A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.





“Is everything okay?” Lexi asked as soon as she caught up with Will and Jess, concern touching her voice enough for it to be heard, too little for it to make a difference. Jess was leaning against the lockers in the hallway, Will standing next to, clearly not sure what to do of himself.

“You should go back in,” Jess mumbled and rubbed her eyes, careful not to completely mess up her makeup.

“But.. I’d rather be here. With you,” Lexi answered quietly. Will looked up from his feet, which had until then been the center of his focus.

“Just go,” Jess mumbled before pushing herself away from the wall and taking the few steps to get to her own locker. She opened it and took out her history book before slamming it harder than necessary and slowly going down the hall. Lexi sighed and decided to get her own stuff so she wouldn’t be late for class. She found her locker - number 59 - and turned the lock to the correct combination - 1624. The locker clicked, allowing Lexi to open it and find her stuff. And find a note taped to the door.


Little hunter

We have a deal, remember, my love?

Otherwise I’ll have no choice but to kill your family!☺


Rae xx


Lexi quickly grabbed the handwritten note and pulled it down. How did he even get in? The school was public, so technically it belonged to everyone and he had just as much right to enter as she had herself, but it was the middle of the day, wouldn’t the sunlight have stopped him? Could a vampire really just walk into her school in the middle of the day and break into her locker? She shook her head to get rid of the unpleasant thought.

Last night she’d been tired and figured it could wait till next day, but it seemed Rae was watching her. Who was to say he wasn’t watching her family?

Lexi sighed before practically slamming the locker shut and rushing down the hall, passing Jess and Will.


“Wait, Lexi, hey, where you going?” Will asked as he caught up with her, constantly looking back at Jess to ensure she wasn’t going anywhere.

“I have something to do,” she mumbled before opening the door in one hard pull and leaving the building, leaving a confused Will behind.

“What was that about?” Will muttered as he went back to Jessica who shook her head.

“Hey,” Nate began; “Have you seen Lexi? She went after you, but..” His voice faded out as he realized what he was saying didn’t make much of a difference.

“Yeah, she was here, she just left,” Will answered in a puzzled voice.

“Left? As in left the school?” Will nodded.

“Yeah. She came up to us but then she went to her locker and suddenly she just rushed out, said she ‘had something to do’, whatever that means,” he explained.

“Her locker, you say?” Nate murmured and went up to her locker.

“Jessica, what’s the combination?” he asked and took his hand up to the lock.

“How would she know?” Will asked with a grin on his face.

“1624,” Jess answered, completely ignoring Wills comment. “What why do you know that?” he asked, a look of horror spreading on his face. She shrugged; “She’s my friend. We share stuff.” Will nodded, even though he didn’t look completely comfortable.

Nate put in the combination and the lock popped open.

“Wait, do you know my code?” he asked after a moment of sudden realization. “2345,” Jessica answered and looked at him with a tired look; “That’s your code to everything.”

“Right. Finding anything interesting, Nate? Anything worth talking about instead of my code, which I will now have to change?” Will proposed, clapping his hand together in a ‘let’s-get-to-work’ motion.

“Yes, actually,” Nate answered before turning around, holding a tiny piece of paper up.

“Great. A vampire hunter who has actual swords doesn’t have anything more conversation worthy than a piece of paper,” Will complained, making Nate sigh.

“See that? Tape. It was taped to the door - someone left a note for her. And she took it off, didn’t even stay long enough to remove it entirely, she just pulled it off before rushing out,” Nate concluded, still holding up the paper Will now noticed did in fact have tape on it.

“Someone played detective as a kid, huh?” Will commented; “What do you suggest was on the paper then, mister Sherlock? Any deductions?” Nate looked at the piece, trying to imagine what it’d looked like when it was complete.

“Did she say where she was going?” he asked, making both Will and Jess shake their heads. Nate looked up at the locker where he’d found the note.

“Maybe we’re overreacting,” Jessica suggested. For the first time that day Nate looked at her, really looked at her.

“Overreacting how?” Jess shrugged and looked at the history book in her hand.

“Jess’s right, maybe Maddie was by and left the note there. Maybe she was sick and Lexi had to go take care of her,” Will suggested and placed a hand on Jess’s shoulder.

“Mh. Maybe,” Nate agreed, even though he wasn’t convinced. He made a fist of his hand, crumbling the little piece of paper he before was so careful with.

“None of my business anyways,” he added before throwing the paper ball into the trash.

“Do me a favor, don’t tell her about this,” Nate instructed as he walked back to the cafeteria, leaving Jess confused and Will even more.

“Now, Jess, what happened in there?” Will turned to his friend who’d been so eager to leave the cafeteria. Jess looked at the tip of her toes while shrugging.

“I don’t know… Lexi’s just a dick, you know?” Will looked up; “Wait, this is about Lexi?”. Jess snorted annoyed and gently kicked the floor. “Isn’t everything?”

Will sighed deeply before replying.

“I feel like there’s more to this than I thought. What’s going on Jess?”

Jessica sighed back at him before pulling him into an empty classroom. She placed the history book on the table and turned her back to him.

“It just sucks, you know?” She turned back to him, now more annoyed than sad it seemed; “It’s always just been the two of us and all off a sudden this Lexi girl comes along and that’s fine, but ever since she came along everything’s been about her!” She cried.

“What do you mean ‘everything’s about her’?” Will questioned, not understanding what the issue was.

“I mean everything is about her! We go to The Venue and she talks to all these guys and suddenly she’s friends with Nathaniel and all his friends and it’s obvious that you know something about her I don’t! You never used to keep secrets from me until she showed up!” Jess complained, clearly more frustrated than she’d let anyone see.

“That’s not true, Jess. I mean yes, she’s friends with Nate and his, but it’s still the two of us. You know just as much about her as I do,” Will insisted. Besides the fact that she kills vampires of course.

A noise came from a door Will hadn’t noticed till then, and out of instinct he stepped in front of Jess. The handle started turning - where was Lexi? - and the door slowly opened.

“Oh, it’s just you!” Will sighed, relief streaming through his voice. Weasly pushed his glasses further back on his nose with a finger; “You’re tone gives me reason to believe I should be offended.”

“No, no, I just hadn’t noticed this was the spanish class, I thought it was someone… Something else,” Will explained, putting pressure on the word ‘something’ to explain he meant vampires.

“Ah. Well I’m glad you’re being careful, William,” Weasly mentioned with an accepting nod.

“No, you don’t know anything about her that I don’t, I see that now.” If Jess’ face hadn’t shown her emotions, it wouldn’t matter. Her voice perfectly portrayed how hurt she was, and even if she’d been completely mute and invisible her storming out the door would’ve exposed it. Well, if she was invisible Will wouldn’t see her storming out the door - they probably wouldn’t even be friends.

“Oh I hadn’t seen her,” Weasly mentioned before putting a hand on Will’s shoulder; “I’m sure the two of you will work it out. Will you tell Lexi to come see me next time you run into her?”

Will nodded with a deep sigh.


As soon as Lexi got home she threw her bag in her room and searched the house. She’d rather not be caught inviting a stranger - who by the way wasn’t even present - in. Of course, Rae wasn’t a stranger, she thought to herself, but she doubted it’d make it better that he was practically her biggest enemy.

After ensuring the house was empty there wasn’t much else left to stall her, even though she wish there was. Lexi was in no way comfortable inviting someone like Rae in, but what other choice did she have?

She pulled up the note from her pocket. Was it Rae’s handwriting? It was limited how many people wrote in calligraphy today, but Rae was from another time. Right? Lexi couldn’t help but wonder about his birthday before she shook her head. Did it matter?

She pulled out one of the few books on her shelf - Romeo and Juliet. Lexi read it for a class on her old school but had immediately fallen in love with it. At first given opportunity she’d rushed out to get her own copy which was now laying rather alone on the shelf - only accompanied by a few other of her favorites.

She opened it up before gently placing the note between two pages.

She suddenly felt an anger with Rae and closed the book rather abruptly in the hope it would bring a little satisfaction to her.

It didn’t.

Nothing else left but to go scream at the person causing the problem. One of the people causing the problem. Causing the problems.

She closed the book before putting it back on the shelf - possibly a bit too hard - and leaving her room.

“You want an invite?” she roared loudly. Her anger brought thunder and terror down the stairs for all bearing witness to weep and cower to.

“You wanna just come along and mess up EVERYTHING?” she yelled and slammed the door open, enough for it to almost leave it henges.

“FINE! If that’s what you want you stupid, british, LIFERUINING vampire!”

She might have been talking a bit too loudly considering the fact that the old - nearly deaf - lady living across the street came out to see what was going on.

“Metaphorical vampire,” Lexi enunciated and sent Mrs Fletcher a reassuring smile. The old lady shot her a suspicious look before turning around with the help from her walker.

“If you want to ruin my life then go ahead, do your worst.” Lexi voice was quiet and her eyes was shooting lightnings and promises of storms; “Come in, Rae.”


Dear diary,

We’ve been here exactly two months… If exactly means ‘I didn’t bother to do the math, but something like that’.

I’ve made both friends and the opposite - whatever that is..

I’ve told you about Cin and Noh, who turned out to be even greater than I’d thought. Granted, Cins sense of fashion is a bit off and No can be somehow peculiar, they’re great. I like who I am with them. I like being Mad.

Butttt everything’s not glaze on cookies. Remember Kelsey? I don’t think she likes me much, which would actually be fine is she wasn’t such an annoying bitch who keeps being passive agressive. Whatever.

Ok I have to go I can hear Lexi coming up the stairs. Why is she always in such a hurry? Gosh.

Maddie threw the pen on the closed diary just in time to look up and see Lexi practically knock the door down for the third time that day.

“Are you okay?”

“Lexi, yes, I’m just as okay as I was last hour. Why are you so weird today?” Lexi shrugged before leaving Maddie’s room as quickly as she’d entered.

Honestly Lexi got why Maddie found her weird, but she couldn’t exactly explain that she was just making sure she hadn’t been brutally murdered by the serial killer she’d invited in.

She’d already told her mom she was going to bed and brushed her teeth, so after putting on her PJ’s - which was actually nothing but an oversized tee - she was ready for bed.

Unless she should sleep with a knife.

Just to be safe of course, but Lexi didn’t exactly think it was recommended to expect a vampire to stop by and then NOT be prepared. Actually it was probably never recommended to expect a vampire to stop by. Maybe Maddie was right, she thought, maybe she really was a weirdo.

She found her combat knife and put it under the pillow while hoping it wouldn’t somehow surface and cut her face off while she slept.

She pulled the bedspread off and wriggled under the quilt.

Why was there so hot under there? Lexi stuck her foot out but realised in time that there would be no blanket to protect her in case a monster came to eat her.

After a sigh she sat up and went over to the window which she opened just enough for a little breeze to come through. She shivered, not because of the cold the window was letting in but because she knew she no longer was safe in her own house.


“Come back to beeed,” the blonde girl begged and touched her skin under the nightgown; “I promise you won’t regret it.” Bite marks was covering her neck and bruises the rest of her.

“Sorry, love. There’s someone I have to see,” he replied while tying his shoes.

“A girl?” she asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice; “Should I be scared?”

He stood up and pulled his leather jacket over his black t-shirt.

“No. You should be absolutely terrified.”

  Is anybody actually still reading? I'm loving writing this, it's just a lot more fun when I get to read your comments and such, haha. Well, enjoy the new chapter!  Tessa xx
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