Our Forbidden Love

This is how Harry Potter could have gone if it were a different story line that i have come up with and in this version Harry and Draco fall in to a deep love.


3. Chapter 2

It's been almost an hour since Harry awoke and Malfoy is still peacefully enjoying his slumber. He is dreaming about a date at the park filled with snogging and hand holding. But the twist is that it's with none other than...Harry.


Although Harry doesn't know it, Malfoy has wanted to be more than friends with him for quite some time. Actually, since their second year. It all started during potions with professor Snape. Everyday the two would work together and watch each others successes and failures. Everyday the two would brush shoulders and bump hands and think nothing of it. And all Draco wanted to do was touch more. But he wanted to do it as a couple rather than just friends.


Malfoy's feelings grew quickly that year and have never since faded. Whenever they are walking down the hallways or talking together, its all he can do to not reach out and grab Harry's hand or lean in and start snogging with the other boy. 


But Draco knows that he and Harry will probably never be together. Not only would Harry not want to be with another boy let alone his best friend, his parents would never approve. The Malfoy's have a fairly popular family name, and so they wouldn't want their own son ruining their already not-so-perfect reputation. Plus, no one at school would ever approve. Harry and Draco would be the laughing stalk of Hogwarts. Harry is already popular for good reasons and Malfoy couldn't do that to his best friend and the person that he loves. And so no one will ever know and Draco's feeling will continue to be a secret.


Author's Note:

{I know that limited people are reading this, but some people are, so I would really appreciate some feedback from anyone, please}

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