Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


8. Chapter 7

It is now the final day of break and the day after the kiss. Harry and Draco have not even talked since then. Both of them enjoyed it, but they were also surprised.


Harry is surprised because he didn't think that Malfoy liked him like that. But he defiantly liked it, no matter how different a boy is than a girl. In a way, he actually thinks that it's better, in a way. It's most likely because Harry has been in love with Malfoy for a long time without actually doing anything about it. Yet, above all of these thoughts, Harry has one question nagging at his brain: How long has Malfoy wanted to do that? Was it a heat of the moment type thing? Or was it years of anticipation and wanting building up? Also, how much confidence and willpower did it take to even ask? But the boys haven't even talked since, so Harry cannot receive any of the answers that he's longing for.


Draco is beating himself up for asking Harry to kiss him. He thinks that the only reason he actually did it is because Malfoy "practically forced him". Even though he didn't. He thinks that, just because Harry said he enjoyed it, it doesn't mean that that's what he wanted. But he can't help feeling great because he actually did it! Not only did he ask, which was extremely hard, he also followed through as opposed to just running away in embarrassment. But technically the only reason Malfoy didn't run is because he was frozen in fear. But it still counts!


*   *   *



Finally, Harry decides that he can't stand not talking to his best friend anymore. So he walks into the room and goes over to Draco, who is sitting on his bed. Since the other boy doesn't look up, Harry just sits next to him. After a while, Harry can't stand the silence.


"How long have you wanted to do...that?", he asked.


It takes Malfoy quite some time to respond, but eventually he says, "A while...but it doesn't matter. I'm sorry that I made you do that. I know that you don't like me like that. We should just forget that it ever happened."


"No, we shouldn't."


"And why not? Please tell me that you will still be friends with me."


"Of course I will still be friends with you. Maybe even more than friends, but,"


"Wait, what?!?", Draco interrupted.


"Look, I have liked you and wanted to be more than friends since, like, second year.", confessed Harry. " I've just been too scared to tell you. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. To be honest, I think that I love you."


"I love you, too. And I have since the beginning of second year. I was too embarrassed to tell you how I felt. Plus no one in my family would ever allow it. I'm sorry I made you hide how you felt for so long."


"Me, too."


At that the two leaned in and kissed once again, but this time was quicker because there were other people in the next room over. The last thing that either of them wanted was to get caught for their newly successful relationship...


 Author's Note:

{I am so glad that I am getting more reads, but it would be a lot better if I got comments on what my readers think of my work. So, PLEASE leave a comment. Have a fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed!}

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