The Night Watcher A novel

In Louisiana, 1962, Martin Sher, a 22 year old manager of Gorse Lake camp, and his friends, decide to spend their weekend there, they face 'The Night Watcher', a killer who has lived in Louisiana for a long time.
The new horror novel by Robert Helliger.


3. The Night Watcher



Martin gazed at the sky. He saw dark, threatening, clouds hovered above his head. 
​As he watched the campers laugh at a joke Frank had made, the group of campers ran to the cabins...and waited out of storm.


Tina stared at the rain. "I don't want to be drenched", she complained. Then she, and her friends, gathered in the lounge room, a dark figure armed with a large hammer in his right hand, begun to stalk them. None of them saw The Night Watcher as they ate their dinner knowing that their time was short.


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