Alex Hannigan is a writer at Harlem magazine. One interview could change her career and her life. This one interview with 5 Seconds Of Summer.


1. "First Impressions can make or break a story"

 Alex's P.O.V.

 So last night I went on a tinder date. The guy I went on the date with looked nothing like his profile, I mean NOTHING like his profile. But it's not like he was 80 years old or creep who was trying to kidnap me. He was sweet, he had short hair, and was skinny. The thing is this article isn't about my tinder date it's about why people feel obligated to lie. 

"Alex my office NOW" Alice (my boss) yelled across the office. I got up and walked into her office. 

"How can I help you" I said

"I have an interview I want you to do"She exclaimed

"Umm I don't really..." she cut me off

"I know you don't do interviews, very often but this interview could make or break your career"

"Look, Alice I really appreciate the offer but I am working on two different stories right now" I said

"Well, fine don't take this. I guess you don't want 2 weeks off"

"I"ll definitely take I don't remember giving you a definitive answer until now" I said smiling 

"Perfect come back to my office after the meeting"

"Ok" I walked out of her office smiling. I grabbed my journal, a pen and my phone. I walked into the meeting room and sat down next to Jack (one of my best friends) 

Skip to end of meeting

"Now Alex, Your interview is tomorrow morning at 11:30 with a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer" she said

"Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow" I said before I walked out of her office. I sat down at my desk and continued writing. I'm a popular writer at Harlem. Lot's of people read my articles and also I mean it does help that one of my bestest friends works is a social media director here. I looked at the clock it read 8:45. I grabbed my purse and walked out of the building. I got in my car and drove home. 

"I"M HOME" I yelled (I live with Jack and Cassie, our other friend, and our dog Max, He's a black lab)

"IN THE LIVING ROOM" I heard Cassie yell from the other room"How was work"

"Well, I'm doing an interview tomorrow." I said angrily. Jack suddenly started cracking up. He couldn't stop laughing. "ASSHOLE" 

"YOU...HAVE...TO...DO...AN...INTERVIEW" he said in between laughs "YOU...SUCK...AT...INTERVIEWS"

Cassie stood up and slapped Jack "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF YOU ANNOYING SON OF A BITCH"

"CASSIE, QUIET" I yelled" WE ARE GOING TO GET KICKED OUT" I got up off the couch and went into my room to prepare for my meeting tomorrow morning. I grabbed my laptop and my notebook and watched and read hundred of interviews, stalked their social media accounts and read different rumors about 5SOS. I looked at my phone and read the time 5:26 am. I closed my computer and my notebook and crawled into bed. 

Beep Beep Beep my alarm rang right in my ear. I quickly turned off the unbearable noise and picked up my phone read 7:45 I quickly showered and picked out an outfit. I grabbed a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans with rips on the knees, a light blue crop top with a small white alien on the left side of my chest, I grabbed a pair of black stiletto flats. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and did a neutral peach eyeshadow to match my nude lipstick and nude nails. I put on a pair of diamond stud earrings, a black choker and some small gold necklaces to go along, I grabbed a few gold rings, one of which was shaped like a crown. Lastly, I grabbed a small gold chain bracelet with small diamonds on it. I quickly gathered my things and grabbed a big, black, over-the shoulder bag. I put my computer, notebook and extra makeup of course in my bag.

Everyone else was already at work. Even Cassie (she's a teaching assistant at the local elementary school) and school doesn't start til 9. I quickly ran down to my car and drove to work.

I walked into the office to see Jack in the conference room with Matt (One of Jack's good friends and my co-worker/ex fiancee) I walked into the conference and knocked on the glass door. I smiled at Jack and tried to ignore Matt. 

"Alex, good to see you" Matt said

"Matthew" I said keeping eye contact with Jack. 

"I better go now, see you later" Matt said walking out the conference room. I rolled my eyes as he walked out of the conference room. 

"Ok so I need your help with something and it's a little weird." Jack said as I sat down

"I never like hearing those words from you"I said to Jack (He's a writer sex writer for Harlem 

"I don't wanna know please don't tell me this just try it with some girl at the bar"

"Plllllllleeeeeeeaaaaasssssssseeeeee Alex"He said with puppy dog eyes

"FINE" I said annoyed "But you mention me in your article so help me god I will cut your dick off" 

"ALEX" I heard Alice yell

"Shit" I mumbled "Yes Alice"

"Your interview is starting it's 11:30, they are standing right here" She exclaimed angrily "Remember first impressions an make or break a story" 

"Yes you told me that on my first day''

"Well get your interview started"

"Jack, I just want you to know, I'm going to kill you. In your sleep" I said smiling 

"I will meet you back in here when your interview is over and make sure you stretch" He said walking out

"I BETTER GET PAID FOR THIS" I yelled at him as he left.

"Sorry about that" I said signaling them to come in

"Hi, I'm Luke" 

"I'm Calum" 

"I'm Michael"

"And I'm Ashton"

"Nice to meet you all I"m Alex, please sit down" I said


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