Louis' Confession

Louis Tomlinson; a hot 25 year old comes across Harry Styles; a stunning 18 year old boy, when he is involved in a car crash and he comes to his rescue.

Since then, Harry has been in Louis care, and Louis feels that he is starting to fall for Harry.

Louis tries to come to terms with his sexuality as he is in a relationship with Meghan.

But is Meghan really 'the one'?

Who will he choose?


2. Chapter 2

*Harry's point of view*

I strained my eyes, only to reveal blinding lights in my face. I cursed to myself, the lights burning my eyes. My eyes were barely open and everything was a blur. It was then, when I raised my hand to cover my face, that I noticed a tag of some sort tied around my wrist. I looked down at myself to find that I was no longer wearing my own clothes but some gown, which was pretty uncomfortable. Confused, I took a look around me and there were people in blue uniform, talking to each other, but I couldn't make what they were saying.

That was when I came to the realisation that... I was in a hospital; and no longer in my car. But what on earth for? And how did I get here?

A sense of numbness spread throughout my head as I tried to figure out what was going on, when all of a sudden we came to an abrupt stop. There was a sound of machines, I think, beeping and scanning which started to increase to a deafening pitch. The noise was unbearable. My whole head was ringing and burning in pain.

I was so confused so I tried to sit up, to make sense of where they'd taken me; but as soon as I attempted to move, I felt a sharp pain insert in my right arm. I moaned in agony, unable to move and I lay my head back down. My eyes started to feel heavy and it wasn't long until they started to close. I tried to fight it off, but i just wasn't strong enough.

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