A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.



The party had been going for about two hours when word got out, and the amount of people had doubled shortly after that.

Maddie still couldn’t believe Lexi had decided to throw a party, let alone actually took care of most of the stuff. Lexi had told Maddie not to drink whatsoever, and for a change she listened.

“Wauw Maddie, I so wasn’t expecting you to do such a thing!” Kelsey commented. Kelsey was in her bio class, one of the popular girls. Three boys had already invited her to prom. But she was going with her boyfriend, because popular people have those.

“Uh, yeah, I guess not,” Maddie responded, before getting her act together. Kelsey was popular, and if Maddie wanted friends, this was the way to go.

“I mean, I wasn’t really expecting this many people to show up,” she continued and put up her prettiest smile.

“Awh, of course they did, Sweetie. You know, we’re having this sleepover Friday, you should totally come,” Kelsey offered. Her pastel pink dress was a bit long, and in many ways fitted the cross hanging around her neck. Her father was a priest, and she was a sworn Christian.

“Oh, like a slumber party?” Kelsey laughed her sweet little laugh, which made her perfectly styled blond curls to jump around her head.

“Well yeah, except the party part,” she mentioned; “I don’t drink. None of us do. But we’ll totally have a laugh together and like give each other mani pedi’s and stuff.” Maddie nodded.

“That sounds great!” Maddie said with a smile. “Totally,” Kelsey said before turning around. Maddie rolled her eyes. Lame.

Red party cups was everywhere, and in an attempt to get away from it all she went upstairs. Lexi had been very stern about that being off limits for some reason. Maddie guessed she didn’t want anyone snooping around in her room. She went in her room, and sat down to write in her diary, but she felt too strangulated. She looked out the window, and were happy to see not a lot were in the garden. Not any that would notice her, anyways. She grabbed her diary and a pen before crawling through her window. The roof tiles was strong enough to hold Maddie’s weight - she hoped - and the weather outside was more relaxing than anything.

“Hey! What are you doing up there?”

Maddie looked down. The guy who’d yelled stood next to a girl; both dressed entirely in black, and with heavy makeup.

“What are you doing down there?” she responded - not that she cared.

“Is that an invitation?” the girl yelled back. Maddie did a shrug of her shoulder.


“Are you sure about this?” Aaron asked Nathaniel disbelieving.

“Sure I am. She’ll be glad to see us,” Nate replied sarcastically. Apparently a party was going on at Lexi’s, and what kind of friends would they be if they didn’t even show up. They went in the door without knocking, which was probably fine considering the loud music.

Nate mumbled a loud ‘wait here’ to his friends before going towards Lexi, who was standing in the kitchen.

“Hey,” he said politely. She looked up.


She didn’t seem to be in too good of a mood, so Nate decided to cheer up. Well, attempt to.

“You look.. Uh… Okay...Ish.. I guess,” he stuttered. Lexi looked up from the soda in her hand; “I look okayish? You guess?” She shook her head and looked back at him.

“Geez, thanks. You look okayish, too, I guess.” Okay, his attempt had failed.

“Yeah, well. So, what are we drinking?” he asked, changing the topic to a slightly less uncomfortable one.

“Well, I’m drinking this wonderful drink. It’s called soda,” Lexi said sarcastically before taking a sip. “Soda? At a party?” he asked. She nodded.

“It’s an alcohol free party,” she mentioned. Nate looked around; “I can see that.”

She sighed.

“Nathaniel, listen-””Nate… Just, call me Nate,” he interrupted her, looking everywhere else but at her. He still remembered how he’d said only his friends were allowed to call him Nate, and judging by her look she did too.

“Nate,” she nodded; “I need some air,” she said quickly before rushing out. Nate was struggling to whether he should go after her or not, but decided not to. If she was upset, it wasn’t his responsibility.


“So, this is your party, and you’re out on the roof with a bunch of suckers?” Cindy asked, taking a sip of the beer she was holding. Maddie did a shrug of her shoulder.

“Guess I’m not much of a party person. And you’re not suckers,” she added politely, sending hidden looks to the beer in Cindy’s hand.

“Oh yeah. We suck balls,” Noah responded casually, making Cindy laugh loudly. They were an odd pair, the two of them. Cindy wanted to be called Cin, and Noah to be called No, which Maddie thought must be confusing sometimes. No seemed like a perfectly normal guy, but Cindy was definitely something. Under her Black Sabbath tee, she had a long sleeved shirt with black and white stripes. Army boots were on her feet, and they weren’t even tied. Besides that she was wearing a skirt, which didn’t seemed to go with the rest of her clothes even a little, but Noah didn’t comment on it, and Maddie wasn’t going to either.

“Yeah, we really do,” Cindy agreed.

“Hey, we’re having this all nighter next Friday. We’re planning on staying up and watchin’ thrillers,” Noah offered her. Maddie nodded. Rarely was she invited to something she wanted to do so badly.

“That’s be great… Noh.”


“Hey, Lex I was thin - Wait… Why are you guarding the stairs?” Nate looked confused at Lex, who was sitting on the stairs with her face in her hands.

“Unless you have a dragon up there I’m going to be very disappointed,” he added.

“Well, sorry to disappoint you then. No dragons, but tons of weapons I’d prefer to keep away from curious people - who’s not even old enough to drink, I might add,” she said with a snort.

“Come on, we’re going. I’ll get one of my men to cover the stairs,” Nate mentioned, holding his hands out.

“Well, I don’t think we are,” Lexi said in her sassiest voice. Nate grabbed her arm and pulled her arm.

“Well, I don’t remember asking for your opinion.” Lexi looked annoyed at him as he pulled her up. He pulled her with him over to a guy, which he whispered something to. The guy nodded, and went towards the stairs where Lexi barely a minute ago was sitting.

“Wauw, do they just do everything you say?” Lexi asked Nate when they got outside. He nodded; “Pretty much.” He pressed on his car key, making the lights blink. Lexi looked at the car, and was able to tell that it was a Ford, but that was about it. And, it was silver.

“Must be practical. Do you think they have time to stop by tomorrow? This party is gonna leave a messsss,” she said as she opened the door and sat in.


Nate sighed. He’d already reached towards the door to open it for her. He went to the other side and got in. Lexi had her seatbelt on, and Nate reached for his own.

“Pretty sweet, huh? It’s a C-Max,” he told her.

“I knew that,” she said and looked out the window. Nate smiled at her as he started the car.

“So, where are we going?” she dared to ask and looked out the front window as Nate took a right turn. Lexi snorted. What kind of losers turned right? Everybody knew left was the way to go, Lexi thought to herself.

“I think you should see our facilities,” he said, taking a left turn.

“Your facilities?” with a mocking tone. Nate rolled his eyes; “We can’t all be training on the local community school's running track, can we?”. Lexi looked shocked at him.

“How do you even know that?” she asked, more offended than she thought she’d be.

“Come on! After breaking that guys shoulder and then almost getting killed by that vampire,” Nate looked at her; “You really didn’t leave us with much of a choice.”

Lexi sighed.

“I only dislocated it,” she muttered under her breath while looking out the window. Nate couldn’t help but smile.

A guy was on the side of a road, seemingly having car trouble.

“Wait, stop the car. Doesn’t it look like that guy needs help?” Lexi asked, already taking off her seatbelt. Nate looked at her, disbelief filling his eyes; “Okay, clearly you haven’t seen Chainsaw Massacre.” Lexi looked confused at him.

“We’re not helping,” he decided. “What? Of course we are!” Lexi argued, turning her head around looking after the guy, still leaning over the hood of his car. Nate sighed.

“Fine. If he’s still there by the time we get back, we’ll help him. Deal?” He suggested. Lexi rolled her eyes, but ended up mumbling a ‘fine’.


As soon as they arrived at the building which most of all looked like an abandoned warehouse, Lexi’s eyes went towards the big building, and so did her feet.

“Wauw. You’re right. Much better than the local community school’s running track,” Lexi said sarcastically, making a big gesture with her arm to show just how much better it really was.

Nate didn’t answer, just went in after writing the code on the little display next to the door. A beep came out from it, before a click sounded and Nate opened the door. Without waiting for Lexi he went in. Lexi looked around. Going into an abandoned warehouse in a desert place doesn’t exactly scream good idea.

She went in.

Her eyes went big. The abandoned warehouse looked nothing like the outside had, and Lexi couldn’t help but feel just a little jealous.

The ceiling was far above them, and walls spread widely, leaving only one, big space, full of different equipment. Three bars much like the ones used in professional gymnastics were right in front of them, and Lexi jumped up on the closest. The was about two meters to the next one, which she gracefully (Ha!) jumped over to.

“Okay, I’ll admit. This is kinda cool,” she said, looking across the big room.

Kinda cool? Everything you might need for a workout you can find in here,” Nate promised her, leaning over the bar with a hand on it. Lexi looked back at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Everything?” He nodded; “Well. We don’t keep actual vampires in here.” Lexi jumped down from the bar and looked around.

“This looks fun,” she said before running and jumping up to a rope hanging all the way from the ceiling to the floor. The rope was dangling across the room slowly, and as Lexi started climbing up she saw the rope next to her start to swing too. She looked down and saw Nate, who’d instead of just jumped taken a shortcut over the plinth similar to the ones used in gymnastics. Cheater, Lexi thought  to herself as she climbed further upwards. Nate was breathing heavily, clearly finding it hard, unlike Lexi who only slowed down to let Nate catch up with her.

“This looks fun?” Nate asked in disbelief while still trying to catch his breath; “I have a gym full of everything you could ever want, and the ropes is what you call fun?” Lexi spun her leg around the rope before letting go, getting the feeling of falling before being caught. As she was hanging upside down from the rope, only one of her legs on the rope to make sure she wouldn’t fall, gave everything a different perspective.

“You know, this is all great,” she admitted before spinning back up, taking her arm around the rope, and letting the other half of her body stretch out so she slowly was spinning.

“But I don’t need it. I can live without all this,” she explained before swinging around a little more.

“Well, you probably can,” Nate admitted, finally with his breath under control; “But why want to? What I’m offering here, isn’t that something you would like? Do you really want to run laps next to a man who’s probably never even killed a vampire himself, when you can have this? Professional training gear, teammates and resources you haven’t had access to before?” Lexi looked around the gym. It seemed like a good deal, didn’t it? Weasly always thought Lexi could do better, she was never good enough, but here? Nate wanted her on his team so badly, it was clear that he saw Lexi’s abilities more than anything else about her.

“I’ll think about it,” she agreed at last.

“Good. Now, I should take you home,” Nate stated and started crawling down the rope. Lexi sighed but jumped down, landing on the ground before he was even close to it.

“You should consider some color in here you know,” Lexi mentioned, looking at the walls which were still a foggy gray from whatever had been in there before.

“Like pink?” Nate asked as he tried to get his foot firmly planted on the plinth.

“Well, I was thinking more like maybe blue, but sure, pink could work,” she replied with a laugh.


“Stop the car!” Lexi said annoyed. Nate shook his head yet again.

“Nate, pull the car over or I’ll pull your arm off and beat you to death with it,” she promised him. He shook his head again.

“Okay then, if you don’t stop the car I will just simply have to jump out of it.” Lexi felt pretty satisfied until Nate with a smug look on his smile locked her door. She looked annoyed at him.

“Nate!” she said in a serious voice, which finally got him to pull the car over. Lexi looked at him.

“The door’s still looked.” He took a deep breath.

“I need to tell you something.”

Lexi looked at him, honestly a little concerned. What could he have to say?

“I just have to say… If you go out there,” he seemed to struggle getting the words over his his lips; “And you get killed I am so not going to your funeral.” Lexi looked annoyed at him before getting out of the car.

Behind her she could hear the car speed up and disappearing. She snorted for herself before going across the road. A dark metallic blue car was the one the fellow was bended over, and Lexi had to admit it looked like a cool car.

“Hey. Are you having- Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing here?” Lexi felt her arms cross over her chest. Rae sighed.

“Hunter, why are you ruining this for me?” he looked at her as if he expected an explanation.

“I stopped to help what I thought was a human in need!” She argued. Rae’s almost english accent could almost be heard even as he didn’t speak. Just the way he looked at her and kicked his feet around on the ground was with an accent.

“Well, I’m not, so you can just sod off,” Rae directed her; “You know, you shouldn’t even be out here! That’s a real cock up you know. Haven’t you seen Chainsaw Massacre?”. Lexi made a little exhale from her mouth, letting Rae know she thought he was being even more annoying than usual.

“Is there anyone you don’t irritate this much?” Lexi asked, tilting her head a little to the right.

“I only piss off people I hate,” he answered her with what appeared to be a fake smile. Lexi kept her face still.

“So, to answer the question, no, I like to annoy everyone as much as possible.” The smile on his face disappeared. Lexi did another exhale with her mouth while shaking her head.

“What is that? You do that a lot, love, you know?” He looked at her like she was a puzzle for him to figure out. Only him.

“The little,” he did a little shake of his hand to support his words; “Exhale, thing, you do.”

Lexi did another one of ‘the little exhale thing’s she apparently did a lot.

“It’s not very flattering my love,” he said, acted like he was letting her in on a secret as he leaned back on the car.

“Ah. Shame. All I care about is looking… Attractive, for dead people,” she said in a sarcastic voice.

“Really?” Rae’s eyes went up and down her body; “You’re not doing a very good job.” Lexi opened her mouth to say something back, but she was honestly speechless. Had a vampire just called her ugly?

“Now, hunter, go home. Or somewhere else. Just leave me, cheers?” he asked. Lexi had no idea what he meant with the ‘cheers’ at the end, but she didn’t bother to ask.

“What’s wrong with your car?” she asked instead. Rae looked confused at her.

“What? Oh, nothing,” he replied, as if that was supposed to explain it. He sighed when he saw it didn’t work as planned.

“People who stop to help guys in the middle of the night are either one of two; Absolute crackers or stupid. Either one, easy target. Much simpler than actually go hunting,” he explained to Lexi, who looked unimpressed at him.

“You were here when we left. And you’re still here. Something tells me it’s not working,” she mentioned, while looking around in the decently desert place. A closed hardware store was placed behind the car, and the parking lot in front of it was empty except a few trailers with advertisements on the side.

“Well that’s clearly on you. You’re scaring all the nice people off!” Rae explained to her in an annoyed voice; “Wait, where have you been?” Lexi couldn’t help but feel a little good that Rae wanted information only she had. Except Nate, of course. And the information might just be her whereabouts, but it was still something.

“You sure would like to know, wouldn’t ya?” she asked with a smug smile.

“Yes, I would, that’s why I asked you,” he said in an annoyed voice. Lexi snorted.

“You know love, we’ll have to come up with a name for that if you’re gonna keep doing that so much,” Rae said, turning his head up towards the sky.

“You’re a jerk,” Lexi simply replied, hoping that would be enough to get him to shut up.

“I’m thinking The Exhale. The hunter Exhaled. Capital E. Works for me. So. Were you with Nathaniel?” he asked, suddenly his voice turning from the moderately friendly one to the one sounding like it could cut through glass. Lexi felt her stomach turn around, finally realizing that she was having a conversation with Rae.

“I,” she had to cough to get her voice back to normal; “Why do you care?” Rae copied Lexi by Exhaling.

“I don’t, hunter, don’t flatter yourself. I just like to stay updated on his whereabouts. And yours, I might have to now,” he explained to her.

“He’s not good for you, Hunter. If you want my opinion..-””I don’t,” she looked provocatively at him; “Your opinion is about as useful to me as a dildo is to a lesbian.”

“Well love, that doesn’t even make sense because lots of lesbians use dildos and other sexual devices!” he paused; “I mean, or so I’ve heard.”

  This chapter (second of the day... just sayingxD) is dedicated to @notanun, who might not be a nun but is a hun and commented on the story - causing another chapter.  And gimme a break I never said I was funny but at least I'm trying okayxD
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