Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


3. T H R E E | Irregular periods?

This time I actually woke up at the sound of my alarm instead of drunk idiots outside. I put on the same clothes as yesterday minus the tank top which I replaced with a dark red top. My jeans had a rip in them where the knife had gone through but that didn't matter. I couldn't hide how fucked up I was if I tried so why bother? I briefly debated to cover up the bruising in my face but decided against it. It would still be obvious that I had been beaten up so I'd just let everyone believe I was proud of it and that I beat the other person up just as bad. The thought almost made me laugh but I guess people who don't know me would actually believe that. Weird...
The appartment was deadly quiet which led me to believe that my mom had been somewhere else tonight. No one was there when I cautiously crept into the kitchen and went on my hunt for food. It was harder than you may think to find food in this house let alone something healthy. The fridge contained almost nothing besides beer and some other alcoholic beverages and some old milk. I gave up and decided to buy something on my way to school.
Just when I headed to the door I heard a cough. I spun around and saw a obviosly drunk or hungover man standing in the living room where I had just been and hadn't seen anyone. He wasn't short but not really tall either and had dirty brown hair. He was pale and had deep blue bags under his eyes. But he did have visible muscles and could probably beat me in no time. He stared at me and swayed slightly from side to side. Even though that was extremely creepy he hadn't made any moves towards me yet so I backed away until I felt the door behind me. Still he looked at me with this dazed look that creeped me out. I reached for the doorknob still keeping an eye on me when he muttered in a croaky voice "beautiful. Beautiful Rain...". I froze. These people shouldn't know  my name. They either knew me as Natalies daughter or they didn't know me at all. He didn't seem cabable of saying anything else and I definitely wouldn't respond. As soon as my shocked body would let me I flung the door open and fled what was supposed to be my home.
I didn't end up eating anything. I had had a job in a supermarket on summer break but had to quit when school started again. That money was almost gone already so instead of buying breakfast I made a mental note to get a job somewhere. 
Never underestimate the power of students rushing to class. If I couldn't get through this mass of bodies I would be late and I wasn't really keen on getting any attention from a teacher especially not in the state I was in. Even though my body still hurt I managed to push through the wall of people pretty successfully though not half as fast as I would like. I stumbled when I finally escaped into a corridor with less people and immediately ran into somebody. I cried out and fell. Great. Did I really need to fulfill this overused cliche as well?
"Watch where you're going." My head snapped up. I recognized that voice instantly. Before me stood Mr-I-don't-hit-girls from last night. How had I never seen him before? Probably because you never look at the faces around you, was my answer to myself.
All hope that he wouldn't remember me was ruined when he said:
"Hey! Aren't you that annoying suicidal girl from last night?" Rude!
"Yes you are. What happened to your face?" For a moment I was confused. I already had all these bruises yesterday but maybe it had been to dark for him to see. Too late did I realize that he probably wanted an answer.
"None of your business." I said and stood back up. It wasn't normal to fall down in every encounter with a person, was it? Before he could interrogate me further I walked away as fast as I could and made a silent prayer to whoever would listen that he wouldn't follow me. He didn't, but I could almost physically feel his stare on my back. 

"I'm on my period."
"No you're not. You're on your period for the third week in a row."
"I... my cycle isn't very regular?" Wow, that'll be my excuse of the year.
"Just go change and get down here." Why did my PE teacher have to be female? A male teacher would've let me go the second I said the word "period". Sighing I went to my locker and got out my gym clothes. By the time I got back I was the only person in the changing room. One less thing to deal with. I changed as quickly as possible in fear of someone coming in and seeing my body. My clothes exposed a few more bruises but thankfully didn't show to much.
When I entered the gym I was highly motivated. Highly motivated to keep a list of all my used excuses and to schedule some new ones. The class was already busy making two teams. Apparently we were playing soccer. I could do that. All I had to do was avoid the balls and I would be fine.
"Rain." I looked around confused. Some guy was looking at me expectantly and I realized I was the last person to be chosen on a team. I went to join them but after just taking two steps I stopped in my tracks. Was he fucking kidding me? Next to the guy who called my name stood a frowning – do I even have to say who it is? With my luck, not to mention the love cliches had for me it's pretty obvious that the guy glaring down at me was the guy that was too soft to shoot a girl. This game was going to be interesting. 
I literally wanted to kill him. There were six other players on the team that were both more motivated and more skilled than yours truly. And who did he decide to pass the ball? Well if you guessed me then you would be correct. I considered just running away but that would be just a tad overdramatic so I sighed and stopped the ball. After a moment of realization that I wasn't deadly humiliated yet I looked for someone to pass the ball back to. Why people desperately wanted to steal a ball from someone just to kick past some poor person standing in basically open fire was beyond me. Someone was running towards me and without thinking I started running towards the goal – or away from the crazy person chasing me. I was pretty fast if I may say so myself and the ball only slowed me down a bit. The bigger problem were the people running towards me from different directions. I spotted Mr. Asshole and immediately kicked the ball back to him. Fuck this. If these people wanted to fight for that old thing they could do that far away from me.
That was the moment I felt my body again. My leg wasn't happy about my sprint and the rest of my body wasn't either. All I could do was not crumple on the floor right then and there until the wave of pain passed enough for me to get permission to go to the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet seat in one of the cubicles I thought about Asshole again. I didn't even know his name but if he kept appearing like that I would find out soon enough. For now "Asshole" would do. Did he suspect anything? I doubted that he would even care but he already knew I was suicidal (sort of) and that I wasn't the badass everyone in this school seemed to think I was. That was more knowledge than anyone should have about me. Even if he didn't particularly care he could still ruin my life already fucked up life really badly. And I didn't doubt for one second that he wouldn't hesitate to do just that.

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