This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


7. Chapter 7: The Beginning of the End

�You don�t have a choice!� Narcissa screamed. Hogwarts had let our for winter holidays, and Hermione and Draco had reluctantly parted, promising to write, promising to see each other again soon. And now Draco was standing here, in front of his mother, wishing that he and Hermione had stayed at Hogwarts. �You have to do this, or he will kill you, Draco. Please,� his mother pleaded.

�Mother, I don�t care. I can�t let�� he broke off. I can�t put her in danger, he thought. If he obeyed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, there was a good chance Potter and his friends would get in the way, and that included Hermione. And he couldn�t let Hermione get hurt, not because of him. �Mother, there are people at Hogwarts that I care about. If I let Death Eaters in, there�s no telling who might get hurt.�

�Only Dumbledore. No one else even has to know. Please Draco.�

�I know Potter!� he burst out. �He�ll be skulking around. He�ll find out what I�m doing, and then drag other people into it. I don�t want those people to get hurt. If Potter was the only one meddling it�d be fine, but it�s other people too. And they won�t all get hurt on account of me.� Of course, really the only person he cared about that Potter would drag into it was Hermione, but we wasn�t about to tell his mother that.

�Draco, I won�t lose you. Not now. Please.� He looked into his mother�s eyes, and knew that he couldn�t let her down.

�Okay. I�ll do it. I�ll try.�

�Thank you, Draco.� She came forward and kissed him on the forehead, then turned and walked out of his bedroom. He sat on the edge of his bed, thinking hard. �I�ll just have to warn her, tell her to stay away. But then she�ll tell Potter, I know she will. And she�s so stubborn, she�ll probably come anyway.� The smells of dinner wafted up the stairs, but Draco didn�t move. He had to figure out how to stay alive and not hurt Hermione.

�Draco!� he heard Hermione, so he turned around, slowly.

�What do you want, Granger?� He kept his voice cold, though inside he longed to pull her into his arms. Hurt flashed across her face, and she recoiled. Her brown eyes widened, and already he could see the beginnings of tears.

�Nothing. Just�� and with the tears threatening to spill over, she hurried back to her compartment, leaving Draco standing there, alone, wishing that his parents had never joined You-Know-Who.

�Hermione, what�s wrong?� At Harry�s question, the tears spilled over and she flung herself onto the booth.

�He�he doesn�t�� she couldn�t get the words out, so she succumbed to the sobs. Harry was awkwardly patting her back, and Ron was just staring at her, even his food forgotten. When Hermione finally recovered, she told them, �The reason he stopped writing me back is because he doesn�t care about me anymore.� Harry�s brow furrowed.

�But, why the sudden change of heart? It doesn�t make sense. You didn�t say anything insulting or anything bad?�

�No,� Hermione wailed. �Nothing happened! We were perfectly happy, writing back and forth and getting along, and then he just suddenly stopped writing back and now�� she broke off as another sobbed wracked her, and Harry hugged her.

�It�s okay. It�ll be okay.� Ron stood up, grabbed his wand, and walked out of the compartment. Harry watched him go, but didn�t want to leave Hermione alone.

�Hey! Malfoy!� Draco turned.

�What do you want, Weasley?� Ron�s face was twisted into a mask of rage.

�I warned you not to hurt her, Malfoy,� he hissed. �I told you, and you didn�t listen.� Draco noticed that Ron�s wand was clutched tightly in his hand, and pulled out his own wand.

�You don�t know the whole story, Weasley. If you did, you wouldn�t be yelling at me right now.�

�So why don�t you explain?� Harry said, stepping around Ron.

�I can�t, especially not to you, Potter.�

�So until you can tell us, we�re just going to assume that you�re a pompous prat that just broke our friend�s heart.� Draco closed his eyes.

�Harry, I can�t tell you, but you have to believe me. I have a very good reason. It�it has to do with my parents and�their�employer.� Harry�s face hardened. As Draco had expected, he understood all too well.

�Come one Ron. Ginny�s with Hermione, but we should get back.� He grabbed his arm and steered him away, back to their compartment, and Draco put his wand away, sighing. He had to do something. He couldn�t just stand by and let Hermione get hurt.

Draco spent his days avoiding Hermione and her friends, and attempting to fix the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement. He began to notice that Harry would follow him, and he did his best to lose him before he got to the Room of Requirement, but he somehow always stayed on his trail. One time he caught him looking at a piece of parchment, then turning down the corridor where Draco was hiding. He suspected that he had some sort of a map.

The day came when the Vanishing Cabinet was finally fixed. That night, he would let Death Eaters into the castle. Bellatrix, Greyback, the Carrows. He shuddered to think of them in the castle, or near Hermione. But if he didn�t�he shuddered again. �I have to warn Hermione. I have to do something.� So he went up to the Gryffindor common room and waited outside. When Neville came bustling up, he said, �Longbottom. Tell Potter that I need to talk to him. Secretly� he added. Neville stared at him.

�Why would I do that, Malfoy?� Draco blinked and opened his mouth, but nothing came out. �You�ve constantly teased me for six years, and Harry, and Ron, and Hermione, but now you expect me to deliver a message, to Harry of all people? You�ll probably hex him as he comes out.� Draco groaned.

�Neville, believe me, I wouldn�t be asking you if it weren�t really important. I swear to you that I won�t hex him. I just need to talk to him.� Neville still looked suspicious, but he said the password and climbed in. A couple minutes later, Harry Potter himself climbed out of the portrait hole.

�What do you want, Malfoy?�

�I need to tell you something. I know you�ve been following me, and by now you�ve probably figured out that I�ve been going to the Room of Requirement. In there, there is a Vanishing Cabinet. It has a twin, in Borgin and Burkes. I�ve been fixing it, and tonight, Death Eaters will come through it, attempting to kill Dumbledore.� He purposely left out the part where Draco himself was supposed to kill Dumbledore. Harry would never forgive him.

�Why are you telling me this?� Harry asked, astounded.

�Because no matter what, you can�t let Hermione get anywhere near those Death Eaters. You have to keep her safe!�

�Are you telling me that you still care about her, even though you haven�t spoken to her in months, haven�t looked at her in months.� Draco snorted.

�Haven�t looked at her? All I can do is look at her. I haven�t stopped thinking about her for six years. Of course I care about her.� Harry just stared at him.

�I can�t make her, you know.�

�Yeah, I know. But you can talk to her. Just try, please.� Harry hesitated.

�You know I�m going to have to try to stop you? You and the Death Eaters?� Draco nodded, not saying anything. �You prat, Draco. Why did you do this in the first place if you don�t want Hermione to get hurt?�

�Because he would�ve killed me, and I couldn�t die without telling Hermione�� he trailed off, not really sure what he wanted to tell Hermione, but Harry nodded like he understood.

�Yeah. I know what you mean.� They stood there in silence for a moment, Draco wondering who Harry cared about so much that he couldn�t die. �Alright. I�ll talk to her. But believe me, there will be people who are going to try to stop you and the Death Eaters.� Draco nodded.

�I didn�t expect anything less, but Hermione is more important. Keep her safe Harry. Protect her when I can�t.� and with that, Draco Malfoy turned around and walked away, wishing he could�ve talked to Hermione, just one last time.

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