Daylight Diaries 1

Under a draw lays paradox, of diarys but one found is still missing, time has no value. Houses go missing , Famlies discover a haunting flashback.
Years passed without single memory, of the Minot a terrible monster , until time passes in a hourglass the peace will come .
New home are there, old home has vanished now, it's up too freinds and family figure out missing pieces.
Try break the monster called the minot, and the true one down under
By Joseph

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

54. finding true masschusetts part 2

.         After finding the minot, that got scared dissapeared a new art, transformed into a art picture read up upon, the missing clue in a diary was years back, nothing however added up to why Darry needed keys to the paradox hotel.

   In masschusetts the only door that kept shut was just shattered now, the vivid houses reappearing and disappearing in the night trapped, the people somewhat, everyone seemed lost.

   Perhaps that what Darry wanted , the Minot was also missing Alia thought she had it, but disappearing in the night another nieghbor started to report bizarre things, local news started fins, Alia needed to go hide for awhile.

     But leaving masschusetts for a while was maybe best, things got stolen and Alia was more of a blame, however she knew they be missing before, even helping from her last she found, something's unclear, 

      Uncertain if staying was needed, still onather open draw in her house seemed shut, besides the key staying in the paradox room, if so was once the minors, she saw it safe to stay awhile.

     However while staying she brought diaries, pictures and reports to stud, and raise hope, outside the window, she saw a sunset and sunrise every morning, scared Alia

Unlocked the doors but a, sudden shadow of a key, smith stil seemed to be in the house even hers.

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