Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


6. Chapter 5

It has been two days since the boys had detention and is also the second to last day of break and of the work-free time considering that classes will start back up then. Neither Draco nor Harry have caused anymore trouble since the incident with Hagrid and the water balloons. No one else in the Slytherin house has come back to school yet. Most of them will probably return tomorrow so that they have a few hours to get their stuff around without taking too much time away from their vacation.


It is, once again, getting late in the morning and Malfoy is, once again, still asleep. But this time Harry is, too. The boys wanted to sleep a lot before they have to start getting up earlier for class. Neither of them have done their classwork yet, though. They planned to do it all today and tomorrow. But that means they have to be up on time.


Eventually, Draco begins to stir into consciousness. When he sits up and looks at his watch and realizes that it's almost noon. At this, he jumped up and ran over to Harry to wake him up. But just as Malfoy was about to shake him awake so that they could go do their work, he stopped and noticed how peaceful Harry looked while he was sleeping and feelings of love and compassion rushed through him. Noticing this, Draco decided to do his work alone and leave Harry to his sleep. After all, he did do it for him already every other day this week. Plus, once Draco is done, he will be able to help Harry. Especially since he is really good at the History of Magic, while Harry isn't.


*   *   *


By the time Malfoy was about to start his Magical Creatures paper, Harry was waking up and walking over to him.


"Why didn't you wake me?", Harry asked groggily.


"I, um...You looked like you needed the sleep."


"Well, thanks. But now I have to catch up."


"Well I'm sorry. Next time I guess I won't be so nice," joked Draco.


With that, Harry replied, "Thank you."


Then the two got to work and Malfoy was happy that Harry had arrived when he did because he's not very good at Magical Creatures. But, while they were working, Malfoy accidentally bumped Harry's leg and kept it there. He was glad that Harry didn't move away, but he thinks that that's only because he doesn't know why he kept his leg there.


Harry, on the other hand, thought that Draco's leg being there meant nothing, but he did like it. A lot. Even if it did mean nothing.


Author's Note:

{I would still really like comments, except now to help me find out where to go with this story because I have no idea anymore. But I guess I'll figure it out. Also, I would really like to thank all of my readers for, well, reading. So, thanks!!!}

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