This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


3. Chapter 3: The Love

That night, in the Great Hall, she could feel his eyes on the back of her head. When sitting down, she had purposely put her back to the Slytherin table, where he was already seated. She took little food from the piled platters in front of her, and what little she did take, she didn�t eat. All she could think of was the pressure of his lips, surprisingly soft, the heat from his hand on her back. With his blond hair and grey eyes, Hermione had always associated him with cold, with winter. But he was warm, alive, and real, and in the moment, Hermione realized that the answer to her question was already there. �I do love Draco. Against all odds, I love Draco Malfoy.� She stood up, make mumbled, half-finished excuses and left the Great Hall, making eye contact with Draco as she went, holding his gaze for longer than necessary. Before turning away, she saw him get up out of the corner of her eye. Walking slowly, Hermione wound around the school, until she found a secret corridor, where she waited outside of it until Draco was in sight. Sliding behind the tapestry, Hermione waited in the half dark for Draco to walk in. She held her breath, still not sure what she was going to do. A rectangle of light spilled in as he lifted the tapestry out of the way, then disappeared when he let it fall behind him. In the small space, Hermione could feel his heat, and could see his eyes, his jaw. Then she was kissing him fiercely, fingers knotted in his fine blond hair, his hands on the small of her back, pulling her closer. Hermione had never felt such a desire before, to be close to this boy who had always tormented her.

When they finally broke apart, breathing hard, Hermione ran her fingers through his hair, marveling at its silkiness. Draco�s beautiful eyes gazed into her own. �I wanted to come talk to you, to kiss you right there in the Great Hall, but I didn�t know if you wanted anyone to know, so I didn�t.�

�Why do you think I spent so many years torturing you? Because I didn�t want anyone to know, especially you. But now, that�s all changed. I might not even be alive much longer, and I don�t care if anyone knows anymore. I want to yell it for the whole world to hear.�

�Even your dad?� Draco smiled faintly at her question.

�Even my dad.� He spoke with such conviction, Hermione believed him. He took her hands in his own, kissed her sweetly, though shortly, and walked out of the corridor, still holding one of her hands. They both blinked slightly in the light, and recognized Harry and Ron after a few seconds of blinking. Hermione blushed, but Draco didn�t let go, or say anything. He just leaned towards Hermione and whispered, �I also like it when you blush.� She smiled slightly, and looked up at Harry. Both he and Ron were still staring at the two of them, like they couldn�t believe what they were seeing. Suddenly, Hermione noticed a piece of Draco�s hair standing almost straight up. She laughed as she attempted to flatten it, deciding that this must be what Harry always feels like. �Harry!� she suddenly remembered with a jolt. She walked over to him, abandoning her attempts at flattening Draco�s hair, and hugged him briefly, then pat his head, trying to flatten his hair, smiling. Still without saying a word, she rushed back over to Draco, gave him a quick kiss and said, �I�ll see you tomorrow.� She then turned back to Harry and Ron - whose mouth was still hanging open - and said, �I�m tired. Let�s go back to the common room.� She led the way, still smiling.

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