Louis' Confession

Louis Tomlinson; a hot 25 year old comes across Harry Styles; a stunning 18 year old boy, when he is involved in a car crash and he comes to his rescue.

Since then, Harry has been in Louis care, and Louis feels that he is starting to fall for Harry.

Louis tries to come to terms with his sexuality as he is in a relationship with Meghan.

But is Meghan really 'the one'?

Who will he choose?


5. Chapter 5

*Harry's point of view*

I strain to open my eyelids, my vision blurred. I rub my eyes, harshly. I stare up at the ceiling until I notice my vision has cleared and look round. I lift myself to sit up, only to find myself tucked in a bed.

But it's not a hospital bed.

I find myself lying in the comfort of a home mattress and a warm duvet. I also find myself wearing a tight top and some skinny jogging bottoms. They aren't mine.

I look around the room and I see a bedside cabinet beside the bed and a wardrobe by the feet of the bed. I stretch out my arms, yawning at the same time, feeling something tugging at my hand.

I hadn't realised but I had a needle in my hand which was attached to a drip machine. It's hung on a trolley, presumably if I need to get around.

I have no idea whose house I could possibly be in and I want to find out immediately. Last I remember is being in a hospital bed in an actual hospital. I take the corner of the duvet off of me and place my two feet onto the floor. I feel the thrill of the chilliness from the laminates spread through my feet. I use both my arms to lift my legs up, struggling with the weight. My legs felt stiff and my joints cracked as I stood straight. I pull the trolley beside me and walk towards the door in front of me. I walk step by step my legs still getting used to the sudden movement. When I reach the door, I lean against the doorframe, out of breath.

"Hello?" I call out into the corridor. On the left the corridor continues to two doors. One of them a bathroom, the door wide open. I look to my right and see a staircase going down. I know it's not safe for me. Especially in this state. So I stay where I am and call out again.

"Hello...is anyone home?" I call out this time a little louder.

Suddenly someone comes up the stairs running. It's a boy- no a man- in his twenties? Short- ruffled hair and he's growing a beard. Nice.

"Im so sorry! I didn't hear you. Wait- why are you out of bed?" He says all at once, wrapping his arm around mine.

"Let's get you back into your room." He says, smiling.

"Who are you and what am I doing here?" I question him, following him.

"Let's just get you back into bed first and then I'll explain everything." He says gently, now holding my trolled so I can place myself onto the bed. I nearly fall over and he places his arm around my waist. I look up at him and stare at his eyes.  He looks at me and helps me back into bed.

"Careful." He says nervously.

I can tell that he feels nervous around me even though he seems to be older than me. There's something about him that interests me. I like him. I like his look. It's... what's the word? Cute.

I lie back, my head resting against the head board.

"So, tell me. What am I doing here?" I say, when he sits down.

"You probably don't remember, but you were involved in some sort of car crash. So basically, I was coming back from a date to find you unconscious in your car and I took you to the hospital. I couldn't contact anyone on your phone, cuz you had no contacts-which was weird. So then you had to go to surgery and then the Dr said that they have no spaces in the building. So I opted to bring you here for recovery. It's gonna take some time like a maximum of three months. So.. here we are!" I say, taking a deep breath. 

I look at him, my eyebrows raised.

"Wow! Um...ok. I think, I think i got it. Had a car accident and now I'm in your care. Right?" I ask.

"Pretty much. Yeah." I reply.

"Hey, um... these clothes are pretty tight. You wouldn't happen to have any others, would you?" I ask, remembering how uncomfortable I felt.

"Oh. Um. Im sorry. Their mine. I'm not exactly big so..." He says, his checks turning red. For some reason I find it cute and I place my hand on his.

"It's ok, sweetie." I say, gently trying to comfort him.

"I'll go shopping tomor-wait did you just call me...sweetie? He says clicking onto what I said.

"What! No! I said it's ok 'hehe'." I say nervously, hoping he would believe me. I don't even know why I called him that.

"Oh...ok." He says, unsure. "Maybe you should get back to bed. Imma go make dinner and I'll wake you up in a bit." He says changing the topic.

"Ok, cool." I agree, nodding my head.

He walks out and I turn over in the duvet. I smile, thinking about what had just happened. I inhale his scent from his clothes and fall asleep.

"Sweetie." I chuckle to myself.

So i finally wrote a long chapter. Hope u like it.  Let me know by commenting. -Mary X

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