This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


8. Chapter 8: Draco

�You guys will not believe what Draco Malfoy just told me,� Harry said, walking over to where Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were sitting in the common room. Hermione�s head snapped up.


�Come with me,� he said and led them back out of the portrait hole and into an empty classroom. �He told me that he�s been fixing the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement so that Death Eaters can come into the castle and kill Dumbledore.� Their mouths popped open.

�Are you serious? And why would he tell you this?� Ginny demanded. Harry hesitated, eyes flicking to Hermione for a moment.

�Because�because he didn�t want Hermione to get caught in it and asked me to get you to stay away.� They all turned to look at Hermione.

�This is why he stopped talking to me, isn�t it?� Harry nodded.

�He was trying to protect you. He wouldn�t have done it at all if his life and that of his family probably wasn�t threatened.� Hermione just nodded. Everything finally made sense. The abrupt change of heart, how he just stopped talking, everything. Hermione looked at him �figuratively- in a new light. He was brave, and all she wanted to do was comfort him, but she knew she couldn�t. �I don�t mean to sound insensitive, Hermione, but we need to figure out what to do and you�re the smartest of all of us.� Hermione turned back to look at them, eyes dry.

�Right. Well first we need to warn the Order. They might not be able to get here in time, so we should warn those that were in the D.A. last year, and a few others that we think might be able to help.� Harry nodded.

�I was thinking much the same. So how do we get word to the Order?�

�Dumbledore,� Ginny said. �We need to warn him and the other teachers, and he can help us contact the Order.� Harry nodded.

�I�ll go talk to Mcgonagal. She can take me to him.�

�Okay, Ginny and I will start alerting kids, Harry can go talk to Dumbledore, and Hermione�� Ron broke of, looking uncomfortable.

�I�m going to go find Draco and try to get more information out of him,� she said resolutely. They all looked at her with a mixture of pity and sadness, but quickly moved on. They all went their separate ways, Hermione to the dungeons, Ginny and Ron to the common room, and Harry to Mcgonagall�s office.

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