Letters to you

Jeg deltager i LGBTG+ konkurrencen
Om historien: Love comes in all forms. Gay, straight, white, colored. Love is love. And some things are difficult. Some things come after a while. But here is a short little story about two girls, who fall in love in the simplest way possible. Love comes in letters too.


1. Letters to you

Hello Haley

I like knowing that I exist at the same time as you. Everything is a little bit more magical when I know you exist. You don’t have to be with me or do anything. Just knowing that someone so beautiful and brilliant exists is a wonder to me.

I found this at my desk at work one morning. I wasn’t quite sure how it got there. But I knew I had a secret admirer. I had ideas about who it could be. But I didn’t know anything for sure. So I started getting suspicious around people. Did she linger at me, or did I just have something in my teeth? Did he hold the door or was he just slow?

I spent weeks spying and thinking, and I have to say, even though it was all a bit odd, it was a great couple of weeks. I felt very excited. Like a thirteen-year-old, that had just received a love-letter. Everything had a nice Christmas-childish-vibe. It was, however, September. And I may or may not have found out, that the note was sent to everyone. But the effect it had on me was still the same.

It came up in a meeting a few weeks later. But that somehow managed to make me even more happy and curious. Somebody had sent a little letter to everyone in the office. And we had all thought, that we were the special ones. We had walked around, knowing that somebody loved us. Four sentences had changed a whole lot of people’s days. And yes, it became insignificant after a few days. But not to me. No this was just the beginning.

When I set a goal to do something I rarely leave it and say that I tried. So I kept looking for this one person. The one person, who had taken a little bit of their life and given it to us. Such a gift outweighs all other things. And I wanted to meet this person. I wanted to give the person, what they had given to me. And to everyone else.

The office wasn’t very big, but the person was very good at hiding. Maybe the idea was to stay anonymous. The love had to be given from a stranger to be sincere. Your mother can tell you that you’re a good singer. Your friend can tell you that you dress nicely. But a stranger who stops you on the street to tell you, that they love your dress means it from the bottom of their heart. And maybe.

Just, maybe. But maybe I ruined the nice letter by finding out, who it was. But I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Because now…

Well, now I have you.

I have your bright smile and your big front-teeth.

I have your short, brown hair that is as natural as the pigment on your skin.

I have your smiles and your laughs and all your happy moments.

And with those come bad moments too.

Fights, tears, plates crashing into the wall (even though you think it’ll hurt the plates)

And I am so happy that I am able to marry you today.

Sincerely Ashley, your little detective

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