This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


10. Chapter 10: The Reunion

�I am going to stand out here until he comes out. Just tell him that I know what he�s doing tonight and I just want to talk.� The fifth year Slytherin had an eyebrow arched, her blue eyes like ice. When she spoke, her voice was rather unforgiving.

�Yeah, and why would he want to talk to you?� she sneered. Hermione rolled her eyes.

�Just tell him that Hermione Granger needs to talk to him about what he�s doing tonight,� she hissed, giving the Slytherin girl her filtheist look.

�Fine,� she said, and flounced off into the Slytherin common room. Hermione waited outside until Draco came out.

�Finally. I need you to tell me everything that�s happening tonight. You didn�t describe it in very much detail to Harry, and you owe it to me to explain more fully.� Hermione cut to the chase. Draco sighed and leaned against the wall opposite her.


�No, Draco. After tonight, we can talk. Just right now, I need to save my friends, my school, Dumbledore�you. Please Draco.�

�There won�t be an after tonight, Hermione. I didn�t tell Potter that I�m supposed to be the one to kill Dumbledore. I�ll be leaving Hogwarts tonight, for good.� Hermione sucked in a breath.

�No, you can�t. You can�t leave, you can�t kill Dumbledore, you just can�t!� Draco pushed himself off the wall and folded her into his arms. They had both ached to do this, to just hold each other, to be in each other�s company, but they had resisted it, and it felt doubly better now that they were.

�Hermione, I love you. The last few months have been torture, and now I have to give you up again. I�m so sorry. Hermione, I swear that I will come back to you. When this is all over, I will find you, and I will never leave you again. I will never let go.� Hermione recognized his wordrs from back when their relationship was just starting.

�Don�t let go now.� His grip on her tightened, and she hugged him back just as fiercely.

�I have to. I�ll tell you everything, if you give me ten minutes to just talk afterwards.� Hermione nodded.

�Anything.� They pulled apart, then walked up to a level that was a little warmer than the dungeons. They sat in a corridor and talked. Draco told her everything: the number of Death Eaters that were coming, who was coming, where they were going.

And afterwards, they talked about their relationship. Draco explained in greater detail the night that Voldemort had commanded him to kill Albus Dumbledore.

�He came to our house, and we all came before him.� Draco shuddered. �Hermione, you should hope that you never have to meet him, that you never have to hear his voice. It�s awful. It�s high, and cold, and his eyes�� he shuddered again, then turned to look at her. �I will never let you have to face him, Hermione.� They stared into each other�s eyes for a moment, then he continued his story.

�He told my father that he was displeased with him, but our family would be given a chance to redeem ourselves. That�s when he turned to me. He told us that if I killed Albus Dumbledore, he would spare our lives, and we could continue to be in his service. He said that as if there was no higher honor, though by now, we want nothing to do with this evil�thing. But I have no choice, Hermione. I have no choice!� he screamed, and hit the wall. She hugged him from behind, feeling his muscles under his robes, tense and hard. She laid her cheek on his back.

�It�s okay Draco. I understand. I would do worse things to keep my family alive.� He turned around in her arms and looked down at her. He raised his hands to her face, and kept them there as he leaned down to kiss her.

After a few moments they broke apart, and she laid her head ofn his chest, his chin resting on her head. �Hermione, I have to go. We�ve been here more than ten minutes.�

�But I don�t want you to go. I�ve missed you so much.�

�I know. I�ve missed you too, but I swear to you, that I will keep you safe. I swear to you that I will come back. I will come back for you, and nothing will hurt you.� He kissed her again, then whispered, �I love you,� and ran out of the corridor, down to the dungeons.

Hermione whispered, �I love you too, Draco,� and walked back up towards the Gryffindor common room.

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