Blood Crimson

Crimson Blood, the battle royal meant for the prisoners, had brought Jack Benson, an ordinary individual, by pure accident. Jack Benson, regardless of his explanation, was sent to this brutal battle. How will he end?


1. World of Prisoners

Blood Crimson

World of Prisoners

The world had been planning for years of the best method to rid of inhumane prisoners. In the conference meeting, one man had presented his proposal, which was now known to be the origin of Blood Crimson. Its basic concepts were that the prisoners with confirmed evidence of crime and life sentence in prison were to be given second chance but with high risk of death and fatality rates. 

Every year, three thousand prisoners are given in total of seven trails to eliminate all other candidates. They were provided with an actual weapons and there has always been one winner since its establishment. Though many had opposed to this idea, because most of these individuals had committed unforgivable crimes and the benefits from this event is distributed the poor communities, the protest have been long dead. Only the entertainment exists now.

Here is the last year's winner, David Dwayne(35)(Mass Genocide):

"ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" David, holding the hammer over his head, used the momentum to smash down with all the available strength that he had left. His opponent was literally crawling in fear and pain as his legs were crashed to thousands of unidentifiable pieces. 

"AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!' Unlike David, his opponent was screaming purely from the sense of pain. Every segment of his body felt the same blazing heat as the rest of his leg. He couldn't breathe or speak properly now.

"i...I....fur...feit....reet.....mi...guoo....!" His opponent cried out for mercy, but David couldn't here anything more.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHH"David low kicked his opponent by his chest, causing his ribs to shatter. 

"KUGGGGHHH" His opponent nearly flew to the other side of the arena. He was only a foot away from settling his body in his graves.

"Currrrsseeee....Yuuuuuu...." His last words were interrupted by David's final blow, the hammer thrown from distance causing his internal organs to spill out and create the pool of blood crimson. 

"ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" David screamed out in the middle of the arena, as if he was celebrating his victory. 

This is the yet another human trash who won and received the second chance in society. Though he has to wear explosive necklace and supervision from the guards at all the time, he did receive his portion of freedom. 


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