This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


11. Chapter 11: Hermione

�Harry just sent word. He and Dumbledore had to go, um,� Ron stammered. He wasn�t sure if he should tell Ginny anything.

�Did Dumbledore find another one?� Hermione asked, saving him.

�Yes. Apparently he had sent for Harry anyway.� Ginny looked curious, but didn�t ask. She knew that whatever it was, it had to be important. �Dumbledore talked to Dad, who�s alerting the rest of the Order, so they should be here relatively soon. And the teachers are on special alert.�

�Good. The teachers are more powerful than they appear,� Hermione commented. Neville walked up just then, a small group of Gryffindors trailing behind him.

�Hey guys. I gathered up the Gryffindors in the D.A. and a few others.�

�Good job Neville. Are others getting the rest of the houses?� He nodded. �Good.� Hermione was all business-like. �Alright. We�ll have people patrolling in pairs. We should cover the top three floors. They�re coming in on the seventh floor, but we should still make sure some don�t break off and head down.� A large group was coming their way, and in the jumble of bodies, they could make out the flash of blue and yellow. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs were coming, led by Luna and Zacharias Smith.

�Good, you�re here. We�re going to have everyone pair up, and patrol the top three floors. The Death Eaters are coming in on the seventh floor, but we want to cover all the bases. There is a group of adults on their way, so don�t mistake them for Death Eaters. Our old Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin, will probably be among them, as well as Mr. Weasley, who shouldn�t be too hard to identify.� Ron blushed slightly. �Alright! Everyone find a partner, and spread out.� Hermione grabbed Luna�s arm, and they took off.

Everyone else paired up and spread out.

(That's it for now but I shall continue very soon. Hope you enjoyed!)

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