Daylight Diaries 1

Under a draw lays paradox, of diarys but one found is still missing, time has no value. Houses go missing , Famlies discover a haunting flashback.
Years passed without single memory, of the Minot a terrible monster , until time passes in a hourglass the peace will come .
New home are there, old home has vanished now, it's up too freinds and family figure out missing pieces.
Try break the monster called the minot, and the true one down under
By Joseph

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

8. Missing Massachusetts part 2


      Alia's photos, was like thinking of a pastime, as she wondered, what she should do? The possibilitys were endless, she knew darry as a freind, but it was unwillingly of his nature to be nice about it.

His real intentions if it could be, would of a missing diary and was to perhaps have it at his own hands, she had photos wondering, that if they were of that, of the diary? That she, saw before it perhaps was? or where, it had ended up, possibly were it had been.

    Along or in a house, in the breathtaking house, aside it, things about the photos, were that the images were lively, and yet fascinating fades, and missing spots, yet they seemed if they, were a glare of something, coming but yet deep, imside somehow.

     She never knew, however what to think about it, what they could be? However she, wondered if, they should be brought to someone, in her room however, she wondered if there were diary's that had been missing?

    she saw previously such things, that suddenly reappeared, it always seemed, to be able to get lost or missing somehow, the photos didn't, however match at all, after a while it seemed as if they were, in the right place.

      Alia never, could stay limb after that idea thinking, of things of that type, to want to know about things? Her braveness was, not to be imaginative, for long hours but perhaps the curiosity took over.

More of a mystery, inside that darry was nice to her, as teacher and, a good person, she has wondered, if those pictures, should have been in his hands?



        Jena however thought different, she told Alia to keep them, so what alia did was piece them together, and they both found something startling, a face some being missing in a house, In many of the spots inside it had still been unclear to them both? 

       Some magnificiant things were going on, that were better yet unclear to them somehow and though day's, got longer in summers time arriving on shadows, it seemed as more, people were aware yet not sure.



Coming to Massachusetts . The woods were, however more quiter, some houses, even the ones Jena and Alia, had know exist gone missing. In school, Darry had always been a good teacher. He was middle age, yet what was weary about him is that his, surroundings 

We're very ominous to some people. The photos ended up staying home. Jena thought at best, that they should just keep safe. One thing that puzzled Alia, was that the diaries she thought, were hers ended up to be completly different. They were shallow and very, old looking, some were new. The amazing thing was they all had unique colors or awesome

Detail. Alia and Jena kept the photos, but also wondered about going back. Or just, look for some more photos. However oddly, the photos seem to be fading. Everyday they got more and more unclear. As if, the puzzle they pieced together was fading. They wee, unaware of what to do. they perhaps , just left them to fade, strangely they didn't, know what do. Oneday it was if, they had been completly faded, yet they had more and more

Detail. The spots became more, embarked with homes, dairies and woods. The face they once thought existed just disappeared.



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