Daylight Diaries 1

Under a draw lays paradox, of diarys but one found is still missing, time has no value. Houses go missing , Famlies discover a haunting flashback.
Years passed without single memory, of the Minot a terrible monster , until time passes in a hourglass the peace will come .
New home are there, old home has vanished now, it's up too freinds and family figure out missing pieces.
Try break the monster called the minot, and the true one down under
By Joseph

Author's note

J.a 2017 copyright

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.        hanging outside was, getting to be the same, but the deep down secrets, stayed inside remembering that, alia gained most of her memory, once again it still wasn't as, fore going imagination of hers.

as it seemed things though we're getting if as they were occupied with both, her similarity of the things, like the appearance inside the other houses.

           Getting in a total strangers house, was even more terrifying, yet outstandingly thrilling, even though alia knew, that the things surrounding the outside, New England towns had already been with locked, doors at night that magically, opened up in the morning.

           Perhaps the keys she, had would open one, of her nieghbors house, she knew she had to find more things and, needed to know if more houses, in the town were similar to hers.

          So alia started to grab her diary, and keys coupled, with a keychain and waited to, see the quite enough town as it was and get even more quiter , so friegtened by this, by the time she got back, the doors on her house locked.

           Going upstairs opened with, her key similar to the one, the locksmith owned years back, thinking that the locksmith, kept these keys so, alia first checked the abandoned building first, know as Newport keys, before she opened any nieghbors doors.

          Perhaps for now getting, in was to easy, weary alia locked her doors in her room.


And started to look for the draw and see if, the locksmith had the samekeys, however in Vermont the keys had different shape, and fit the same

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