Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


10. T E N | Creep

It was Tuesday and the day Nathan had told me to meet him to study. I was determined to not go and not let him tell me what to do but the whole day I was filled with fear and doubt. Did I really need another dangerous and probably criminal man mad at me? But then again, Nathan hadn't actually hurt me yet, so maybe he wouldn't get to mad when I didn't show up. I was fidgeting in my seat the whole day in school but I didn't change my mind. I wouldn't let him have that kind of control over me. 
As soon as the bell rang and the school day was officially over I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the classroom as fast as I could. I was almost out the door when I heard someone call my name. I spun around. 
"Hey Rain. I didn't expect to run into you." Before me stood Kasey. My eyes darted around a bit but Nathan was no where to be seen. 
"Um, yeah, me neither. I kinda need to go…" I said, trying to walk away but Kasey stopped me. 
"Wait! I need to ask you something." She looked really nervous.
"What's the matter?" 
"Uh, so, please don't tell Ivy I asked this, but, um… I was wondering if… if she has a boyfriend?" she couldn't stop stuttering which I thought was kind of cute. 
"She doesn't." I couldn't help but to grin at her awkwardness. 
"Does she… maybe have a girlfriend? You two aren't together, right? O my god, I didn't want to flirt with your girlfriend, I don't even know if she's your girlfriend, o god I'm sorry." 
I laughed. "Don't worry she doesn't have a girlfriend and I'm straight." Kasey's smile was contagious and her happiness made me completely forget I should be getting away from here as fast as possible. 
"You two didn't make plans to go on a date yet?" Kasey shook her head no. 
"Well you should ask her. I'm sure she'll say yes." For some reason, I was sure that was true. I knew Ivy for less than a week and Kasey since yesterday but they seemed like the most compatible couple ever. Kasey was a few years younger than Ivy but that didn't really matter. The two of them were so adorable I was almost jealous. 
"I can't ask her? What if she says no?" 
My eyebrows furrowed at her concern. "Trust me, she won't."
"But still, where should I take her? I don't even know what she likes, what if she hates everything?"
"Calm down, you have time to think about this and she won't hate it at all. I'll help you." I didn't know the first thing about dates. Why would I say that?
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best, seriously!" Kasey engulfed me in a bear hug which completely took me by surprise. I hesitantly hugged her back and smiled. When we separated again, I saw that she was smiling as well which just made me smile even more. Then I realized that the halls had already emptied and began to panic a little. 
"Look, I'll talk to you about this later but I really need to go now." Kasey looked surprised by my sudden change of mood but nodded. 
"Thanks again! See you on Thursday!" It took me a moment to remember that we had agreed to study on Thursday. 
"Yeah, see you!" She hugged me one more time and then I hurried out the front doors of the school. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽ 
The parking lot was almost empty when I walked across it. Only a couple of students were still there, talking to each other but even as I walked they became less. I noticed a motorcycle standing on it's own. It was Nathan's motorcycle. He was still here then.
I walked faster and could only breath normally again  when I took a few turns and left the school behind me. That's when I noticed that the street I was on was empty as well. It wasn't a big street but not exactly an alley either so I just kept on walking but I was a bit more on edge than I had been just seconds ago. Something about this whole situation unnerved me and I didn't know why. It was probably just my imagination. Well, those are some famous last words right there. The second I thought that someone stepped in front of me. The man had seemingly appeared out of no where and I recognized him immediately. It was the creepy dude. A quick look around told me where he had come from. A van was parked on the street and the backseat door was open. Oh, and did I mention that the van was white? How cliche could you possibly get? 
"Rain, Rain, Rain…" The man muttered, seemingly to himself. My breath caught. This couldn't be happening. I took a step backward and the mans head snapped up and he looked me straight in the eyes. Then his eyes traveled downwards and I had to repress the urge to cover my body. 
"Not wearing a dress today? A shame, a real shame…" His voice was low which was even scarier than if he was screaming in my face. He was wearing dirty clothes and looked like he was in need of a long bath. I desperately wanted to scream, fight, run, do anything but I was frozen and my muscles wouldn't move. All I could do was stare at the man as he slowly moved towards me. 
"You're mine. My Rain." His eyes were wide and his pale skin looked sick in the sunlight. I began to shake and felt hot tears fall onto my cheeks. My legs were threatening to give out beneath me but before I could fall onto the ground I regained control over my body. 
"Get the fuck away from me!" I screamed, or rather tried to scream. My voice was weak and there was no way anyone would hear that. The man furrowed his eyebrows together and began walking towards me faster. Before I could react he was holding me on my arm and started pulling. 
"You're mine. Mine. Mine" He repeated over and over. His touch made me want to vomit but I also regained some strength and ripped my arms out of his grip. He lunged towards me but I jumped back and out of reach. Before he could try again I finally spun around and ran. The sound of his footsteps told me he was following me and would probably catch up to me soon. I ran faster, while tears where clouding my vision and burning my cheeks, but I didn't stop. An empty Mac Donalds bag lay on the sidewalk and I nearly tripped over it. By some miracle I only stumbled and continued running. The mixture of my now hysterical crying and sprinting left me completely out of breath and I knew I couldn't continue running like this much longer. 
The school came into view in front of me. I don't know why but I focused on it and started sprinting towards it. There still weren't many people around and the ones who where didn't have time to process what was going on before I already passed them. 
The parking lot I had just walked across minutes ago was now completely empty except for one other person. The footsteps behind me told me that the guy was getting closer and he would be able to grab me any second. Without thinking I ran towards the guy standing on his own next to a motorcycle and looking down at his phone. 
I ran faster, a shred of hope forming. Nathan looked up from his phone when he heard me running towards him and his eyes widened in shock. It took him a few seconds to grasp what was happening. He took in my tear streaked face and the stranger who was now running slower. Nathan's demeanor went from confused to angry in a matter of seconds and before I knew what was happening he had passed him and punched the guy following me. I heard bones cracking when Nathan's fist collided with the strangers jaw. A strangled cry escaped my lips at the sight but it was drowned out by the cursing and yelling of the man. He was holding his jaw and stumbling backwards. Nathan looked like he wanted to follow the man and strangle him but when I started sobbing again he turned around and the anger in his face turned into concern. Now my legs really did give out under me and I fell onto the ground, still sobbing and panting. 
"It's okay, calm down, everything's going to be okay." I didn't even think it was possible for his voice to be this soft but it was. He cupped my face with his hand so I had no other choice but to look at him. 
"Listen to me. You're safe." I was still shaking uncontrollably but the sobbing was getting a bit less hysterical. 
We just sat there for what felt like forever, Nathan stroking my hair and reassuring me that everything was okay and me trying to stop shaking, my face buried in Nathan's shirt. I had dealt with a lot of terrifying situations but none of them had ever been like this. Men had hit me, taken advantage of me, raped me and yet the way this man had said my name and the way his hands felt on my body made me want to curl up into a ball and die. It terrified me how naked and vulnerable this man made me feel by just looking at me. And he knew my name, my phone number, where I lived, where I went to school, everything. That thought alone made me start sobbing all over again and Nathan just held me tighter and told me again that I was safe, that it was over, in that soft, gentle voice and all I wanted was to believe it was true.

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