The Night Watcher A novel

In Louisiana, 1962, Martin Sher, a 22 year old manager of Gorse Lake camp, and his friends, decide to spend their weekend there, they face 'The Night Watcher', a killer who has lived in Louisiana for a long time.
The new horror novel by Robert Helliger.


2. Night Time



Avery shivered. 

She started to think that the camp was evil. Her parents had called the killer 'The Night Watcher'. Her parents were traditional Native American people of Louisiana. She gazed at the sun in the sky. Then, as she headed towards the other campgrounds, which was five miles away, she headed to the bayous. The lighthouse was close by. She remembered Archer J. Hope, a shaman of the Old Country, was always telling her the ancient stories of the Indians; she sensed the fire was burning when she was eight years' old. '​No one came to Gorse Lake alone; no one. It became a sense of dread that scared our people. At night time, the birds didn't sing. Their eyes were focused on the food that they ate in the swamps. The white people came to use the camp to sing, and have a good time. Suddenly 'The Night Watcher' would arrive. He used a hammer in his right hand; he swung it high in the cold air...and death came slowly'". Avery shook her head. Jacob Harrison Bone gazed at her. "You're late, Avery". He smiled at her; Avery shook her head. "I had to warn them about The Night Watcher". Jacob, who was thirteen, glanced at her. His face was etched in misery; his green eyes illuminated his girlfriend. "Old tales don't need to be written...or told by others", he said. He wore the traditional Native American headdress. "Are you angry with me?", Avery asked him. "No​! I was thinking that you'd be dead if you stay overnight at Gorse Lake", Jacob answered her. He watched the other members of the Louisiana tribe glance at them. "Father and mother know what's going on", Avery said. Jacob kissed her gently. She blushed with embarrassment. Then, as she kissed him back, they laughed. And, seconds later, they were performing a ceremony that cleansed the land of bad spirits.




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