A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.



“Maddie, I was scared you wouldn’t come,” Cin greeted before hugging her tightly. Maddie breathed in the scent of lavender and felt her stomach calm down a little.

“Of course I came, I just wasn’t sure when it started,” Maddie admitted and took of her shoes.

“Oh. Well Noh came at like four or something. But it’s cool, you’ll know better next time,” Cin stated and took Maddie’s back from her before leading the way into the living room. The brownish carpet and light red walls was surrounding the tightly packed living room, while the yellow light lit up the living room.

“Hey Maddie,” Noh said while stuffing his face with popcorn; “You’re hungry, right?”

“Uh, sure.” Noh looked satisfied at Cin; “See? You can starve me, but poor Maddie here, you can’t starve her,” he argued in a friendly voice.

“Oh no, no, I’m not hungry!” Maddie quickly exclaimed. “Sure you are,” Noh said while getting up; “Come on, we’re making a pizza.” Maddie looked nervously at Cin, who smilingly pulled Maddie with her after Noh.


“You have to be kidding me! How can you be on team Edward?” No said disgusted with his mouth full of pizza. Cin shook her head; “I like him. He’s all cold and mysterious.” Noh snorted; “See, that’s typical. Why do all girls fall for that vampire thing? Jacob’s got warmth, he’s cozy.”

“Well, then you date him,” Cin laughed. “Come on Mad, you agree with me, right?” Noh turned to Maddie. “Uh,” she wasn’t sure what to say. She looked between her two friends before she shrugged her shoulders; “I don’t know, the whole vampire werewolf thing? Just a bit too unrealistic for me.” Noh looked at Mad with jokingly disapproval while Cin just smiled; “See? Mad’s not even on your side.” Mad took another bite of the salad on her plate.

“What? She’s not on your side either, you know. Sure you don’t want some pizza?” Cin asked Maddie, who was still nibbling on the boring salad.

“Yeah.. I’m actually a vegetarian,” she admitted. “Oh my god, that’s so cool!” Noh exclaimed.

“You should totally be a vegetarian, too, Cin,” he continued, still stuffing his face with food. He almost ate as much as Lexi.

“I would. But bacon is pretty much all I worship,” Cin said with a shrug of her shoulder.

“And I who thought it was Satan you worshipped,” Noh casually mentioned with a grin on his face.


“Weasly, this is stupid!” Lexi moaned annoyed.

“Focus,” he demanded. Lexi looked back at the bowl full of water. She lifted her hand and slapped the water again. And again.

“Feel like telling me the point of this?” she asked as she covered her face from a particularly lively splash.


Lexi looked annoyed at her Protector and hit the water again.

“There once was a boy,” Weasly started as he observed Lexi repeatedly hit the water.

“Ah, great. A story. That’ll make things less boring,” she said sarcastically, still hitting the water.

“There once was a boy,” Weasly repeated himself.

“Why is it always boys in these stories? I need more water,” Lexi stated as she looked at the nearly empty bowl. Around her was water gathered, and her clothes had gotten wetter and wetter every time she slapped the water.

Weasly stood up and refilled the bowl from the bucket; “There once was a boy, who went to the monks to learn kung fu. The monks made him do what you’re doing right now every single day for a year. After a year, the boy went to visit his family. When they asked him what he’d learned, he was embarrassed, but told them. They didn’t believe him, so he showed them. He slapped the table, and it broke in half.” Lexi looked confused at Weasly.

“So I’m learning to break tables? That sounds… Useful,” she muttered, utterly disappointed.

“No, if you pull yourself together you can break any table. I’m trying to teach you not to,” Weasly responded, and looked like he thought that was supposed to make sense.

“You’re teaching me not to break tables?” Lexi asked confused, and leaned back in the chair.

“Slap it,” Lexi sighed, but did as told; “I’m teaching you to control your strength. See, if you wanted to, you could break the bowl itself, but you have to learn not to. You have to hit the spot where you hand touches the water, but doesn’t touch the bowl. As you splash the water up, there become less and less space to work with.” Lexi looked at the bowl again, trying to understand what she’d just been told. She lifted her hand and breathed out before slapping it. She felt her hand flow through the air, and when she sensed the water she stopped. The water was sloshing around her hand, but her hand was study as a rock in the middle of the ocean on a stormy day.

The water calmed down, and Lexi looked surprised at her hand. It was resting on the surface of the water, only exactly touching. She looked up at Weasly, who was smiling calmly.



“Madeleine, hi!” Kelsey said as she caught up with Maddie in the hallway.

“Oh. Hey Kels,’ Maddie greeted, slowing slightly down so Kelsey could keep up with her. She smiled annoyed; “It’s Kelsey, actually.” Maddie mumbled a ‘right, yeah’ into her locker as she unlocked it. She pushed the chemistry book in her hands into the mess.

“A few of us were actually wondering why you didn’t show up to our sleepover?” she asked in a demanding voice, her face plastered with a fake smile.

“What? Oh I’m sorry! I completely forgot!” Maddie quickly apologized.

“Yes. I heard you instead were spending time with Cindy Martins and Noah Watson,” Kelsey informed Maddie, who looked surprised at her because of the amount of information she apparently had. “Yeah. You see, I have a piece of advice for you,” the smile disappeared; “Those two people? Not who you want to be around,” she advised, pointing as Cin and Noh who’d just walked through the entry.

“Especially not being so close to the dance. No one goes without a date, and those two? They won't get you a date. They’re like, freakishly close, I heard they’re secretly dating,” Kelsey admitted before realising who she was talking to; “But then again, I also heard Cindy’s gay.” She shrugged.

“Who’s to say. Anyways, they always go together, so if you want a date?” she shook her head as if that was enough to explain.

“Anyways, just don’t make any more mistakes, kay? I’ll see you at lunch,” was her last words before turning around and tripping off in her little perfect 2 inch heels.

“Woah dude, what did little miss future prom queen want?” Noh asked while leaning against the lockers.

“I forgot that she invited me to this thing, she just came over here to tell me not to do it again,” Maddie mentioned, trying not to show that she was leaving a part out.

“That sounds gross,” Cin informed while looking after Kelsey, whose heels could still be heard clacking against the floor.

“Cin!” Noh scolded before smurf kicking her shoulder. She rolled her eyes; “It’s true!”


“Should I be concerned?”

Nate’s voice surprised Lexi enough to fall off the bike. She looked annoyed at him and did The Exhale.

“You should be concerned for your safety if you keep stalking me,” Lexi muttered under her breath while getting up. Maddie’s old, purple bike was lying on the ground with a brand new scratch on it thanks to Nate.

“Oh I am concerned for my safety, I’m hanging with Lexi Pearce,” he agreed and did a little wiggle with his eyebrows.

“First of all; offensive,” Lexi started out; “Second, we’re not hanging, you’re stalking me.”

“Why would I want to stalk you? You’ve been doing… That, for like twenty minutes. Not exactly exciting,” he admitted. Lexi looked at him with her mouth open; “You’ve been watching me for twenty minutes? Nate, what the hell!”. She made a frown with her face, honestly grossed out.

“What? I thought you were possessed or something!” he argued and gestured towards the bike as if that was an explanation.

“It’s homework from Weasly,” she explained; “He’s teaching me to control my strength.” She was tempted to add ‘in the most ridiculous was possible’ but controlled herself. Weasly had demanded she found a bike and rode it as slowly as possible without falling off. Ridiculous, Lexi repeated in her head.

Nate squatted down in front of the bike and poked it with his index finger; “Wouldn’t it be better to train that then? Your strength, I mean.” Lexi sighed; “I’m not going to train with you again, Nate.”

“Fine. That’s okay. But I still think you should come to one of our meetings.”


Lexi rang the doorbell before looking around in the neighborhood. There were a lot of fancy houses, and a lot of fancy cars in the different driveways. The door opened.

“They’re in the basement,” the girl in the door said before turning around and showing the way. Lexi quickly took her jacket off before following the girl. Her jeans and white shirt complimented her honey hair perfectly, and her tan gave Lexi the idea she probably traveled a lot.

The girl showed her to a white door leading to the basement; “They’re down there.” Lexi nodded.

“I’m Lexi, by the way,” she introduced herself and smiled. The girl sighed; “Amy. I’m Nathaniel's sister. But they’ve already started, you should probably get down there.” Amy turned around and left the room, leaving Lexi baffled. What was her deal? She took a deep breath before knocking and opening the door. A staircase led to Nate’s team of vampire hunters, all sitting on chairs around a white table looking extremely professional.

“Lexi, welcome. Take a seat,” Danielle greeted her. Lexi nodded nervously before going towards the seat Danielle had saved her. She could feel everybody glaring at her, and took a deep breath before sitting down.

“You’re right in time. We were just about to go over what we know about the clan,” Nate informed Lexi before turning to the whiteboard hanging on the wall. Lexi looked around in the big basement. The walls were white with nothing on them besides the whiteboard, and the floor gray. The stairs were off some kind of iron, Lexi noticed before seeing that everyone was staring at her.

“I, uhhh, yes?” she tried. Nate raised a brow; “You yes?” Lexi looked to the side at Danielle who was trying to hide a smile.

“I asked if you know anything about the clan?” Nate asked with a sigh, clearly not used to having people not listening.

“The clan? Rae’s clan?” they all nodded; “Right, uhm, not really,” she admitted. Nate shook his head before turning around again.

“On top we have Rae. We don’t know how many vampires are beneath him, but at least thirty and counting. Getting to Rae might prove difficult, since he never hunts on his own. We’re still not certain on why he’s doing this, but personally I believe that he’s a sick bastard and that’s plenty of reason for him,” Nate spoke in a long stream. While he spoke he wrote on the board. Rae’s name was on top, and beneath his name it said ‘30+’. Lexi raised her hand.

Nate sighed; “You don’t have to raise your hand, Lexi.” Lexi felt her blood stream to her cheeks; “Right, okay. Well, I was just wondering, where do you get the number 30 from?” Nate leaned against the table before answering.

“We’ve been watching him closely since before you came.” Lexi frowned her eyebrows, making Nate sigh yet again; “Yes, Lexi?”.

“Well, I was just thinking,” she admitted while standing up and going towards the board; “I came about two months, and at that point you said you’d been watching him for weeks, so almost three months and all you learned is that? Plus, not to ruin the mood but like half of it is wrong,” Lexi said with a little grin.

“And why exactly do you think that?” Kayden asked, looking unimpressed at her.

“Well, last time I spoke to him-””You spoke to him?!” Amy interrupted from the top of the stairs. Lexi looked confused at her.

“Amy, get out,” Nate said annoyed. Amy snorted but smacked the door after her.

“But seriously, you spoke to him?” Nate repeated his younger sister. Lexi stopped looking after Amy and snapped back to the basement.

“Well, yeah. Remember that guy who had car trouble when you showed me your gym? Turned out to be him,” she explained. She heard muttering around the table and looked at Danielle, who was whispering with Kate.

“Told you you shouldn’t have gone out there,” Nate mumbled like a little kid. Lexi looked annoyed at him.

“Whatever Nate. But he’s been watching you guys, too, everything you know about him might very well be things he wants you to know,” she explained. “Fine. What do you suggest we do then?” Nate asked her, while looking like an offended kid.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. She could see the smug look appear on Nate’s face, which caused her to continue; “But that’s not the point, he has a goal, he HAS to have a goal. He’s completely in control of himself, him and I have been right next to each other and the smell my blood did absolutely nothing to shake him. Besides that, no vampire work with other vampires for no reason,” she explained. Several of the guys looked at her, clearly not knowing anything important about vampires. She drew a group of heads with lots of hair and pointy ears; “This, is werewolves. They’re basically always in packs, and if you ever question anything just assume they’re like dogs. Because then you’ll most likely be right.

Vampires, on the other hand,” she wiped out the heads and replaced them by a single head; “Are alone. They’re predators, loners, and if they put up with other creatures, especially other vampires, they have to have a reason. They like to see themselves as mighty, strong… Powerful.” Lexi tasted the words on her tongue before continuing; “That’s why they’re always so smug and annoying. They all want to be the leader, and to become that, you have to prove yourself stronger than the current leader. As far as we know, no other clans or vampires has tried anything with Rae. Which is how I know he has a reason,” she ended her talk. She had everyone’s attention, and several of the boys looked between her and Nate.

“I mean, I guess it just could be to be powerful, it just feels like something else.”

Nate snorted; “Thanks for the vampire lesson, but we’re not changing anything because you have a feeling.” Lexi sighed before taking a seat next again. Danielle patted her thigh in a ‘don’t-worry,-you’ll-do-better-next-time’ way. Lexi smiled at her.

“Let’s continue. There’s been a sudden rise in the levels of chaos on the street. More attacks, more people missing. The police is blaming it on the partying, and people generally seem to believe they either fall in the river thanks to drinking or run away because we live in Iowa,” Nate told while pointlessly taking notes on the board.

“I have a question.” Nate turned to Lexi again; “You know, it’s getting a bit old.” She sighed.

“I have to go,” she said, preparing herself to get up and leave as quickly as possible. Nate looked around the table.

“Really? I don’t see anyone else in such a rush. What plans might you have, that needs you at this very moment?” he asked in an unpleasent voice. Lexi sighed.

“It’s dawn. While you sit down in the basement and talk about Rae’s plans, I’m gonna go kill him,” she explained. Nate looked at the watch strapped around his wrist.

“Oh, right. Okay, well, I actually thought we should start going on watches at night with all that’s happening. You mind taking someone with you?” Nate didn’t wait for her reply before continuing; “Great, Danielle, Eli, with Lexi. Ryan, Caleb, with Kayden, Ben and Cameron, you go with Kate and Oliver, Harry, Michael, Brody, with me,” he gestured for the boys to follow him up the stairs.

  Could I be a Veronica? Maybe Ronnie for short? Looking for a pseudonym (aka pen name) and I am as open to suggestions as a hookers legs are to a millionaire. 
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