Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


9. Chapter 8


Harry and Draco have been successfully together for about a week now, and today is Friday. Classes have resumed once again and the piles of homework are higher than ever. No one has figured out or even suspects what's going on between Malfoy and Harry. But they also haven't really spent any time alone together. 


Thankfully there are no classes over the weekend, and so all that  Harry and Draco have to do is find time to be together without having too much homework to do. Finally, Muggle Studies ends and the boys walk together back to the room. Once they were there, both of them sat on Harry's four-poster bed.


"So, what do you want to do now?", asked Draco.


"I don't know, I need to get my classwork done on time, but I also just want to spend all of my time with you...", Harry said.


"Well, then we could just stay in and do our homework together?", he offered.


"Yeah, okay." Harry replied. "That sounds great."


With that, the two gathered up all of there work and spread it out over the ground. First they did their Herbology work. Both of them got it done fairly quickly because it was one of the best classes for both of them. After that, Draco and Harry did Tranfiguration, History of Magic, and Astronomy. Then the moved on to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Once they were finally finishing up that assignment, Harry turned over.


"I'm so tired!", he exclaimed.


"Me, too.", Malfoy responded.


Then he leaned in towards Harry and slowly parts his lips to kiss him. Harry leans in, too. Harry just adores the feeling of Draco's lips against his. They are soft and inviting every time, and each and every kiss is just as good as the first. Malfoy is just so happy that it is all actually real. He never thought that Harry would really like him in his wildest dreams. For him, it is just fantastic to feel Harry's lips against his, so soft and perfect. Better than he has ever even imagined.


Just then, Crabbe came in to the boys sleeping area where Harry and Draco were snogging on the ground surrounded by their classwork.


"Ew, what are you guys doing!", he shouted.


The boys quickly pulled away and were looking at Crabbe in embarrassment. By that time, people were crowding around the doorway.


Author's Note:

{Hey, so there is my update finally. I hope you liked it, I will try and update ASAP, but I don't know when that will be. Please comment your opinions...}

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