Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


7. Chapter 6

Harry and Draco just finished all of their work and it is only five o'clock. Neither of them are hungry enough for dinner, and so they decide to stay and find something to do.


"We could practice our charms and spells?", offered Harry.


"No, we just did a lot of work," Malfoy said. "How about Truth or Dare?"


"Okay," Harry agreed. "You can go first."


"I dare you to...ride your broomstick up and down the hallway in front of Snape's classroom."


"Ugh, fine! But you have to serve detention with me if I get caught," Harry replied. So he grabbed his broomstick, left the room,  and walked down the halls to Snape's room with Draco right behind him. Then Harry hesitantly got on his broom and pushed off. He went back and fourth four times and then got off. thankfully they didn't get caught, so they quietly went back to the room.


*   *   *


It's been a little over two hours since the game started and they are still playing. It is Malfoy's turn to give Harry a truth or dare. Malfoy looks up after about twenty seconds of thinking and says, "Can I give you two in a row: a truth and then a dare?"


"Sure, but only if I can do that, too," he said.


"Okay, I dare you to...kiss me."


It was silent for a while but then Harry looked up, closed his eyes and leaned in. Their lips met and the two boys snogged for a while. Malfoy was leading because he had more experience than Harry. But this was completely different for both of them. Because they're bot boys. Because this is three years worth of love from both sides pouring into one kiss. Because this is all that the boys thought about for a long time and now it's finally happening. But eventually they pulled away because they had to eventually.


Then came Draco's truth for Harry. "Did you enjoy that," he whispered, like it was a secret, which it kind of was.


Harry was quiet for a while but then he whispered, "Yes, did you?"




Author's Note:

{Hahaha, there it was. The moment of truth! I hope you enjoyed! Until next time..."}



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