let me tell you now, that is 100% true. However, I also know that the students that did the worse in my class would often tell you all how scary and mean I am. That is also 100% true. Look around at your classmates. I'm not sure if you noticed before but, all of you placed in the top 30 in your exams last year. Out of the 240 juniors, the 23 of you did the best in your final exams. And so, I'm convinced that not only will you pass my class but you'll also graduate with the best scores this school has seen for a very long time. Like I said, the students that did the worse were the ones that told you that I'm mean and scary and that was because they were the ones that never did their work and were on my bad side. If you're on my good side, let's just say we'll have a very good year," said Mr. Byun. Everyone was quite surprised by Mr. Byun's short speech. After he finished, he dismissed everyone for their 30-minute break. Cheol An, Seung Wook, Soon Jae, and Jin Hyun got up and were planning to go to the basketball courts to shoot around. However, as Soon Jae was about to walk to the door, Seok Min stood up at the same time and bumped their shoulders. 

"Oh, my bad," said Seok Min sarcastically with a teasing smirk before continued to the exit where his friends were waiting for him. Soon Jae growled slightly in his throat before making his way to join his friends at the other exit in the back since they didn't want to risk running into Seok Min and his friends. They were on their way to the basketball courts when they were blocked by Woo Young, Min Hyuk, Seok Min, and Jae Yeol. 

"Hey, it's been a while," said Woo Young who was standing opposite from Cheol An. Min Hyuk was across from Seung Wook and Seok Min and Jae Yeol were across from Soon Jae and Jin Hyun. 

"What are you doing here? Why did you come back?" asked Cheol An with a cold and harsh tone. Woo Young who was grinning playfully stopped and instead glared at Cheol An who was also glaring at Woo Young. 

"Is that how you welcome back an old friend?" asked Seok Min as he threw his arm over Jae Yeol's shoulders. 

"We were friends?" retorted Soon Jae who crossed his arms over his chest. Seok Min opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Min Hyuk.

"Oh, Nae Jin-ah!" Min Hyuk gestured at Nae Jin, Ryu Maeil, Ti Hyun, and Min Yu to join them. The four girls were confused as to why they calling them over. They were hesitant but then slowly approached the eight boys. They passed through Cheol An, Seung Wook, Soon Jae, and Jin Hyun to get to Woo Young, Min Hyuk, Seok Min, and Jae Yeol. 

"Yah, Kim Ti Hyun," called Soon Jae in a dangerously low growl that intimidated everyone in the now crowded hallway. Everyone was surrounding them, watching their every move and over-analyzing everything they did and said. "Get over here."

Everyone was confused as Soon Jae glared coldly at Seok Min and Ti Hyun who was right next to him. When Ti Hyun didn't move and just looked at him with confusion, Soon Jae started to get annoyed. 

"Now!" ordered Soon Jae so loudly that it echoed multiple times in the hallway. Ti Hyun flinched before awkwardly making her way to Soon Jae. Seok Min was confused and angry as he watched. Everyone was confused except for Soon Jae, Ti Hyun, and their friends. As Ti Hyun approached him, Soon Jae reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to stand behind him. Ti Hyun, who didn't want to be alone on the other side, gestured at Ryu Maeil, Nae Jin, and Min Yu to stand with her. However, it was so subtle that none of them saw it. Min Yu caught a glimpse of it and looked at Ti Hyun and the two of them started communicating through their eyes. Min Yu wanted to help her friend but at the same time, she wanted to do anything else but stand over there near Kim Jin Hyun. But, when she saw how uncomfortable Ti Hyun was, Min Yu cursed under her breath and jumped on her toes a little before quickly sliding over to stand next to Ti Hyun, between Soon Jae and Seung Wook. Now, Jae Yeol was the confused one as he watched his childhood friend leave his side. Jin Hyun, however, had noticed how uncomfortable Min Yu was while trying to decide if she should go or not. He realized the reason why she was so unsure was because of him. He had noticed her taking a few glances at him and then at Ti Hyun as if she was trying to choose between the two of them. Seeing how much he affected her after just one meeting made him want to laugh but he held it back and instead showed an arrogant smirk. Wanting to mess around with her a little, Jin Hyun slid in between Seung Wook and Min Yu, making everyone, even his friends, look at him with confusion.

"Oh, that's right. Seok Min, did you know?" started Soon Jae. He slid his hand down into Ti Hyun's palm then intertwined their fingers before holding up their hands as if to show it off. "Ti Hyun and I are engaged."

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