Louis' Confession

Louis Tomlinson; a hot 25 year old comes across Harry Styles; a stunning 18 year old boy, when he is involved in a car crash and he comes to his rescue.

Since then, Harry has been in Louis care, and Louis feels that he is starting to fall for Harry.

Louis tries to come to terms with his sexuality as he is in a relationship with Meghan.

But is Meghan really 'the one'?

Who will he choose?


1. Chapter 1

*Louis point of view*

We walked down the street, turning round the corner to get to the parking lot, which was pretty much empty in the evening.

We'd just come back from dinner and it was pretty late. I checked my watch; 11:13. That explained why I was tired.

As we turned round the corner, I noticed that a car blocked our way. It looked as if it had been rammed into the wall on the right, to us. The car was so badly damaged, the bonnet all creased up and on the right side, facing us, the door was hanging off its hin-

Just under the door I saw a pool of blood... I let go of Meghan's hand and ran to the car, catching sight of a teenage boy. His head lay on the steering wheel and his arms drooped down on either side of him, lifeless. He had several cuts on his face and his right eye was swollen. His top which was probably once white, was now full of blood.

He was quite a young boy, 17 maybe 18. He was alone. His hair was all clotted together presumably, from all the blood and to be honest he was quite a fair lad. I imagined he was a boy who got the attention of alot of ladies.

I called Meghan over when I realised that he was stuck. His foot was jammed between the hanging door. We both lifted each side and placed it onto the floor. From the weight of the door, I knew it was going to leave a nasty cut.

Before trying to get him out, I rummaged around to see if I could get anything to identify him or to see if he had a phone to call someone. I found an iPhone in his glove draw and checked to see if there was any family member I could contact. Strangely, he had no contacts. His phone was empty.

I placed his phone into my blazer pocket and me and Meghan heaved him out of the car. We carried him on our shoulders to our car, luckily which was just in front of his. Meghan let go and she opened the back door. I held him from under his knees and his head and lay him down onto the seats.

Before leaving I called the police to come to the area to check out the car and then we left immediately for the hospital. I called them to warn them of the casualty awaiting them. The hospital was only 10 minutes away; we'd been driving for 8 minutes.

We'd soon get the lad to safety.


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