Undiscovered Friends Love // Narry

Feminine Harry has strong feelings for his irish best friend.
Will Niall keep thinking of Harry as his friend or something more?
Find it out in UFL.
Love,Thelma. xx

(This story is a bit cringy,cause it was written 5-6 years ago when I was a really cringe 1D fan.So,deal with it.If you don't like this Narry fic,go read the other one on my profile which is,for your information,normal.Enjoy!)


1. Undiscovered Friends Love

Hi! My name is Harry and I'm 16 years old.My best friend is Niall,he's 15 but we go to the same class.He lives in the house next to mine.He was 8 when he moved here from Ireland.He has that cute Irish accent that I adore so much.Nobody knows that,but I fancy him a lot.I have dirty dreams about him,I know I'm only 16 but I really wanna have sex with him.My hormones are very strong and I,unfortunately,wank off a lot.My parents come here every 2 months so I have the whole house to myself.And I don't have to be worried if someone will see me wanking or something.But,the thing is,Niall has a spare key of my house and he never knocks or tells me he came in.So,I can get caught by him but I'm very careful.Niall has the same situation as mine,but his parents visit him at unexpected time but mostly every 4 months.Niall and I have been best friends since he came here,I was 8 and a half.We get along really well.The weird thing about Niall is that,he never talked about his relationships or does he want a girlfriend.Even though I'm eager and ask him about it,he just says he doesn't have time for relationships.And I asked why,then he said he wants to spend time only with me.I was kinda shocked,but I was so happy that he cares so much about me.But,Niall actually had a girlfriend when he was 14,which was a year ago.I was so jealous and I often cried.He found me crying in my bed,once.He was so careful and lovely with me.He insisted me to tell him what's going on.He has done a lots of things to cheer me up.I couldn't take it anymore so I told him that I was crying because I have love problems,that a person I love doesn't love me back.He had that hurt expression on his face.But,still stayed with me.After a couple of weeks he came into my house all happy and giggly,then he hugged me like he never did before,he actually GIGGLED I was..dead.But,he did things he never did to me before..He actually kissed me on my cheeks and NECK.We were cuddling and after an hour or more he told me he broke up with his gf.It was an amazing day.

-Let's get to the story-

Right now,I'm in my bed watching some movie on Netflix.I wish Niall was here too,but at the past time I'm so shy around him.So,I couldn't call him to come.I just hope he comes here by himself. I turned the volume off and searched some porn,I was horny yeah.I found some gay blond and brunette having sex.The brunette was riding the blonde.It was so hot.Aaand I was getting a boner.When I usually had a boner,Niall couldn't stop looking at it secretly. The blonde was about to cum when I heard the front door open.I immediatly turned off my laptop and went downstairs.I saw Niall,all happy again.He jumped in my arms,he was taller then me a BIT.His hands around my waist and my hands around his neck.We always hugged like that.We didn't see eachother for a day.

„I missed youuu" Niall squeaked.

"I missed you t-too" we pulled out

."Let's go to my house pleasee" Niall begged.

"Whyy?" I asked.

„I want to show you something very important that I've learned yesterday"he said.

„Haha okay then.Let's goo"

We got out and Niall interwined our fingers.We got in his house.

„We're gonna go to my room..Ooor to my parents room I don't know" He said.

We got in his room and sat on the bed.He was next to me and we watched TV.I still had that boner.I was leaned on the wall next to the bed.The thing Niall didn't recognize is that I started wearing skinny jeans.I just hated those baggy trousers.And my,now full,boner was very visible.Niall was sitting so I was facing his back,but then he turned his head and smiled at me.I smiled back.When he was turning his head back to the TV,he glanced at my crotch and smirked.He thought I didn't see him smirking,but dude,he was smirking all the time.

„This TV show is boooring.What should we doo??" He faced me.

„I don't know,whatever you want" I smiled.

„Whatever I want?" He smirked again.

„Yeah" I nodded innocently.

„Can we cuddle?Pwease?"He pulled his puppy face.

„Oh,why not?" I giggled.

He moved up to me and hugged my stomach.He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and smiled.

„Whyy are youu soo cuute??!!" I pinched his cheeks.He blushed.

„Speaking of cute.Look at you! You even have dimples and I don't!" We giggled.

He wanted to pinch my cheeks so he sat in my lap.I gulped but kept smiling.He kissed both of my cheeks a couple of times.We giggled all the time,the whole house was full of our giggles.Suddenly,he accidentally kissed the corner of my lips.But,he seemed like he didn't see it.And,again,he started kissing and tickling my neck.

„Noo,Niall!! Stoop please" I couldn't stop giggling.While he tickled me,he moved a lot.So,that's why I wanted him to stop,'cause he was making me even harder.

„Okay,okay.I'm gonna stop tickling you"

But,he didn't stop kissing my neck.This time,it was very different.He kissed my neck,kinda lovely,with passion.And it was full of pleasure.I was holding back a moan.He took my chin and titled my head back.He kissed my neck even more.I swallowed,I couldn't take it.

Now he opened his mouth,he was giving me open mouth kisses.I was breathing so slow.The worst thing is,he started licking some spots on my neck.I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.His hand roamed down to my thighs.It was so hot.I put my hand in his hair.

He suddenly stopped.

„You know,these skinny jeans are very good on you.You look really hot in them." He breathed.

He looked down at my crotch and grabbed it forcefully.

„And this is the hottest thing."He started sucking my neck while holding my dick.

"N-Niall" I let out a moan.I felt Niall smirk for the millionth time today.

He gripped on my boner harder,I kinda whimpered.

"Would you mind if I take this off?" He asked.

I shook my head no. "Please.."I moaned.

He unzipped my jeans with both of his hands,then he took my pants off.He massaged me through my boxers.I moaned loudly.He put his finger and the waistband of my boxers.

"Harry..Look at me " Niall said.I looked at him.He smiled and leaned in.I leaned in too.We kissed and it was the most amazing kiss ever.He slowly pulled my boxers down.My dick sprung out free. Niall pulled out of the kiss and smiled. He leaned down and kissed the tip of my dick. I groaned.

He took his clothes off,and I took my shirt off.We were both naked.

"How are you gonna make me hard so I can fuck you?" I sat there frozen.I was speechless when these words slipped out of his mouth with that thick Irish accent.

"I-I don't know..Can I-I suck you off or something?" I stuttered.

Niall smiled. "Of course you can."

Soon his dick was in front of my face.I took his huge length in my hand and started stroking him softly.I put the tip in my mouth and he moaned.He was semi-hard.

I put the whole length in my mouth even though it's 11 inches long.He groaned loudly.

I started sucking him,'till he was fully hard.

"Urmh,you can stop now..Amma fuck you.You okay with that?" I just nodded.

"Are you ready? You're still a virgin,you can wait for a right per-" I cut him off with a kiss.

"I'm so ready and I want you to take my virginity." I smiled.He nodded and sat between my legs.

"I need to open you up a bit.You need prepping."I suddenly felt his finger in my ass.

I groaned."Move it." He started going in and out.I whimpered."More..please"

He pushed another finger in."You're so tight,baby"He quickened.I started whimpering a lot.

"Ah Ah N-Niall! I'm gonna c-cum.."

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