This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


2. Chapter 2: The Confession

�What? What is so important that you need to talk to a Mudblood?� Draco flinched.

�That was all a show, you know. I hate the word Mudblood, and I only do it because I want some friends in my house.� His eyes spoke the truth, and her heart believed them, even though her brain did not.

�And?� she prompted. Draco drew in a deep breath.

�And I� I�I�m sorry. For everything. And, I love you.� Hermione felt like the air had been punched out of her, with Draco standing so defenseless and sad and�pleading in front of her. For once, she couldn�t think, and didn�t even bother to stop him when Draco started talking again.

�I love that you hair frizzes when it�s rainy, and how your eyes are like chocolate, and how you always know the answer to everything. You�re smart, funny.� beautiful.� Knowing that she probably looked ridiculous, Hermione sank to the ground. And then Draco was there, beside her, and somehow her head ended up on his shoulder, her hand limp in his, his arm around her. And when Hermione turned her head to look at him, she found his grey eyes burning, and suddenly, his lips were on hers. Her first thought was to pull back, her second was to respond. Without evening knowing, she returned his kiss, deepening it, pulling herself closer to him. And then they had pulled back at the same time. Hermione touched her lips, still feeling the warmth of his, then stood up, pulled her bag over her shoulder, and ran the whole way to Transfiguration. Draco watched her go with sad but oddly triumphant grey eyes.

�Where were you and why are you all out of breath?� Harry asked the moment Hermione slid into the empty seat next to him. Thankfully, it was him and not Ron that had asked it, because she would have snapped if it had been Ron. For years, she thought that Ron could be her boyfriend, that they could love each other. But now, he just annoyed her. He wasn�t serious, like Draco, he didn�t have grey burning eyes like Draco, and she didn�t love him like�did she love Draco? Did she really? Looking at Harry�s expectant and open expression, she shrugged and shook her head at the same time. He nodded though, somewhat perplexed, and turned back to Professor McGonagall. The same question ran through Hermione�s head the whole day. Do I love him? Do I love him? Do I love him?

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