Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


5. Chapter 4

It is just a few short hours after Harry and Draco ambushed Hagrid, and so they are on their way to professor Snape's classroom to see what they will be forced to do for their detention. And, as it turns out, they end up having to clean the boys bathroom without magic. So, Harry and Draco gave their wands to Snape, who then locked them up. After that, the boys were handed a bucket of cleaning supplies as they reluctantly head towards the bathroom.


"This sucks",said Draco, pointing out the obvious. 


"Yep", Harry agreed.


*   *   *


It took Harry and Malfoy all of three hours to clean the bathroom, but by the time they were done, it was pretty much sparkling. Satisfied with their jobs, the boys went to get Snape so that he could approve of their work and give them back the wands. On their way to the classroom, Malfoy couldn't help but notice Harry staring at him.


"What are you looking at?" he questioned.


"Huh? Oh, nothing", Harry said, blushing.


The truth is that Harry was admiring the confidence Draco has when he walks. Harry had always envied him for that. He just loves to watch as Malfoy makes his perfect strides with his arms slightly swaying. All that Harry wanted to do was reach for Draco's hand and share his confidence. But he would probably just pull away and look at Harry with disgust for even thinking like that. So Harry will just keep his thoughts to himself.


On a separate note, Draco only noticed Harry watching him because he was looking back and forth between Harry's face and his hand just wishing that he was confident. Confident enough to reach out and grab Harry's hand. But he's not and he thinks that Harry would just pull away and stop being his friend. So Draco will just keep his thoughts to himself.


Finally, the boys reached Snape's classroom and he ended up approving of their work  (thankfully). Relieved, Draco and Harry got their wands back and went to their room. There, the boys talked for a while and ended up going to sleep at around eleven. But during their talking all they could think about was leaning in and start snogging the other boy, though the other one never knew from the opposite side.


Author's Note:

{I'm sorry if the end of the last paragraph didn't make any sense...please feel free to comment on what you think because I would really like to know how my work is because, once again, this is my first fanfiction or writing in general that I've let anyone read and I don't really know if it's any good.}

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