Louis' Confession

Louis Tomlinson; a hot 25 year old comes across Harry Styles; a stunning 18 year old boy, when he is involved in a car crash and he comes to his rescue.

Since then, Harry has been in Louis care, and Louis feels that he is starting to fall for Harry.

Louis tries to come to terms with his sexuality as he is in a relationship with Meghan.

But is Meghan really 'the one'?

Who will he choose?


4. Chapter 4

I heard the swinging of the door and looked up. The Doctor approached me, his hands behind his back.

He stared at me for a moment and then looked down. He raised an eyebrow, waiting for me to ask for news. I guess, that was their usual approach; public ask and the doctors answer. I decided to break the awkward silence.

"How is he?" I asked, looking at the surgery door and then at the doctor.

"Well! Um...Mr...?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh! Mr Tomlinson. You can call me Louis." I replied with a smile.

"Mr Tomlinson...right. Well, Mr Tomlinson! I'm happy to say that he is in recovery and he is quite a strong boy. If it wasn't for you, things would have been really bad. As in, no one ever seeing him again."

I looked down, my cheeks blushing lightly. I'd just realised that I'd saved someone's life. A stranger's life.

The Dr looked down and his smile frowned so slightly.

"I'm afraid it's not all good news." He said, twiddling his thumbs nervously.

"What is it?" I asked, biting my nails at this point. Things seemed to be really good. What could possibly be wrong?.

"The affect of the crash was very severe and it'll take quite some time for him to recover. His right leg has a cast on the lower part which will need special attention....and...well...He's going to need somewhere to stay where someone can look after him."

I looked into his eyes wondering why he would not be staying at the hospital. As if reading my mind he said:

"We don't have enough beds, but we can provide special care at home from a trained nurse."

"I've tried to contact family members but he had no contacts in his phone." I say.

"Would you be willing to take care of him? He asked, nervously waiting for the answer. I didn't understand why he was nervous. I would be the one caring for him.

"Well...I mean...I guess. Just until he's stable, right? But for how long exactly?" I stuttered. There was something about the boy, and keeping him in my house didn't seem like a good idea. But it was the least I could do. I mean, I had just saved his life.

"Yes, of course. Once he's recovered he'll be ready to go. He'll be needing supervised care of upto 2 to 3 months. I know it's a long time, so I'll give you some time to think it throu-

"No!" I said, making him jump a little. "I've made my decision. I'll take him home. It'll give me a chance to get to know him better." I finished off.


He walked off and started talking to a nurse, presumably about the fair boys care. I took a seat in the corridor, my legs aching from standing up. I watched the Dr talk, my face resting in the palm of my hand.

I checked the time.

1:43 am.

The last time i checked the time, was before I found the young boy in the car. It had been 2 and a 1/2 hours since the incident.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to get rid of the images in my head. I reached for my phone and took it out of my pocket.

I figured that Megan would want to know news of his recovery and that she should know that he was staying. I wanted to have a room ready for him, for when he was discharged. I sent her a quick message:

To 1234 1234 12 (Megan)

We're going to have company for a while.

Lou Xx.

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