A Hunters guide to Leeches and Alleycats

Lexi Pierce is a completely normal student, who just transferred to Mid City High School in Davenport.

Well, if normal includes a vampire hunter of the five families.
Lexi thought there was five, at least. Turns out she was right. But there is a group of wannabe's who seems to be trying to get both themselves AND her killed.
And a vampire who might be flirting with her. And might also be trying to kill her. Maybe both.

“Most people at least bring flowers when they ask people to prom,” she added.
“Flowers die,” he pointed out.
“So does Hunters,” Lexi replied quickly.
“Okay. I’ll bring you flowers when you die,” he promised her.



“We have a problem,” Lexi said as she smacked up the door to the Spanish classroom. Weasly looked up from the books in front of him; “Yes?”.

Lexi pulled of her scarf, letting him see the scratch. Weasly closed the book in front of him.

“How did-””Some kind of clan is in town. Ran into the leader last night,” Lexi interrupted. A knock on the door sounded before Will’s face appeared.

“Hey, I thought you might be in-what happened to your neck?” Will rushed over to Lexi, his eyes full of concern.

“It’s just a scratch,” Lexi brushed it off while taking her scarf around it.

“Maybe not, but we have to clean it - unless of course you want to walk around with a scar,” he said and took her scarf away from her. Lexi muttered a fine while Will turned to Weasly; “Weasly, right? The Protector? Do you have like a cleansing set or something?”. Weasly shook his head, clearly a bit surprised. Will mentioned something about being right back, before disappearing through the door.

“He knows?” Weasly asked disappointed. Lexi nodded; “It’s a long story, but yeah. It’s fine, Will won’t tell anyone.” Weasly shook his head sligthly, letting Lexi know he thought she shouldn’t have told him. Lexi didn’t care; telling him would take time, and she had more important stuff on her mind.

“The clan, Weasly!” she reminded him. He nodded before answering; “Well, you killed the leader, so I guess that won’t be a problem.” Lexi shook her head, a bit embarrassed.

“I didn’t.. Kill him, that is. He’s still alive.” She looked up and faced Weasly, who was now standing closer to her than before. His eyes told her she were to explain.

“Some guy came by, pushed him off me. Not sure who he was. He was definitely not a hunter, but he said he’d been tracking the vampire for weeks,” Lexi explained with a shrug of her shoulder. Weasly leaned his body against his desk, and looked like his brain was on overdrive

“He didn’t mention a name?” Lexi shook her head; “No name. He was too busy blaming me for ruining everything.” She made a little irritated snort, which didn’t at all get Weasly to even look up.

The door opened and in came Will, carrying an orange box with everything they could possibly need. Lexi helped her look through it, and saw a bunch of things definitely not fitting for vampires.

“Hey, look, this is for snake bites. I once got bitten by this vampire who was just such a snake,” Lexi said with a little laugh; “There should be a supernatural first aid kit. Where did you get this anyways?”

“Principal’s office. First he wanted to know what for, but when I said it was you who’d gotten a little scratch he just gave it to me. Weird,” Will answered her, still searching through it.

“Here we go!” he opened the little package and whipped out a cleansing wipe, and started wiping it on the wound.


Lexi leaned her head slightly to the side so he could access easily.

“The guy, the one who saved you, can you describe him?” Weasly asked. Will looked up. There was a guy? Who saved her?

“Uh, he was.. His hair was blonde, or really, more like this honey sort of color, and his eyes were brown. He was actually really cute,” Lexi commented. Will did a sniff just low enough for Lexi not to hear it.

“Well, really cute might be important to you, but I will need a little more than that,” Weasly said with a voice that clearly stated girltalk wasn’t for him. Will felt his respect for the man grow, just a few inches.

“He wasn’t very muscular, but still strong. He was… The same height as Will, I think.”

Oh, so she remembered who he was. Great. That’s great.

“But, now I think about it, he said we. That they’d been playing detectives around the vampire,” Lexi added. Weasly made a ‘huh’ noise, and Will got back to cleaning the wound.

Will’s phone made a noise. He pulled it up from his back pocket.

“Jessica wants to know where we are. She says not to let her suffer through math alone.”

Lexi made a little laugh; “Better get going then. We’ll be back after school Weasly,” Lexi mentioned while jumping off the table.

“Yes, yes. I’ll see what I can find out till then,” Weasly mumbled as they left. Will closed the door behind them before turning his attention back to Lexi.

Now was the perfect time.

“Lexi, I was thinking,” Lexi turned to look at him. “Yeah?”

“Well, you know The Venue? That club? There’s going to be this band there tonight and I was thinking we could go - I mean, if you want to, of course.” Lexi nodded and sat down next to Jessica.

“Are you coming, too?” Lexi asked Jessica, not noticing Will bumping head on the table as he sat down, too.

“Coming where?” Jessica asked with a casual smile. “We were talking about going to that club tonight, what was it called again?” Lexi asked Will.

“The Venue. Everybody from our school hangs out there,” Jessica answered before Will even got a chance.

Will sighed as he found his books from his bag.


“You’re late.” Will looked at Lexi with the same confusion in his eyes Lexi must have had.

“Late? We just said we’d come by after school,” Lexi answered Weasly.

“Yes, but we have a lot of training to do,” Weasly responded quickly.

“What training?” Lexi questioned. “Your training,” Weasly declared, letting Lexi look at him with something you might call ‘fear’ in her eyes.

“What? No! We’re going to some club thingy and I just moved here! This is my chance to proof I’m not a total weirdo,” Lexi urged, clearly finding this very important.

“What? Lexi, you have been trusted with a sacred duty,””Yes, but I have also been invited to a party, and quite frankly, declining would be rather rude,” Lexi argued. Will had to trouble to hide his laugh, and Weasly troubled to hide his infuriation.

“Come on Weasly, it’s just one night. Can’t you just train tomorrow?” Will agreed, causing Weasly to sigh deeply.

“Yes, yes, I guess we could. But, Lexi, I will be expecting you here tomorrow early.”

Lexi smiled, finally satisfied.


“There you are!” Jessica exclaimed. “Here I am indeed,” Lexi agreed with a little laugh.

“Do you have anything I can borrow? For tonight, of course,” Jessica begged. Lexi nodded and offered she could come home with her and take a look for herself.

It was fine by Lexi; Jessica seemed nice, and this was a chance to get to know her a little better.

As soon as they got to Lexi’s they ran to her room and started sorting through all of her stuff.

“What are you doing?” Maddie asked from the doorstep.

“Just finding some clothes, we’re going to The Venue,” Jessica explained and smiled to her.

“Oh, you have to wear this!” Jessica raved and pulled a dress out from the closet.

“You think?” Lexi asked and looked at it with a little frown. It wasn’t exactly practical; if you fought in it, it might slide too far up, and there were nowhere to hide weapons.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Lexi looked at it again. Maybe there would be no harm wearing it. They were, after all, going to a club, and not a vampire gathering. Which yes, existed, Lexi added to herself.

“Can I borrow this?” Jessica asked. Lexi nodded without even looking.

“Hey, what’s this?” Lexi looked up and saw Jessica holding a lipstick in her hand. Wait, that wasn’t the lipstick; “Oh, nothing, why don’t I just take that,” Lexi said, while trying to sound casual as she tore it out of Jessica’s hands.

“Someone’s protective of her lipstick!” Jessica laughed. Lexi tried laughing too while dropping the hidden knife within the lipstick in her dresser.


Both girls had gotten dressed and was ready to go. The dress Jessica had borrowed was green and full of sequins, which honestly suited her quite well, while the dress she’d chosen for Lexi was dark red, with a pattern on both sides letting bypassers see parts of her skin.

The Avenue seemed nice, at least from the outside. Jessica waved when she noticed Will standing outside waiting for them. He’d not even changed his clothes, which led Lexi to think she shouldn’t have either. Letters spelling out ‘The Venue’ was glowing over the door, and made sure there was no question as to if they was the right place.

“Hey girls, looking sharp, huh?” Will greeted them, letting Jessica hug him hi. Lexi wasn’t much of a hugger, so she just let the two of them do that by themselves.

Together they went in the door.

The place was nice. Not in an ‘where’s-my-tuxedo’ way, but in a casual way. A dance floor with colorful lights shining down on it was in the middle of the big space otherwise filled with booths, couches facing each other and some bar tables. One side of the dance floor was parallel to the big scene, which was about a meter higher than the rest of the floor.

The door was on the back wall, like the bar was.

Lexi quickly skimmed the place for possible escape routes and other stuff that could become necessary.

A little staircase went up to the little balcony, which was seemingly empty; understanding, considering how dark it was, Lexi thought. All the lights were hanging on trusses, probably to lower them down. The ceiling was several meters above them, while the trusses were maybe two meters beneath it.

“They’re going to be on at eight, I think, so we might as well sit down,” Jessica mentioned, dragging Lexi and Will to a high table with barstools around it.

Lexi looked around again. The place was quite nice really. There were even dart and a pool table at the side.

“Do you play?” Will asked. Lexi was ripped back to reality, and looked at Will with confusion.

“What? Oh, no, not really.”

“I’ll teach you. Come on,” Will responded and stood up. Lexi looked questioning at Jessica; “Uh, I don’t know, maybe we should stay here with Jessica.”

“It’s fine, go ahead. I’ll make sure no one steals our table,” she smiled. Lexi smiled to her as a thank you and went after Will.

“So, do I just take the stick and like, push the balls around?” she asked as soon as they were  by the table. Will laughed while gathering the balls and placing them in the ball rack.

“It’s actually quite simple,” Will began as he was putting chalk on both sticks, and started explaining the whole thing. Lexi tried to keep up, but it seemed to be quite the complicated game.

“So, you go first,” Will demanded. Lexi nodded and took the stick - which Will had just informed her was called a cue - in her hands. She placed it against the white ball, and tried hitting as many of the ones in the triangle as she could.

The balls blew apart quickly, rolling over the green matter on the table.

“Good, good, now me,” Will mentioned and made ready to shoot. Lexi nodded, observing his every move. They took turns shooting, and even though Will was better by far Lexi had fun.

“I’m gonna go get a coke, want something?” he offered, putting down his stick. Lexi shook her head, still very concentrated on hitting the ball the right way.

Will nodded and moved towards the bar, leaving Lexi to it.

“You’re holding it wrong.”

Lexi jumped up, startled by the low voice from her behind. She quickly turned around and saw a guy, not paying the slightest bit of attention to her. No, he was focused on the billiard table.

“And I assume you’re some expert?” Lexi asked, struggling to not show her annoyance. She looked up and down the boy in front of her, and came to the annoying conclusion that he was quite attracted. He was pale, very, which was in contrast to his wild black hair. His eyes were an electric kind of azure, and had a piercing look. Long black eyelashes surrounded them, and bushy eyebrows were above them.

“Well, maybe not an expert, but I’m quite good actually.” Lexi noticed his english accent, which was slightly ruined by living in America; at least, that’s what Lexi assumed.

“You see, holding the cue like that won’t make your shot more even. Holding it like this however,” the guy bellowed and leaned in over her, guiding her fingers to the right position.

Lexi could feel her throat closing in, she was struggling to breath. She turned around quickly.

They were closer than she would’ve thought.

Weirdly enough there were no body heat coming off of him. A black v-neck was covering his chest, even though it wasn’t doing too great of a job; his muscles were easy to see through it as close as it was. A pair of black skinny jeans were on his legs, and on top of everything a long coat, funnily enough, also black. Had he never heard of… What do you call it? Colors?

“You’re a vampire,” Lexi whispered. He nodded.

“You won’t hurt me.” Lexi swallowed the lump in her neck, not allowing her to talk in a voice anyone but a vampire would be able to hear.

Lexi cleared her throat.

“Why don’t you let me decide that. Who are you anyways?” she asked him. He tilted his head slightly while smiling, something that made him come off a bit serial killer.

“We have friends in common. Or we did. I believe you killed two of them,” he mentioned. Lexi felt her eyebrows go so far up they must have hit her hairline.

“Wait, the clan, you’re…” Lexi realized something. He was the leader of the clan.

“Nice to meet you, little hunter. I’m Rae,” he stretched out his hand. Lexi was unsure whether she should take it or leave him hanging.

“Come on, hunter, being polite won’t kill you,” he pointed out.

“It might if it’s to a vampire,” she bit, only making Rae grin. She decided that he wouldn’t take the chance of killing her with so many people around, so she shook his hand.

“Come on, let’s go for a little walk,” he said as soon as he had her hand in his and pulled her with him. Lexi felt her heart speed up.

“You might as well stop fighting, we both know I'm stronger,” Rae stated, as was it as obvious as the sun. Lexi made an annoyed voice, but obeyed.

“If you try anything I won’t hesitate with pulling that smug look of your face and strangle you with it,” Lexi responded, doing her best to make it sound threatening. She could almost hear the smile reach his lips.

He pulled her out the back door which led into an alley. As soon as they were outside Lexi pulled her hand out of his, as if it was burning. Rae pulled a pack of cigarettes up one of the pockets in his coat, and lid one up. He put the lighter back in the pack, and the pack back in his pocket before he turned to Lexi again.

“So, hunter,” he began.

“I have a name you know,” Lexi mentioned in an annoyed voice.

“Well, you might, but a name won’t change what you are. A hunter. A killer. A murderer,” Rae said without feeling. Lexi could feel it slowly getting to her.

“Just like calling you Rae won’t change what you are; A vampire. Dead. Soulless. Lives of the blood of the innocent,” Lexi tried shooting it back. “Ha!” Rae laughed loudly. “Innocent?”

He rushed to Lexi, surprised her enough for her to let him, and pushed her up against a wall.

“Innocent? That’s what you think?” he asked. Lexi felt his breath on her neck, and envied him for how normal it was.

“Last night I met this fine lady you see,” he began; “Quite attractive, almost as much as you.” Lexi felt the disgust in her expand, the thought of a vampire finding her attractive was dreadful.

“She seemed innocent enough. Of course, her actions weren’t, and neither was her clothes, but what else is new,” he rambled on; “And just as we were done… Getting to know each other,” Rae winked to Lexi, which sickened her all the way through.

“She turns to me, and she says she has to go,” he said. “Rude, exactly my thought. The sun wasn’t to rise for another two hours, and she really was quite entertaining. But apparently, her Mummy and Daddy couldn’t know she was out, so she had to leave. Unfortunately that forced me to go ahead and kill her right there,” Rae said, finally letting Lexi move by taking a few steps back.

“She sneaked out. And for that she deserved to die?” Lexi asked, her repulse of him growing.

“Oh, that’s what you think? No no, she was young, which kid haven’t tried sneaking out. No, that’s not why I did it. She didn’t obey me,” he said, his voice suddenly turning ice cold.

“So now, little hunter, if you’d just turn around and walts back to whatever hole you came from, I’ll get on with managing my city.” Lexi observed him put out his cigarette by stepping on it.

“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen,” Lexi informed him before letting a shower of punches and kicks hit him. Lexi could see Rae getting more and more annoyed, and feel it in his punches too.

Lexi was strong, but so was Rae.

She came closer and closer to the wall that Rae had pushed her against only a few minutes earlier.


Lexi and Rae both stopped and looked towards the maker of the noise. Oh great, Lexi thought, it was goldylocks who’d saved her the other day.

“Oh boy, not again,” Lexi muttered under her breath. Rae turned to her again, both still in the same positions as when they were fighting; “You know him?”

“No,” Lexi mumbled, looked back at Rae and saw his disbelieving look; “Not really, I met him once that’s it.”

“Oh,” Rae answered as the boy came closer. Both Rae and Lexi took a step back.

“Oh Nathaniel, what a pleasant surprise to see you,” Rae said sarcastically.

“What the hell is going on?” Goldylocks.

“Well you see, I was getting quite lonely back in the ol’ crypt, and I needed some company, so I found myself a little girlfriend,” Rae revealed.

“What? She’s a hunter,” Nathaniel said, clearly not getting the sarcasm.

“You could’ve told me that, babe,” Rae claimed and put his arm over her shoulder.

“Take that arm of me or I swear to god I’ll rip it off and beat you to death with it,” Lexi warned, making Rae sigh before actually doing it.

“Better do what the misses said, right Nathaniel?” Rae ranted; “Otherwise who’ll be making me sandwiches?”

Lexi didn’t think twice before hitting him in the head.

“Not only is that a lie,” she said while fighting him off; “and rude,” she didn’t give Rae a chance to hit her back; “But also super discriminating.”

Rae’s heavy body hit the ground, and Lexi had no trouble hearing the breath being beat out of him.

“And you!” she turned to Nathaniel; “What are you doing here?”.

“Better answer her, she got one hell of a punch,” Rae advised while brushing his pants of.

“What are you doing here?” Nathaniel asked back, apparently expecting an answer.

“Now kids, I’ll be taking off. Nathaniel, if you would stop stalking my faithful servers, I would definitely not object, and you, little hunter, unless you want to come up against me you should consider leaving my town one, last, time.” It was clear to everyone the last one was a threat, and Lexi would be lying if she said it didn’t frighten her just a little.


“Where’d Lexi go?” Will asked as he returned to their table.

“She went out for a second with some guy” Jessica replied; “But look who’s on.” She nodded towards the scene, where the band was playing.

“With some guy? What guy?” Will asked, suddenly a lot more concerned than a minute ago.

“Oh there she is! Wait that guy?! You didn’t say he was attractive,” Will whispered loudly. Even Will himself wasn’t entirely sure why he was whispering.

“Well, I rarely ever say that about anyone,” Jessica admitted and looked directly at Josh; a guy from their school who was out on the dancefloor with a girl. Her looks went back to Lexi headed towards the table with the guy she was with - they seemed to be arguing.

“Wait, that’s not the guy she went out with. Not that he’s not attractive,” Jessica added with a little laugh.

“Well is it my fault you’re following me?” Will could hear Lexi ask the guy. He was stalking her? That’s great, Will thought, a stalker. Just great.

“Please, you might be the hunter, but still -””Hey guys,” Lexi interrupted him when they reached the table. The guy sighed, clearly irritated.

“This is-””The guy who saves her ass all the time. And stalks her, apparently,” he added sarcastically. Lexi sent him a look which Will actually wasn’t sure if might be able to kill him.

“This is Nathaniel. He’s my number one fan,” she added, exclusively to annoy him even more. It worked.

“My friends call me Nate. Don’t do that,” he said before leaving. Lexi rolled her eyes before bumping down on the chair.

“What an ass,” she stated before taking a sip of Will’s drink.

“I, uhm, that’s, that’s mine,” he stuttered. “So? Afraid of catching the goofies?” Lexi dared him. He shook his head while staring at her.

“Let’s go dance,” Lexi demanded and pulled Jessica with her to the front of the dance floor, leaving Will to look after them in wonder.

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