A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.



“Morning,” Lexi said as she came jumping down the stairs.

“Morning honey. Waffles?” her mom offered. Lexi nodded and took the plate her mother was handing her.

“Yummy, waffles!” Maddie said as she came down from her room in Lexis green sweater. Lexi smiled at her. Maddie looked at her before smiling back.

“Do you want a ride to school? I’m taking Maddie anyways,” Ms. Pearce offered.

“Yeah, sure, that’d be great,” Lexi said and smiled as a thank you.


Not long after, Lexi was dropped off at Mid City High School, ready to go to the office. If only she knew where that was. A plain looking building was placed in the middle of the parking lot where the students greeted each other and hugged before going towards class today. The only difference between them and Lexi was that they all seemed to know one another - which they probably did - while Lexi was all alone.

She took a deep breath before deciding to go for it. In the door she went, where there was even more chaos. Students on their way to class filled the hallway, and even if Lexi had had the guts to ask for directions she probably couldn’t catch anyone to ask before they were already gone.

Left. Always go left.

Lexi turned left and got almost 5 meters down the hall before she smashed into someone.

“Oh god, I am so sorry!”

“It’s okay,” she looked up to see the guy she had walked right into holding out her hand.

The bell rang.

“Oh great,” Lexi mumbled, “Late on my first day.” She quickly got up and brushed her skirt off.

“It’s your first day? That must be why I haven’t seen you before. Need help finding the office?” he asked in a way that would have been sweet if he hadn’t been such an awkward person. Not necessarily in a bad way, just more in a cute ‘look at that idiot’ way.

“Actually I kinda do,” Lexi admitted before grinning. The hallway had emptied itself in the 60 seconds she’d been on the floor, which calmed her down a great deal.

“Wait, aren’t you gonna be late?”

“Oh, it’s okay. Being later isn’t any worse than… being late… Hi! I’m Will,” he introduced himself. Lexi smiled at his awkward way of conversating.

“Hello Will, I’m Lexi,” she answered while she followed him down the hall. She had been right; the office was on her left.

“Is that it?” Lexi asked and nodded towards the wooden door with ‘School Office’ written on a sign which was placed on the door. A small window was on top of the sign, letting Lexi look in and see a woman sitting behind a desk.

“That’d be it,” Will confirmed.

“I should probably go in,” Lexi said nervously. “Probably,” Will agreed.

“Okay, so, thanks for showing me here,” she said with a smile before going in.


She had gone in before he could ask for her number. Actually, she had been standing outside for a while before she’d gone in. Did she want him to give her his number? Will smiled, and looked at Lexi with a new boost of confidence. Perfect was probably going a bit far, if you wanted perfection you’d have to look at Christine Mathis, but that didn’t mean Lexi wasn’t gorgeous. Because she was. Nothing like Christine’s long legs and a strong sense of fashion, but her blonde hair fell down her shoulder in a casual way which was definitely pretty. Hopefully her skirt was long enough to not get every boy in school to think wrong thoughts about her, even though it would make sense, Will thought to himself as he went down the hall. English literature. What a waste of time.

He knocked on the door before going in.

“Will, good to see you had the time to join us,” Mrs. Cupp said with a stern look.

“Isn’t it?” Will asked with a happy smile. “Sit down,” Will sighed and found his usual seat in the back next to Jessica. Mrs. Cupp began talking again, and Jessica turned to Will.

“How come you were so late?”

“Ran into this girl. Couldn’t get rid of her. Guess she was a bit too fond of me,” he said with confidence. It knocked on the door, and in came Lexi, the girl he’d just helped to the office.

“Look, there she is right now!” Will mentioned to Jessica. Jessica looked at him with both brows raised.

“And you are?” Mrs. Copp asked.

“Lexi Pearce, the new student,” Lexi introduced herself.

“You have a better chance at winning the lottery than going on a date with her,” Jennifer said with a little giggle.

“Yes, of course. Take a seat,” Mrs. Copp asked and returned to the board. Lexi looked out on the class, searching for a free seat. Will waved her over and pointed to the seat beside of him. Lexi smiled gratefully and quickly sat down by the table.

“Lexi, I didn’t know this was your first class,” Will said while smiling at Jennifer, who rolled her eyes.

“Oh yeah, English literature, rarely have I heard of anything more exciting,” Lexi said with a little smile.


“So, what’s your next class?” Jessica asked. Lexi looked at her schedule; “Gym.”

“Hey, me too!” Jessica said with excitement; “Now I’ll have someone to skip it with.”

“I don’t know, I kinda like it. You just have to run around or kick a ball, instead of actually… You know, think,” Lexi explained with a little laugh. Maybe it was her heritage, but since she’d changed, running around was MUCH easier than the other stuff she had to deal with.

“Have fun girls, while you get to stretch in front of guys in those tiny little tight shorts, I get to go to biology,” Will complained. Lexi sent him a look that clearly said that she was grossed out. Will turned the corner while Lexi followed Jessica to the girls changing room. Since Lexi hadn’t been expecting gym, she didn’t have any changing clothes. Instead she waited for Jessica to change her clothes.

“I’m gonna go say hi to the teacher,” Lexi said and stood up. Jessica looked up from her shoelace; “Sure. That’d be Coach, he’s in there,” she said and nodded towards the door.

Lexi went out the door, and saw that most of the boys were already out there. She looked around and saw Coach trying to get a little thingy out of the wooden thingy that was supposed to hold a net.

“Hey,” Lexi said as she jumped over to him. “I’ve already said, if you’re having too much period cramps to come to PE, just don’t!” he said with his surprisingly high voice. Lexi looked at him, confusion all over her face. “McKevin, get over here. I can’t get it out it’s too tight,” he yelled, which got one of the boys to jump over and casually jog over towards them.

Lexi looked annoyed at the teacher, before going in front of him and without even tried pulled the little thingy out of the post and handed it to him.

“No, that’s not it. I’m a new student.” Coach looked at her with surprise in his eyes.

“Oh! Well, we’re just playing dodgeball today, you can play in that outfit if you want to,” he said before waving the boy, McKevin, back to the other boys.

“Great! I would hate to miss out, I love PE,” she informed him before she turned around and walked over to Jessica who’d just gotten out of the locker room.

“Did he say dodgeball? I hate dodgeball,” she said with a little cry. Lexi smiled.


“Let’s begin everybody! You know the rules, get hit, you leave the field. Don’t get hit, you stay,” as he said that he looked to a couple of girls, who to Lexi didn’t seem too interested in the game.

“This half go to that side,” Coach said while pointing at half the people standing around him; “The other half, other side.”

Jessica took Lexis hand and pulled her with her to their assigned side. Coach blew his whistle and threw the ball to the other side, where a guy immediately caught it and threw it at the girl next to Lexi who got hit. She made a quick smirk and left the field. She was one of the girls Coach in the beginning had told to stay until she got hit. A guy quickly picked it up and threw it at a guy on the other side who caught it. It was a basketball, which honestly confused Lexi. At her old school they had used a softer ball for dodgeball, so no one got hurt; with this ball, someone could easily get bruised. Well, not Lexi, but a regular person could.

Fewer and fewer people were left on both sides of the net, and soon it was just Lexi and Jessica against a handful of people. From the beginning Jessica had been an easy target, but Lexi had pulled her away from quite a few balls.

“Getting scared yet?” a guy from the other team yelled, throwing the ball to the line of people behind them. The girl who’d caught it threw it back.

“Good luck girls. Only Watts and Blondie left, huh?” another guy yelled. He threw the ball after Lexi who took a step to the side. Why didn’t Coach tell them to knock it off?

The people behind Lexi and Jessica threw it back.

“Come on guys, now you’re just playing with us. Throw the goddamn ball!” Lexi begged.

“Ohhhh, Blondie’s got a mouth. I’m sure that could be used for much better things,” he said and winked before throwing the ball. That was it. Lexi didn’t make any signs of moving before the ball was right in front of her, where she caught it in the air.

“You’re probably right. I could have said something much more offensive,” Lexi exclaimed before she threw the ball at the guy who’d done the yelling. First after she threw it she realized she probably shouldn’t have thrown it that hard.

The basketball hit the yeller and threw him back on the floor where he landed shoulder first.

All the people from both teams ran over to check up on him. Jessica looked confused between Lexi and the guy, and Coach yelled for Lexi to go to the principal's office. Lexi looked apologizing at Jessica before hurrying out the door. It was the first day of school and already she was in trouble. So much for a fresh start.


“So, why don’t you tell me what happened?” principal Wayne asked.

“We were playing dodgeball and-””Not, you, miss Pearce,” he quickly responded and looked at Josh, which apparently was the name of the guy the ball had hit. He’d been by the school nurse, and as it turned out his shoulder was dislocated.

“We were playing dodgeball and all of a sudden she just throws the ball at me!” Josh whined while grabbing his shoulder.

“I apologize for my lack of understanding, but isn’t throwing balls at other people the point of dodgeball?” Principal Wayne asked. Lexi tried to hide her smile by looking the other way.

“You think that’s funny?” Josh said offended. Her attempt to hide the laugh seemed to not have worked.

“Mr. Colleen, why don’t you get to class, then I’ll have a little talk with Miss Pearce.”

Josh Colleen shot Lexi a deadly look before leaving. As soon as the door had been closed behind Josh, Principal Wayne stood up and went over to his window.

“Welcome to Mid City High School, Miss Pearce,” he said with his back turned to her.

“Uh, thank you, but about Josh, it really was an accident and I’m terribly sorry about it,” Lexi apologized sincerely. “Oh who cares about that boy,” Principal Wayne said, seemingly without a care in the world.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You’re Alexandria Pearce, right?” he asked and sat down on the corner of the table. Lexi nodded. “Good. I was told you’d be coming.” Lexi must have looked like a big question mark since Principal Wayne sighed and explained.

“The Circle informed me you’d be coming. One of the members is actually here,” Principal Wayne opened the door and waved in a tall, thin man. His tweeted elbow patch suit was wearing him more than he was wearing it, and he seemed too young to be part of such an important council.

“Yes, sir,” he said in a British accent before he saw Lexi; “Ohh, you must be young Lexi Pearce!”.

Lexi stood up and nodded; “It’s very nice to meet you. You’ll be glad to know that we have found you a new Protector. In fact, we managed to get him an excellent job on this school.”

“Oh. That’s great. Someone else I can get hurt,” Lexi mumbled.

Principal Wayne and the guy from The Circle, whose name Lexi still had not caught, had shown her the way down the hallway. Not far from the main hallway a classroom was stuffed in, next to an office.

“This, is our Spanish classroom. Spanish is just an option, so it’s sort of dying. Actually, this was the last year we were going to teach it, but thanks to The Circles generous donations we will keep it going with a teacher of their choice - your new Protector,” Principal Wayne explained while opening the door to the empty classroom.

“And here he is… Uh,” the classroom was a mess, but no teacher were to see; “Weasly? Weasly?” Principal Wayne yelled out. A man showed up in the door between the classroom and the supplies room. His hair was a bit dark and a bit messy, which removed the attention for his nose, which was a bit too long.

“Yes?” he said, seemingly a bit very confused. He looked to be in his sixties by the looks, but the way he dressed and the seemingly billion year old books in his hands made him seem even older.

Principal Wayne sighed before answering.

“This, is Lexy Pearce,” the principal introduced Lexi. Lexi waved awkwardly.

“Oh?” Mr. Weasly asked, only to receive a firm look; “Oh!”

“Lexi, yes, of course, it’s terribly nice to meet you!” Mr. Weasly said and held out his hand. Lexi looked at Principal Wayne, who discreetly shook his head to Mr. Weasly.

“You are the.. uh… the-””Yeah, I’m the me,” Lexi confirmed. “Well. I’ll leave you to it. And, Lexi,” Principal Wayne turned to Lexi; “I do realize your… Position, will cause you to miss a class from time to time. I will personally help cover this up, but I will need a note from Mr. Weasly to make sure you are not just skipping whatever classes you would like. Understood?” Lexi nodded.

“Good. Well, you too have fun then,” he said and attempted to do a smile, which more came of as creepy than anything else, but at least he tried. Weasly gestured for Lexi to take a seat before he went back into the supplies room. None of the other classes had supplies rooms, Lexi had noticed. Why Mr. Weasly had gotten one was a mystery.

Lexi took a seat and looked around the little classroom. The tables and chairs were in parallel lines, and the only thing not in the match was the chair Lexi was sitting on.

Lexi came back with a big stack of book in his arms, and Lexi realized that it was a matter of minutes before he was bound to drop something.

She was right.

Two books quickly fell of the pile, and in a matter of seconds, just before they landed on the ground, Lexi caught them.

“Ah, good reflexes, good, good,” Ms. Weasly commented and placed the stack of books on the big desk reserved for the teacher.

“I am not entirely sure which of these books your old Protector had you read, but I’d like you to read the rest,” Mr. Weasly informed her and started looking through the stack.

“Mr. Weasly-””Call me Weasly, please.” Lexi sighed; “Listen, Weasly, the whole reading… Thing, not really my thing.”

Weasly looked up as if she had said that she didn’t like puppies, or as she didn’t like chocolate.

“You don’t like… Books?” he asked confused. Lexi shook her said while making a face that was hopefully showing that no, she was not going to read a single one of those books. Not even did they look really big and heavy, but they also looked really old, which could only mean really boring.

“Really? Well, that’s… Interesting. Your old Protector, he didn’t make you read?” Weasly asked and crossed his arms over his chest.

“No, she didn’t. She didn’t really have time…” Lexi said, and without finishing the sentence looked down.

“Ah, yes, I heard about her… Accident,” Weasly said, and instead put his hands in the pockets of his old man's suit.

“I should probably get to class,” Lexi said and stood up, before setting the chair back under the table again.

“It’s noon,” Weasly commented, with just a tad of humor in his voice.

“Oh, well, lunch is my favorite time of the day… Besides dinner… And breakfast… So I really should get going,” Lexi said, already on her way out. Weasly raised his eyebrows and looked after her.

“Come back tomorrow morning, we need to get to work,” he yelled after her, since she was close to running down the hallway. “Yeah yeah, I will,” Lexi answered before rushing back to her locker.


“Lexi! I was wondering where you were,” Jessica said with a smile and caught up with Lexi.

“Oh, yeah, right, just had a little chat with the principal,” Lexi explained; plus it was technically true.

“You were gone for over an hour! You must’ve been in lotsa trouble,” Jessica said with a frown. Lexis shoulder shook itself before she could think about it; “Not really.”

Jessica made a ‘huh’ noise, before pulling Lexi with her to the cafeteria.


Jessica came through the door with Lexi after her, both smiling and casually chatting.

Jessica’s height and skinny appearance was even clearer when she was next to Lexi, who was close to ten centimeters shorter - even with those little heels on.

Of course Jessica was beautiful with her long flat black hair, but in a different way than Lexi. It didn’t matter, Will could never think of Jessica in another way than friends, which they’d been since kindergarten. Sometimes all it takes to become friends is sharing the grapes your mom put in your lunch.

Lexi’s plate tray landed in front of Will, waking him from his otherwise lovely thoughts.

“Wauw, hungry much?” he asked Lexi, who's not only plate, but entire tray was filled with food. It was a joke, but Lexi nodded and took a great big bite out of her sandwich. Jessica laughed and took a bite of one of her fries.

She pulled a notebook out of her bag, but kept looking after something else in there.

“Do you have a pencil, Lexi?”. Lexi opened up her back to look for her pencil case, but that’s definitely not what caught Will’s attention.

“What, on earth is that?” Will asked and grabbed one of the many stakes stuffed in the bag. Lexi’s eyes widened, and her mouth turned into a perfect O.

“Oh, that old thing, that’s just,” Lexi took it away from Will in a quick jag, just to hurriedly stuff it back into her back, making sure no one had seen it; “you know, just some ol’ thing I found outside.”

“It’s sharpened,” Jessica commented. “Oh, yeah, haha, I got bored. But, I really should get going,” Lexi mentioned, took a last bite of her sandwich before taking an apple with her and then rushing out the cafeteria.

“What on earth was that all about?” Jessica asked while looking after Lexi.

“I have no idea”

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