Daylight Diaries 1

Under a draw lays paradox, of diarys but one found is still missing, time has no value. Houses go missing , Famlies discover a haunting flashback.
Years passed without single memory, of the Minot a terrible monster , until time passes in a hourglass the peace will come .
New home are there, old home has vanished now, it's up too freinds and family figure out missing pieces.
Try break the monster called the minot, and the true one down under
By Joseph

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

13. Back to masschusetts

           Alia arrived back wondering, what she had been doing? as though she had gone out, and seen things in a whole new light, on the back, of her mind had, past memories in and out were gone, and is stil yet a guess? Beyond a clear picture.

     laying around, somewhere however, in a dream open mind and in fantasy, she started to really, think that it was to be felt or lost, strange enough, she was aware of some new change, it was starting however, to be and then go missing, what were the things that went missing?

   The keys she saw, and we're looking for, ended up in her draw, strangely thinking, if they were intentionally put there? perhaps a answer, to her questions? They were, not all alia's thinking or thought, that if it were to be true, nieghbors and freinds, would not think, alia to notice.


    The missing photos, that they were asking, perhaps the minot was the answer, for a while it got back, as if it got on the local news, that if they were found, why were they just blank? and as, if the houses had been abandoned in, or lived in. Why did they seem to fading or, get to be a bit more then a disappearance.

 It reappeared too, that what was, causing this bizarre, mystery of things? was strangely enough, that the keys that Alia had, were next to an hourglass, missing as well, the one thing she thought had been in Vermont, awhile before weren't. Continue 14






 They were nothing, like the journal, she kept and never used before, some fakes existed, these diaries seemed similar in, that they never had seize to exist, sometimes they had some meaning though.





One shocking thing was a girl that dissapeared, perhaps days before her brother went missing, was thier a link between the too? one in which that, was in Masschusetts.

One thing alia feared was that, more things would go missing finding her, brother was one thing she wanted to do though.





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