A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.



Lexi took a deep breath before standing up and facing the line of people, all looking at her, either laughing because of the humiliation or looking at her, sympathy filling their eyes.

“Well, Lexi, you might be a Hunter, but these guys are all trained properly, unlike someone else,” Nate said, clearly disgracing Lexi’s old Protector. Lexi looked down, smiled and did the Exhale, as Rae would say. Holly had died, and it was Lexi’s fault. No one would get to disrespect her.

“Fine. Two out of three. Your boys might be able to fight with their bare hands, but let’s see how they handle weapons,” Lexi said, looking through the row of boys. Nate snorted, but agreed; “Fine. Kate, come on here. Lexi, what weapons would you like the two of you to use?” Lexi looked at Kate, gesturing that she could chose.

“Uh, how about swords?” she suggested. Lexi nodded; “Fine by me.” Nate nodded towards a boy, who went over to a wall with all kinds of weapons hanging on it. All fake. He grabbed two wooden swords and handed one to each of the girls.

“We might be better of using training swords until you have some actual training,” Nate articulated. Lexi mumbled another ‘fine’ before raising the sword. Kate sighed before doing the same.


Kate was quick, and her technique was flawless, but Lexi had the reflexes and the strength of a Hunter, and there were no way she was losing to Nate’s team again.

Lexi moved quickly, and the constant sound of the wood knocking today echoed through the gym.

“Stop, stop stop stop!” Nate interrupted and walked over to them on the mat.

“What?” Lexi asked annoyed, while Kate looked down.

“Well, I didn’t stop to talk to you, but if you also want some critique then maybe try holding the sword correctly, instead of whatever the one you use now are,” Nate commented; “Kate, stop holding back. Lexi challenged us, not the other way around.” He put pressure on the word us in a way that told Kate that Lexi was the enemy. Kate nodded. As nate walked back she mimed the word sorry. Lexi shook her head. She had something else on her mind.


Kate’s swords hit the wooden blade on Lexi’s, and so they went on. Lexi felt herself being maneuvered around on the mat, realising Kate had the upperhand here. She quickly took a step back, getting Kate’s sword to swing past her, getting Kate herself out of the rhythm. Lexi took a chance and went past her, and by the time Kate was back in, Lexi was already swinging the sword. The hit on the sword was hard, making the hole thing shake - getting Lexi to drop it. Without hesitation Kate went forward, and for a second Lexi was scared she would actually stab her. She stopped the wooden sword twenty centimeters before it hit her chest.

She’d lost again.

“Right, good job, Kate. Lexi, you’re thinking too much. Well, that might be an overestimation, but you’re thinking of the wrong things. You’re technique is nonexistent,” Nate said with a harsh voice. Warmth spread in Lexi’s stomach, throughout her entire body.

“Fine. You know what, you’re technique might be good, but how much does that work when a dracula lookalike is in front of you? You can hit each other on a mat, but the real world has obstacles,” Lexi said in a loud voice. She looked around. Behind the line of boys and girls, the perfect setting was for an actual fight.

“Still up for that last fight?” Nate asked her, looking at his nails. Cocky bastard, Lexi thought to herself.

“Yes, I am” she said confident; “You and me. But not here. We’re doing it out there,” she pointed behind her, towards the many different obstacles, which all in all created the perfect fight scene. Nate sighed; “Fine.”  

“You may even have the upperhand,” she offered; “any things in here you’d like to remove?” she asked him. Nate looked at the different equipment before nodding.


A few different things had been removed, such as miscellaneous weights, running tracks and other stuff that might be in the way.

“Ready, Nathaniel?” Lexi asked with a confident smile on her lips. Nate nodded, before running towards her. Lexi let a punch hit her in the stomach before fighting back. The fight went on, and Lexi could feel every punch she received take a little air out of her. Before she knew it she was corned between the a beam and some kind of machine. She took a quick decision and jumped up on the beam. She took a long jump, landing on the one two meters next to it. Nate quickly went under the one she was standing on only seconds ago.

Lexi looked around, and knew what to do.

Quickly she jumped down, crawled over a net hanging on wooden stakes and grabbed one of the swords from the mat. Nate grabbed the other one as soon as he caught up with her. He was better than her, and his cockiness supplied the distraction she needed; he payed more attention on himself than her. She let him think he was in control, and slowly went backwards. As soon as she was at the lightswitch, she ripped entirely off. The gym went dark, lamp by lamp went out, leaving them in complete darkness.

“Lexi, what the hell!” Nate yelled annoyed, but Lexi didn’t even listen. She jumped up the plinth and jumped out, hoping with all of her heart she could get to the rope. She caught it a second before it was too late. The rope swung faster than Lexi liked, and she needed to find a way to slow it down. She let go quickly before grabbing it tight again. The pull was hard enough to slow it down just enough, but the buckle the rope was hanging on had also noticed and made a noise loud enough for Lexi to know Nate had to have noticed.

She got an idea.

The wooden sword was still in her hand, and she threw it to her left. She closed her eyes and listened closely. Nate’s footsteps was silent, but Lexi had good ears, and she could hear him walk towards where the sword had landed.

It had worked.

She took a deep breath before letting go. She felt her body fly through the air, and for a second she started to regret. Then she landed. Her body hit Nate’s and knocked them both down on the floor. Only a few seconds went by before Nate realized what had happened and started fighting back, but Lexi had expected no less. The only thing she could hear was her and Nate’s rapid breaths. She could feel his body beneath her, and when she realised what was pushing against her leg, she put her arm over his neck, and pushed down just enough for him to know she could choke him if she wanted to.

The lights came on.

Lexi jumped up, and saw the line of Kayden, Denise, Kate and the other people; all looking at her with surprise in their eyes. She brushed her legs off before taking a step back, getting a better view of them all.

“You might have training. Maybe even better than the training I’ve had. But there’s a reason you never went up to Rae. Your techniques might be perfect, but on the battlefield no one cares about your grip,” Lexi glanced at Nate; “No one cares how well you do one on one on a mat. Out there,” she pointed towards the door, and took a deep breath.

“Out there, it’s about surviving. Vampires have been after me ever since I was two. When I was four I saw my first vampire. When I was six I killed a vampire for the first time on my own. Do you think I survived because of my ‘technique’?” she asked. She looked around. The entire bunch was completely silent, all staring at her and only her. Even Nate looked impressed for once.

“No! I survived because of my instinct, and without that? Without that you might as well give up.” Some of them smiled a little, thinking she was joking.

“I’m serious. Vampires doesn’t get training, they follow their instinct, and the only thing letting them win is their passion. They have a passion for blood. I have a passion for killing them,” Lexi said in a cold voice. She looked each of them in the eyes before giving Nate a hand coming up.

“Uh, yeah, thank you, Lexi,” he said before clearing his throat; “You know, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll get someone to fix the lights first thing monday, until then enjoy your weekend.” Nate turned towards Lexi.

“Good job, out there, uhm,” he complimented, looking everywhere but at Lexi. She looked at Kate and Denise who took one last look at her before going into the locker room. The gym thinned out, and soon Lexi and Nate was the only one left in there.

“I should probably…” Lexi mentioned and gestured towards the door Denise and Kate had just gone through. Nate cleared his throat; “Right, right, I’ll give you a ride home.” Lexi nodded as a thank you before turning around.

“Oh, and Lexi!”

She turned her head around and saw Nate swallow a lump in his throat.

“The offer still stands you know.”


“That, was badass!” Denise cried out as Lexi walked in the locker room.

“You totally proved Nate wrong!” Kate agreed. Lexi smiled at their excitement; she’d missed having girlfriends she could talk about these stuff with.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him speechless before,” Kate admitted and send Lexi an impressed smile as she took her shirt of.

“Yeah, well,” Lexi said with a casual smile; “Do you by any chance know where Kayden are going after this?”.

“Awhh, someone got a little crush on Kayden?” Denise asked with a cheesy smile. Lexi shook her head. Definitely not.

“No, I just want to say something to him,” Lexi assured them. Kate nodded; “Well, better hurry up then, he always runs home.”


“Hey, Kayden, hey!” Kayden took out one of his earphones, lowering the music blasting through them. He caught glimpse of Lexi behind him, and stopped entirely before pausing the music.

“Hey, Lexi, right?” Lexi nodded; “Yeah. I just wanted to apologize,” she admitted. She looked around on the asphalt parking lot, empty except for Nate’s ford and three others. Kayden looked confused at her.

“For interfering, back on the mat?” she asked. Kayden nodded; “What Nate did really wasn’t cool.” Kayden looked surprised at her, and Lexi got the feeling she’d said something wrong.

“What Nate did wasn’t cool? He was just training me! But now, thanks to you, everybody thinks I’m a wuss! One that has to be protected by a girl!” Kayden raged at her. Lexi looked shocked at him. “What? I was only trying to help you!” Lexi argued.

“Yeah, well, good job on that. Maybe you should listen to Rae and just leave the town,” Kayden mentioned before putting back in his headphones and pressing play. The metal flowed through his ears, and he felt his energy rise enough to run.


Nate had been waiting when Lexi came out of the girls locker room, and was honestly surprised to see her frown. He’d thought kicking his ass would cheer her up, but apparently not. But, luckily her bad mood let him be silent as he drove her home, which was honestly a relief; avoiding her was definitely something he’d be doing in the near future, but he had promised her a ride home.

A quick bye had been all she said before she left the car, and Nate could take the ten minute drive to his own house. As he took turns, he could see the houses by the road getting bigger and bigger. He finally arrived home, and saw not the usual two cars in the driveway, but three.

He entered the big white square that was his home and threw his jacket at the coathanger. The tiles covering the entire floor on the first floor made sure you got the same empty feeling you get in every other rich person's house.

He heard something from upstairs. It wasn’t Amy, Nate knew that. His sister always stepped lightly, and besides that she never wear heels inside; she hated wearing heels, would take them off as soon as she could.

Whoever was up there was wearing heel, and that meant it could only be one person.  

“Mom?” Nate yelled as he ran up the staircase. The white walls with the occasional piece of art made the place seem empty, and the fact that there was no fence around the stairs made it seem open. Too open.

He slowed down as he reached the door to the master bedroom; it was slightly open. Nate always closed it when they left.

He knocked before opening it with one hand.

“Nathaniel, it’s good to see you!” his mother greeted.

“Mom, what… What are you doing here?” he asked, surprised to see his mother standing in a tight blue dress, black heels and putting on earrings in front of the big mirror.

“Well, I have some business nearby and I thought I’d come by and say hi,” she explained, putting on the lock behind the ear. She turned to him and smiled, but showed no sign of considering a hug or such. Nate wasn’t sure what to say.

“I haven’t seen you in four months,” he mentioned and leaned against the doorframe. She looked correcting on him; “Don’t lean, Nathaniel. It gives you an uneven posture.” Nate sighed before standing up and walking in.

“What do you think of these shoes?” she looked down at the black little strapons. Nate landed on the made bed, which no one had used in far too long.

“Four months, mom.” She sighed.

“I know, I’ll find another pair,” she agreed and opened the bypass doors, opening the walk in closet which had actually only been empty a month; not long ago Nate’s dad, Greg Holland stopped by to get some clothes for them. Amy hadn’t been home, but Greg had told Nate to say hi from him.

His mother bend down and looked on the shoe shelves; “I know. You’ve grown so much.” Nate snorted; “No, mom, I haven’t.” Charlotte glanced at her son before returning her attention to the shoes.

“Really? You look taller,” she stated and picked out a new pair of shoes; “Are these better?”

“Is Amy home?” Nate asked instead. His mother looked confused: “Who? Oh, Amelia. You both have such beautiful names, I don’t know why you don’t use them.” Nate could feel the frustration spread in him, just as it always did when either of his parents were around; or both.

“Yeah, beats me, too.”

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