A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.






Lexi woke up to the sound of intense knocking on the bathroom door. She rubbed her eyes as Danielle bursted through the door to Amy’s room where she’d spend the night.

“Oh good, you’re up!” she said cheerfully, as if knocking down the door wouldn’t have woken her up anyways.

“Nate says breakfast is in the kitchen - and trust me, you do not want to miss that,” she informed with a spark in her eyes before leaving Lexi.

Rapidly she got dressed; Amy had left both an oversized shirt for her to sleep in and clothes for the next morning. Turned out, Amy was a tiny little elf, and there was no way Lexi could fit her ass into the skirt she’d left her. Which was probably for the best, it was a tad shorter than Lexi would’ve liked. The shirt however she could get on, even though it was a bit too tight, and possibly a little inappropriate. In the end she decided to just wear her outfit from last night.

As she went out to the hallway she saw Harry and Cameron waiting for the bathroom to clear out, clearly not aware that there was one in Amy’s room too.


Lexi went down to the kitchen, and couldn’t help but think it was a luck the house was so big. Most of the people from Nate’s group was sitting around a big table eating the breakfast standing on the counter.

“Lexi! Good thing you’re here. Get some breakfast,” Nate commanded while pouring a cup of coffee and handing it to her. “Uh, no thank you,” she mentioned, knowing that if she drank it she’d be up all night. Cons of being a hunter; caffein was a no go, just like alcohol and cigarettes.

Nate didn’t have to ask twice, and Lexi got a plate from the stack on the counter. There was tons of food, which fitted Lexi much better than the tight shirt she wasn’t wearing. She quickly stacked both bread, bacon and eggs on her plate, with a side of more bread, bacon and eggs.

She sat down in the middle of the table, with Danielle on one side, Harry on the other and across from Brody.

“Woah, hungry?” Harry asked and stretched his hand out to get a piece of bacon. Lexi quickly slapped it out of the way; “In fact yes I am hungry, so unless you want me to eat you get the hell out of my way.” She could hear laughter around here, but didn’t stop eating to see who it came from.

“Oh, I surely wouldn’t mind having you.. Eat… My meat,” he said in a gross voice. This time close to everyone laughed. She looked at him with the angriest look she could master, but before she could reply Nate came to her rescue.

“Harry, unless you’re absolutely certain you want your ass kicked I would advise you to.. What was it? Oh, right, shut the hell up.” There was a warning hidden in that sentence somewhere, and Lexi smiled satisfied.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t mind wrestling with her,” he said and blinked her way.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about her. Say something like that again and I’ll kick your ass,” he explained. His eyes showed no sign of joking, and Lexi felt the need to swoop in to lighten the mood.

“Oi! If he’s gonna get his ass kicked, I wanna be the one doing it!” Laughter spread around the table and Nate casually sat down with his coffee.

“So, who am I taking to school today?” he asked, and several people around the table raised their hands. Kayden, Michael, Harry, Oliver, Caleb, Lexi and Danielle.

“Oh come on, why are you all suddenly so eager to go to school?” Nate complained; “What about you Ryan, as I remember it you’re much more into the school thing that those guys.” Ryan looked up from his plate and faced Nates look with annoyed confusion.

“Dude. I’m 23. I graduated when I was 18. I’m literally older than you,” he mentioned. Nate mumbled and ‘oh’, before turning his attention back to his coffee mug.

“Well, just for your information, I got interested in school when they apparently started having hot hunters there,” Harry said with a smug smile before pointing towards Lexi and Danielle, who shot each other that look.

“Just knock it off,” Eli asked.

“How come you’re not going to school?” Lexi asked him, thankful for the diversion.

“I am, always do, I just go to Assumption High School,” He explained.

“Oh, that’s that private school, right?” Lexi asked him before stuffing her face with more bacon.

“The one where all the posh kids go? Yup, that’d be it,” Kayden quickly responded. Eli sighed but said nothing, so Lexi decided to take matters into her own hands.

“That was rude Kayden. And uncalled for,” she added. Nate quickly caught the tension and stood up.

“We should get going if you wanna get there on time. Well, you’re actually going to be late no matter what, but still. Caleb, you take Kayden, Oliver and Michael in your car, I’ll take Lexi and Caleb,” he thought about it for a second; “Actually, I’ll take Oliver, you take Harry.”


“Your radio is absolutely rubbish,” Lexi stated and decided to just turn it entirely off.

“What’s wrong with my radio?” Nate asked, clearly rather offended. Lexi shot him a ‘really?’ look before replying. “There’s no good songs on it.” She could hear Oliver chuckle in the backseat and Nate sigh.

“That’s not the radio's fault now is it?” he asked. Lexi shook her shoulders, couldn’t say she cared even a little.

“We’re here.” Nate stated and stopped the car without turning the engine off. Oliver took off his seatbelt before turning to Lexi. “Coming?”

“Uh yeah, I’ll be there in a minute, you just go ahead,” she smiled to him before loosening her seatbelt, too. He nodded and went out the door. She turned to Nate.

“You should come with.” Lexi tried smiling to him. He looked at her.

“I get my education elsewhere. Why would I come in?” he looked genuinely interested in whatever answer she might have, so she decided to take it seriously.

“To be with your friends, maybe,” she guessed. He smiled empathetically.

“I have some paperwork to get done. It’ll take an hour or two, so I might drop in after,” he promised, and Lexi made a quick decision. She fastened her seatbelt.

“What are you doing, Lexi?” he asked, a smile hiding beneath his cold tone.

“I’m coming with you. Isn’t that obvious?” she asked, a casual smile cooning on her lips.

“You’re not coming with me,” he argued. She shot him a look saying that yes, she was, in fact, coming with him. “It’s paperwork. It’s boring.”

“What do you think school is, Nate?”

This time he couldn’t hide his smile, and Lexi leaned back satisfied in her seat as he set the car in motion.


“This is boring,” Lexi told Nate. He looked up from the papers in front of him on the desk.

“I feel an ‘I told you so’ coming but I feel like it’s too obvious to point out,” he mumbled and turned his attention back to his work. Lexi sighed as loudly as possible and looked around. Apparently, Nate’s house had an office which seemed to be used mainly by Nate. Lexi had actually caught a glimpse of it earlier, but figured it was his parents.

She looked around at the big room. White walls, white ceiling, wooden floor and simple, modern furniture. A big black desk, office chair and a white shelf on one of the walls with different folders on.

“Are you done soon?”

Nate sighed and looked up again.

“You know, why don’t you get something to drink? Coffee, tea, maybe a soda, just take whatever you’d like,” he offered and returned to the paperwork. Lexi jumped up, relieved she’d at least have something to do other than stare at Nate.

“Do you want something? Coffee?” she offered. This time he didn’t even look up. “What? Oh, uh, yeah, sure, sure thing.” Lexi shook her head before turning towards the door and leave.

“Hey Amy,” she greeted. Amy looked up from her laptop; “Oh hey, Lexi, right?” Lexi nodded. She found the coffee machine and started it.

“Shouldn’t you be at school?” Lexi asked curiously. Amy shrugged. “Shouldn’t you?”.

“Fair enough. Coffee?” Amy shook her head.

“Can I ask something?” Amy looked more curious than nervous, and Lexi nodded.

“You and my brother..” She started. Lexi nodded to keep her going. “Are you… A thing? Just because, you know, I’ve seen the way you look at each other,” she added with a little smile. Lexi looked confused at her.

“Your brother? You think him and I? Where did you get that idea?” she asked with a nervous laughter. Amy shrugged again before leaving. Lexi looked after her in confusion. ‘I’ve seen the way you look at each other’. What did she mean by that? She thought back to the training session at the gym.


Her body hit Nate’s and knocked them both down on the floor. Only a few seconds went by before Nate realized what had happened and started fighting back, but Lexi had expected no less. The only thing she could hear was her and Nate’s rapid breaths. She could feel his body beneath her, and when she realised what was pushing against her leg, she put her arm over his neck, and pushed down just enough for him to know she could choke him if she wanted to.


Well yes, there had been something there, but she’d figured Nate just reacted on having a girl lying on top of him, breathing heavily, like most guys would have, but was there something more to it?

“Sorry it took so long. Ready?” Lexi looked at Nate, who’d just gone through the door. His hair was combed neatly to the side, even though the wavy curls didn’t seem to have accepted it yet. She couldn’t have feelings for Nate, could she?

“Why are you staring at me?” Nate asked confused and looked down at himself.

“I’m… Considering,” she admitted, but didn’t take her eyes of him. If anything that made him look even more confused.


“Considering what, exactly?” Nate wasn’t sure if he should be worried, but she was staring at him and seemed to have a lot going on in her mind.

“I… You… Your sister,” she explained. Nate sighed. Whatever Amy had said, he was confident it was wrong.

“Whatever she said, it’s not true,” he stated before grabbing his car keys. She looked like he’d hit her, and Nate almost regretted saying whatever it is he said.

“Why don’t we get to school. We can make lunch if we leave now,” he mentioned in a low voice. Her fist was clenching as she nodded. Nate tried smiling to her but she didn’t seem to notice, and he decided to forget about it.


“Is it just me, or did the entire cafeteria just go silent?” Lexi asked Nate, who just smiled.

“It’s just you. See, that table over there is still talking,” he replied before receiving a dash from Lexi’s hand.

Lexi looked around and couldn’t help but wish she’d been wrong. The cafeteria had gone silent, in fact silent enough that Lexi could practically feel the many eyes on her.

“I’m going to get some food. Anything you want?” Nate offered. Lexi looked at him before turning his offer down.

“Fine,” he mumbled before turning away, allowing Lexi to look for Will and Jessica. She quickly searched the cafeteria and caught sight of them at at a table not far away. Desperate to get away from the attention she rushed to them.

“Okay I feel like we deserve an explanation,” Jess whispered as soon as Lexi sat down.

“I’m not going to agree, but I’m definitely not disagreeing,” Will added, causing Lexi to look at him with confusion.

“You are so weird,” Jess stated before turning back to Lexi; “But seriously, what?”

“Well we were at this meeting and then we went on a patrol and suddenly Raes guys was there and they… Knocked us out and when I woke up I was at Nate’s and I spend the night,” She quickly explained.

You spend the night there?” Will barked.

“Yeah, I borrowed his sisters room for the night,” Lexi added, calming Will a great deal.

“I’m back.” Lexi looked surprised at Nate; “I thought you were gonna sit with your friends?“

“Yeah, well, maybe I am,” he replied without the mocking tone in his voice Lexi would’ve expected.

“Hey guys,” Oliver greeted and sat down on the other side of Lexi. Jess looked confused at Lexi, who discreetly shook her head and mimed ‘I don’t know’.

“Oh hey, you’re here!” Danielle exclaimed and sat down next to Will who seemed very effected by having her next to him. Kate came right behind her and pulled over a chair from another table.

“I’m gonna go get something to eat,” Danielle announced before standing back up.

“I’ll come with,” Kayden, who’d barely arrived, agreed.

“I almost forgot, I got you this,” Nate mentioned and handed Lexi a sandwich.

“Oh, thanks,” she said in a surprised voice and looked evaluating at him. What was up with him? Then again, she was hungry, and he probably hadn’t poisoned it. She hoped.

“Guyyys, you’re here!” Caleb greeted and joined the group gathered around the table.

“We sure are,” Oliver joked in a confident voice.

“I think we’re just gonna take off, it’s getting a bit crowded in here,’ Jess decided and stood up, pulling Will with her.

“Oh, are you, are you sure?” Lexi asked, a bit concerned. She hadn’t expected Nate’s friends to join them, but Jess didn’t mind, did she? Will looked evaluating at Jess before nodding; “Yeah, it’s fine. We’ll just talk to you later.” Lexi turned around and looked after them as they left the cafeteria.

“Anyone hungry?” Danielle offered as she and Kate sat down at the barely empty seats.

“I’m gonna go check on Will and Jess,” Lexi informed Nate before standing up, leaving another seat empty for the rest of the team who was surely on their way - it seemed wherever Nate was they all appeared in ten minutes tops.


“Oh, are you okay with this? I can go with you if it is?” Nate offered, already putting his food back on the plate.

“No, no, I’m sure it’s fine, you just stay put,” Lexi mumbled before rushing after her friends. Nate sighed as he turned to look after her.

“So what’s the deal man? You into our little Lexi now?” Oliver asked while moving his chair to the side to make room for Harry. Nate’s head immediately turned back to his friends.

“What? Where’d you get that idea?” His friends looked at each other, all mumbling and shrugging.

Danielle sighed; “It’s just the way you look at her.”

“You offered her food and when she said no you still got some for her,” Kate added. “You offered to go with her just now,” Caleb mentioned. Nate snorted; “That’s ridiculous.”

“Hey man, I get it. She’s hot, plus how many hunter girls do you really know?” Harry asked. Kate and Danielle looked at each other before shooting him an annoyed look, which he completely ignored.

Nate shook his head while standing up and throwing his used napkin on the plate. Ignoring the smug smiles his friends were sending each other, he turned around and went after her.

“And there he goes,” Oliver added mumbling, receiving a kick to the leg from Danielle.

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