This is about a twisted love story between my favorite ship: Dramione.


1. Chapter 1: A Blossoming Love

Sorry for the random question marks. I tried removing it but I was unsuccessful.

Hermione�s heart sped when he walked into the library. The first thing she looked for was Crabbe and Goyle, or anyone really, but he seemed to be alone. �What is he doing in here?� she thought. �Isn�t it enough that I have to see him EVERYWHERE? Why can�t he just leave me alone?� Closing her book, Hermione darted behind one of the shelves, then began to make her way to the door in a circuitous route, so that she wouldn�t bump into him. Looking around a corner, Hermione saw him standing there, looking around the other corner in the opposite direction. She whipped back around the bookcase, but he must have seen a piece of her hair because she heard him say, �Hermione? Is that you?� Without looking back, Hermione tried to sneak around more bookcases, but she couldn�t seem to shake him.

Hermione raced around a corner and literally ran into him. His grey eyes bored into hers, and she tried to back away but couldn�t make herself take a step. �Hermione? I just want to talk.� She felt trapped, by his eyes, his breath, his scent. Someone stepped around the bookcase behind Hermione, and the trance broke, and she ran for it, pushing her way past whoever it was. Somehow she managed to find her way into the common room, and found Harry and Ron sitting in their favorite chairs by the fire. They both looked up as she rushed in, but, completely ignoring them, she raced directly up to her dormitory. Still dressed, over and hour before she normally went to bed, Hermione flung herself onto her bed, closed the hangings, and pulled her pillow over her head, and her blankets over that. �Why does he affect me like that? He�s always been only mean to me. And why is he being so nice now?� Hermione�s thoughts swirled around and around, asking the same questions, and never getting the answers.

The next thing she knew, there were people whispering around her. �Should we wake her up?� one voice asked. �If we wake her up, she�ll be forever grateful,� another voice said. Yet another said, �Or she might cut our throats for our trouble.� There was silence for a moment, then the first voice said, �We�ll be late for class. Let�s go.� There was more mutterings, shuffling�s, and muted banging�s until finally the dormitory door opened and closed for the last time. Hermione slowly lifted her head, trying to think. If she doesn�t go to class, people are going to wonder what happened and ask a lot of questions, especially Ron and Harry, and that might start an argument, which she did not want. So she extracted herself from the blankets and got ready. Working as fast as she could, Hermione walked out of the common room and nearly ran right into someone. �Sor�� she said as she looked up, but her word was cut short when she saw his eyes. Grey and smoldering, and�protective? She took a step back and shook her head slightly, then met his gaze again. �Sorry,� she muttered, and tried to side step around him. He blocked her way. Suddenly becoming angry, she shoved him away and stalked down the corridor. She could tell he was following her, and then he grabbed her upper arm.

Hermione looked down at his arm like it was a slug, freezing. More gently than she expected, Draco turned her around. When he spoke, his voice was oddly soft. �Hermione, are you okay? I heard that you overslept and went to bed early, and, you know, I was worried that�� he trailed off, then added disconnectedly, �library�� Hermione nodded.

�I�m fine.� Pulling out of his now soft grip, she began to walk down to Transfiguration. Suddenly he was in front of her.

�Hermione, please, just listen to me. I need to talk to you. Please.� His tone and eyes were so pleading that Hermione could no longer ignore him.

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