The Night Watcher A novel

In Louisiana, 1962, Martin Sher, a 22 year old manager of Gorse Lake camp, and his friends, decide to spend their weekend there, they face 'The Night Watcher', a killer who has lived in Louisiana for a long time.
The new horror novel by Robert Helliger.


4. Epilogue


"Did you hear that?", Martin asked.

"No", Tina answered.

"It must be my imagination", Martin said. He hadn't thought about the Night Watcher. All of the stories the Native Americans told of a stranger who was mad, had preyed on his mind. Then, as the group finished up, they heard tapping on the glass window. And after they saw the killer, the campers screamed. "Let's get out of here", Tina said. And, as they grabbed their luggage in their hands, all of them escaped from imminent lightning fell the darkness.


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