Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


10. Chapter 9

"Um, uh...", Harry stuttered.


"It's...it's not what it looks like!", Malfoy said.


"Really, because it looked like you two gaywads were making out in the next room over," one of the people in the huge crowd said with disgust. 


"Yeah, it did," replied another person, this time female. Other people started murmuring in agreement.


By this time, Harry was crying. Malfoy looked over at him sympathetically, wishing that he could just go over and comfort him. But that would just encourage them. He also felt like he should be defending them, because he was always seen as the stronger one. Draco felt obligated to fight for the guy that he loves. And yet he just sits there frozen out of embarrassment and shock that Crabbe actually walked in.


Eventually, Malfoy mustered up the courage to get up, despite all of the people talking and making fun of them. And so he did quickly, walked over to Harry, grabbed his hand, and finally pulled him up. This was probably provoking the crowd, but, surprisingly enough, neither of the boys cared any longer. Together, hand in hand, Harry and Malfoy walked out to the courtyard. There, they sat down in front of a large tree, despite the cold and wet snow that covered the ground. 


"I'm sorry...", said Malfoy.


"For what, you didn't do anything wrong," Harry replied. "It was all of the other non-accepting doochebags in our house..."


"I should've stood up for you, for us. And so I'm sorry."


"It's okay, it's not your fault. I love you, and so nothing else really matters."


Then the boys leaned into each other and started snogging. Nothing else mattered anymore except that they loved each other and wanted to be together. No matter what anyone else thought.


Author's Note: 

{After this, there is only going to be one or two more chapters. I would really like to thank everyone who has read this and supported me as I wrote this, even though it's only been two weeks. And even though not a lot of people were supporting me. Anyways, I thank each and everyone of you! Love you and have a fabulous day!}

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