This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


6. Chapter 6: Surrounded by Weasleys

Draco was absently twirling a piece of Hermione�s hair around his finger as she studied in the library. It had been three weeks since they had first kissed, and they had been spending most of their free time together, occasionally joined by Harry, though never Ron. He spent all his time messing around with Lavender, and Hermione often left the common room just to escape his and Lavender�s excessive snogging. It was really getting on her nerves, and even Harry was getting annoyed. It was getting late, but Hermione was very focused on whatever she was studying, and Draco didn�t bother to check the time, instead focusing on her hair.

Suddenly, the librarian was there. �Get out of here. You should be in bed!� Hermione jumped and checked the time.

�Oh! It is really late.� She closed her book and packed her stuff up into her bag. She grabbed Draco�s hand. �Come one. We can�t be caught out of bed so late!�

�Relax Hermione. We have five minutes to get to our common rooms. It�s okay.� Hermione relaxed. In the past three weeks she had found that Draco was able to calm her down like no one else. Harry had been her best friend for 6 years, but he still didn�t quite have the effect Draco did. They walked hand in hand until they had to go their separate ways, Draco to the dungeons, Hermione to the 7th floor. When the portrait hole opened, the first thing Hermione saw was Ron and Lavender snogging. She rolled her eyes and went over to the armchairs in front of the fire, where Harry was staring into the flames.

She plopped onto the open chair and opened her bag. �I didn�t have enough time to finish,� she said in response to Harry�s questioning look. He nodded and went back to staring into the flames. Hermione paused and looked at him. �You miss him, don�t you?� Harry looked up at her.

�Yeah. I miss him. He was one of the closest things I had to a father.� Hermione nodded.

�I know. You�re my best friend Harry. I know you miss him.� Harry sighed.

�It�s just,� he started, and then broke off.

�Harry, you don�t have to explain yourself to me. I know,� she said with a smile. Harry nodded.

�I know. I just haven�t felt that way for a while.�

�Three weeks?� He hesitated, but Hermione knew she was right. She was Hermione Granger, after all. �It�s okay, Harry. I know I�ve been kind of�busy� lately, but you�re still my best friend. And by the way, how are things between you and Ginny?� Harry blushed and turned his head.

He mumbled something that sounded like, �Ron�s sister, and�alone�and�Dean� Hermione laughed.

�Uh-huh. Nice excuses, Harry.� He laughed. �Come on, if I can go out with Draco Malfoy, you can ask out a girl you�ve known for six years.�

�Yeah, I suppose,� Harry said with a shrug. Hermione smiled, and just then, Ron dropped into the third chair. �How�s Lavender?� Harry asked, trying not to laugh. Ron shrugged.

�She got tired and went up to bed.�

�Don�t you two have homework?� Hermione asked. They both groaned.

�Yes, but we have forever to do it. I�m tired.� Ron leaned back.

�Well maybe you should go to bed if you�re so tired.� Ron glared at Hermione.

�Maybe I will.� He stood up abruptly and walked up the stairs to the boy�s dormitory. Hermione looked at Harry.

�He�s just��

�Jealous,� Hermione finished.

�Yeah.� Harry and Hermione sat in silence for a moment. Fred and George walked into the common room, and Hermione stood up fast. Harry looked up at her. �What�s up?� Hermione looked nervously at Fred and George.

�They�ve been constantly teasing me about dating Draco. I�m going to bed.� She quickly dumped her stuff back into her bag and raced up the stairs to the girl�s dormitory, narrowly avoiding the

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