This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


9. Chapter 9: Harry

�Potter, this better be good. I�ve been told to be on alert this evening, and patrolling the corridors.� Harry was surprised.

�Really? Well I need to talk to Professor Dumbledore. It�s important, and I think it might be related to the reason you have to patrol.� Mcgonagall raised an eyebrow.

�Then I�ll take you to him,� she said, closing her office door behind her. �Why is it,� she asked as she began sweeping towards Dumbledore�s office, �that you always seem to know what�s going on before everyone else?� Harry smiled at her back, struggling to keep up.

�Well, I am the Chosen One, Professor.� He knew Mcgonagall was smiling, so he answered truthfully. �Honestly Professor, it just sort of happens. I don�t plan on it, but somehow I just know everything.�

�Well, it has seemed to be helpful in the past, so maybe it�s not such a bad thing. Fizzing Whizzbee.� The last part was the password, and the stairs sprang into action. Harry ascended, then knocked on the door.

�Come in,� came the mild voice from the other side of the door. �Ah, Harry. You got my message then?� he said as Harry closed the door behind him. He blinked.

�No, sir. I didn�t. I actually came here on my own.�

�Ah. Go on,� he encouraged.

�Well sir, a little bit ago Draco Malfoy came to me and told me about a plot to get Death Eaters into the castle to kill you.�

�And you believe that he is trustworthy in this?� Dumbledore remained calm. Harry hesitated, unsure of what to tell him.

�Yes. He and Hermione�� he trailed off.

�I see. And he told you this why?�

�Because he wanted me to try to keep Hermione away from the Death Eaters when they come. His and his family�s lives were threatened by Voldemort, and he didn�t really want to do it.�

�How are they getting in?�

�The Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement. It has a twin in Borgin and Burkes.� Dumbledore nodded, then turned to Fawkes next to him.

�Bring Minerva here, please.� Fawkes squaked, then burst into flame. He didn�t turn into ash, rather, he had, in a way, apparated. Dumbledore then walked over to the fireplace, and threw a bit of Floo Powder into it. He said, �The Burrow,� and stuck his face into the flames. He had a conversation with whoever had been by the fire, then pulled his head out. �Arthur will alert the others in the Order. Until then, I have a mission for us. I believe I may have found another horcrux.�

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