This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


4. Chapter 4: The Silent Anouncement

The next day, Hermione climbed out of the common room to see Draco. Ignoring the people around her, she walked over and took his hand and looked up into his eyes. �Hi.� His mouth curved into a smile.

�Hi.� He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. Ron stalked past them, but Harry was still standing there. He cleared his throat awkwardly and said, �Good morning,� rather stiffly. Draco nodded back just as stiffly. Harry shot Hermione a look that clearly said, �You�ll have to spill later,� then said out loud, �See you at breakfast,� and started to walk off. Hermione grabbed his arm as he walked past.

�Tell Ron�tell him that I�ll be there soon.�

He looked into her eyes for a moment, and then said, �Sure. See you in a bit.� With a last glance at Draco, he walked off to breakfast. Hermione turned back to Draco.

�So, how was your night?� he was still looking at Harry�s retreating back. He shrugged as he turned back to Hermione.

�Okay. Yours?�

�Lonely,� she said with a smile. �I need to go to the library for a second. Come with me?� she looked up at him with an expectant expression.

�Sure,� he said, and let her lead him by the hand towards the library. Draco watched as Hermione perused the shelves, looking for a certain book. He loved the way her hair escaped the confines of its ponytail, and found himself behind her, asking, �Can I fix this?� She hesitated, then nodded, and opened the book she was holding. Draco gently pulled the ponytail holder off, and then began to scrape all her hair back. After a minute, all her hair was safely confined in a ponytail once again, and Hermione turned. They were pressed against each other, so Draco took the opportunity to press his lips to hers.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, their lips parting. His tongue traced across her lower lip, and she responded, throwing her arms around his neck and knotting her hands in his hair. Suddenly, there was a very loud sound, someone clearing their throat, and they jumped apart to see the librarian glaring at them. Hermione made a squeaky sound, and Draco mumbled, ��book�just...sorry,� and grabbed Hermione�s hand to lead her out of the library.

He laughed when they were safely away. Hermione glared at him. �It�s not funny. She�ll never forget that. I�ll be getting a death glare every time I have to go in there. And N.E.W.T.S are coming up next year! I�ll practically be living in there, and she�ll be giving me the look the whole time.� Draco looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

�Is she really that bad?� Hermione just nodded, still despairing. �Well, I�m glad I�ve mostly avoided the library. She�d probably find 101 reasons to glare at me.� Despite herself, Hermione laughed.

�It�s a good thing you�ve avoided the library in general, because I�d never have gotten my work done. You�ve always been an annoying prat.� Draco grinned.

�Annoying prat, at your service,� he said with a sweeping bow. She laughed again and swatted at him.

�Let�s get to breakfast. I�m hungry.� They entered the Great Hall, and after a brief kiss, went their separate ways; Hermione to the Gryffindor table, Draco to the Slytherin table.

Hermione sat across from Harry and Ron. Ron was glowering at his food instead of eating it, which was a first. Harry, however, looked up. �You�re already the talk of the school, you know.� Sure enough, Gryffindors were not so discreetly glancing up the table at her, Slytherins were glaring at either her or Draco, and Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were alternating between staring at her and staring at Draco. She shrugged.

�They can talk. I don�t care,� she said cheerfully as she dished herself up breakfast. Ron glared at her, and then stood up.

�I�m going to go�.� He trailed off and stood staring at Hermione for a couple more seconds, then abruptly turned away and walked out of the Great Hall. Harry watched him go, but Hermione kept eating.

�He really likes you, you know.� Hermione paused in her eating, looking thoughtful.

�Yeah. For a while I thought I really liked him too, but now�� she trailed off, staring at her eggs. �It�s just not in the cards,� she finished, and pushed her plate away. The subject of Ron made her not feel like eating. Harry stood up.

�Are you done then?� Hermione nodded.

�I guess.�

�Okay, let�s go then.� Their first class was double potions, with the Slytherins. Hermione glanced at the Slytherin table, where Draco was watching her. Harry turned to look at what Hermione was, and sighed. �I suppose you want to walk with him.�

�Yeah.� She stood up and said, �Come on.� Harry hesitantly followed her. Draco, on the other side of the hall, stood up and started walking towards the doors. The three of them met just in front of the doors. �Harry, Draco. Let�s go to Potions.� She took Draco�s hand and grabbed Harry�s arm. And with that, Hermione became the sun that Harry, Draco, and Ron orbited around, the sun that made them co-exist.

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