Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


4. Chapter 3

Malfoy had finally gotten up at around one thirty. By then Harry was already dressed and had walked down to the empty Dining Hall for breakfast. Just as he was returning, Draco aroused. He was in a great mood because of his happy dream that he'd just finished. Malfoy was grinning and smiled even more when he looked at Harry walking in.


He just adored the way that Harry's shaggy hair covered his forehead so that you could just barely see his scar and how his giant round glasses complemented his facial features. Draco was just thinking about that when Harry looked up and saw him smiling.


"Why so happy?", asked Harry curiously.


"Just thinking about all of the mischief we could be causing right now." he replied.


Harry accepted the excuse but remarked, "We could be causing that mischief, except you keep spending all of your time sleeping."


"Whatever, Harry."


*  *  *


Since Draco wanted to cause trouble, the boys decided that today they are going to attack Hagrid with water balloons after lunch. So, they got a bucket, filled it with spelled water balloons that make them hurt more, and then they head to the still empty Dining Hall for a quick lunch. Once they are finished, the two go back to their room and put on warm clothes so that they can brave the cold during their balloon attack.


After they are finished getting ready, Harry and Draco grab their broomsticks and head outside with three balloons each. Thankfully, they don't get stopped by any professors, so the boys don't get caught on their way outside. 


Once up in the air, the pair position themselves for when Hagrid walks outside to shovel the snow. After a few minutes, he appears. Harry immediately starts throwing, missing the giant by a long shot all three times. Malfoy chooses a different tactic, which is really just actually aiming. He only ended up missing once. All of the other water balloons hit their target.


Hagrid gets extremely angry and so Harry and Malfoy have detention later that night at five. But Draco is still laughing his butt off, which makes Harry grin. The way Draco throws his head back chuckling and how his robe and scarf blow in the wind makes Harry feel strong pings of love and happiness, which makes the water balloon throwing okay.


See, Harry still really doesn't like being rude to others, but seeing Draco so Happy makes it worth it. The only reason Harry probably got sorted into the Slytherin house is because he got along with the other people that did belong there. And Harry would do anything for Malfoy, even if the other boy doesn't know it. Just because Draco doesn't love him back, it doesn't mean that Harry doesn't still feel deeply and madly in love with him.


Author's Note:

{I may not be able to write as much soon because school will be starting but I will still try. For now I will just write as I come up with ideas.}

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