Daylight Diaries 1

Under a draw lays paradox, of diarys but one found is still missing, time has no value. Houses go missing , Famlies discover a haunting flashback.
Years passed without single memory, of the Minot a terrible monster , until time passes in a hourglass the peace will come .
New home are there, old home has vanished now, it's up too freinds and family figure out missing pieces.
Try break the monster called the minot, and the true one down under
By Joseph

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

43. Locksmith: in a hourglass: final page

.         Darkness, fell in masschusetts, not knowing if mr Warner was lurking beside, her the shadows brought, more intense chills down her spine, she knew something behind those doors, maybe had more answers.

    A lot clues seemed to, be more questionable the quiter she, got the more her mind played games with her, going to the doors that locked in the night, one by one opening and testing the locks, 

   Some doors inside had, a odd but impregnable story, of some past things, it was timeless, beyond that her family, that was in Vermont, maybe left her such a great big house.

   Was it knowingly her house now, keeping every door opened as, the keys turned the knob, more inside them came, somewhat clearer to her, progress seemed slow but almost certain by now.

    Finding the the one thing, that was perhaps in that house, was a huge hourglass, thinking the old one never shattered, after keeping time inside, as if everyday seemed to past more slowly. 

   Feeling more safe, she kept the keys and forgo,  more about mr warners intention, to keep the towns doors locked, as if it was trapped in the hourglass besides his shop,

Alia got rid of the hourglass, and even found it purposeless, and kept the keys more perhaps those, were the most important thing to keep now.


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