Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


6. S I X | Slytherpuff

The sound of jingling crystals greeted me as I walked into the small book shop. I had been walking home from an uneventful day at school when this building caught my attention. More specifically, the sign on the door stating the store was looking for new employees. Since I most probably wouldn't be able to keep up this tutoring thing I was getting desperate. 
"Can I help you?" The soft voice startled me and I looked up to find a girl, probably a bit older than me, with long black hair, a black dress with ripped tights and a nice smile looking down at me. 
"Um, I saw the sign outside?" I didn't mean to sound like an intimidated kid but for some reason I did. This girl looked so genuinely nice and fun to be around, I felt completely out of place. She looked at me a bit skeptically but still nice. 
"How old are you?"
"Sixteen." Now she looked a bit surprised. 
"I'm just short." 
"Of course, I'm sorry. Do you have any experience working in a book store?"
"No, but I'm sure I'd manage."
She looked at me once more and I saw her gaze lingering on my already fading bruise before she smiled again. "You'll have to speak with the owner of the store, obviously, but your the only one so far applying so I don't think there will be a problem."
Half an hour later I officially had a job. It wasn't the best paid job, that's for sure, but a job nonetheless. 
The girl that had greeted me was named Ivy and she spent the next two hours explaining every little detail to me. Along the way I also learned that she was eighteen years old, studying at college and that she would describe herself as a mix between Hufflepuff and Slytherin. 
"There is no such thing. Hufflepuff and Slytherin are basically opposites."
"No they're not. You can be kind, ambitious, loyal and achievement-orientated. I like to call it Slytherpuff." I couldn't help but to burst out laughing when I heard that. 
"How can you be both fair and loyal and cunning. It's just not possible." 
"You'll change your mind when you've known me a bit longer."
"Challenge accepted."
And just like that this bookstore was my new favorite place and Ivy my new favorite person. We exchanged numbers and then I left since I officially started working tomorrow and Ivy had to help customers. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽
On my way home I stopped to buy myself a sandwich as well as something to eat for breakfast tomorrow. I was hesitant to actually go home, not wanting the so far pretty great day to get ruined. But I also didn't want to revisit the park, for obvious reasons. Grudgingly, I made myself walk into the direction of my home, enjoying the taste of the sandwich as I did so. 
I crept inside as quiet as possible, anxious to see if the creepy stranger, my mom or anyone else was there. When I didn't hear anyone I dashed upstairs, passing my sleeping, or maybe passed out, mom on the couch. It struck me how messed up this all was. My mom was wearing something that couldn't even be described as a dress; a long top maybe? Her makeup was ridiculously thick applied and smeared all around her face. She looked like a prostitute with her insane heels, makeup and dark red marks on her neck and she probably was. I knew she was a pole dancer whenever she could get herself to stand but I'd never see any of the money she made, since she immediately bought drugs, alcohol and probably more of these heels and dresses. Not that I would want to spend any money she had made that way. 
In my room, I bandaged my leg once more. It was starting to heal and I prayed it wouldn't get infected. The rest of my body was still bruised but the pain had dulled down to an bearable level. After that I finished my homework. When I had finished that it was still only eight pm and I was getting bored. I didn't want to leave my room and be alone outside again but I also didn't want to sleep yet. 
Just when I was starting to think about doing some extra school work in advance- that's how desperate I was- I heard a weird ping. It actually took me a second to realize that it was my phone and not an adorable alien wanting to eat my face off. 
It was Ivy. 
"Whats up?" I smiled. 
"You just saved me from eternal boredom and ultimately, death." 
"I'm glad I could help😂"
"No really you just saved my life. I was thinking about doing extra school work."
I never really talked to people like that, never really joked around. The closest I've gotten was with Nathan and he's an asshole. It felt nice. 
"I can't allow that. Since you obviously don't have anything planned you're going to come over. We're going out."
I paused. I've never gone to a party and I've never felt the urge to do so. But I was so bored…
"Fine. But if you leave me on my own somewhere, I'm going to kill you."
                            ✽ ✽ ✽
Twenty minutes later I stood in front of a very nice looking three story house. I didn't want to knock, not knowing if Ivy's parents were asleep so I texted Ivy, letting her know I was there. About two milliseconds later the door was pulled open by an overly excited Ivy and before I knew what was happening she had dragged me into her room. 
My mouth dropped to the floor. This room was the coolest room I had ever been in. All the walls were white and it was pretty minimalistic and all white themed. Her bed was huge with a natural beige linen laying neatly on top of it and above the headboard were several polaroids. Her desk was stacked with notebooks and school stuff but it still somehow looked organized. A dark grey rug lay on the floor and she had a huge and also white closet that stood wide open, revealing dark, kind of grungy clothes. Besides that stood a bookshelf overflowing with books, a record player stood on a side table next to the desk and the biggest makeup collection I have ever seen lay sprawled across a dresser next to candles and other decorative items. 
"Your room's amazing", was all I managed to say. Ivy beamed. 
"Thanks! I'm probably going to move out soon though so I guess I'm already looking forward to my new place." With that, she began rummaging through her closet pulling out different dresses and holding them in front of me. 
She threw a grey almost bluish dress at me, as well as some fishnet tights and a old looking leather jacket. 
"There is no way I'm going to fit…"
"Of course it's going to fit. Come on, just try it on!" 
"Um… is there a bathroom I could change in?" Ivy looked a bit taken aback before nodding and showing me the bathroom next door. I didn't look into the mirror as I pulled of my jeans and top and replaced it with the tights and the dress. It felt surprisingly comfortable but I decided to not look at myself in fear of changing my mind about it. 
The second I walked back into Ivy's room she squealed. 
"You look amazing!" 
"Thanks. You too though." It was true. Ivy had changed into a blood red dress that showed some cleavage as well as a black lacy bra with black tights and a leather jacket. She had also managed to change her day makeup into a night out look with dark red lipstick, smokey eye and contour. She had let her hair out of her ponytail and her long her was flowing down her curvy body. This girl was a witch. How could anyone be so talented with makeup and look that good? 
"Sit here and let me do your makeup", she basically ordered while gesturing towards the chair in front of her desk. 
As soon as I sat she began attacking me with several brushes and different makeup equipment, only slowing down a bit when she reached the bruise at my cheekbone. I felt her looking at it once more but to my relief she didn't say anything, just continued upgrading my face. 
"Now open your eyes." Ivy studied my face and smiled, visibly satisfied with what she had done. Then she held a mirror in front of my face and I gasped. 
My usually dull green eyes now seemed vibrant and and the rest of my eyes rocked perfect smokey eyeshadow with an eyeliner that could cut someone. My cheekbones were way more prominent and my lips were painted an ink black color. The weirdest thing though, was that I still looked like myself. A way more confident, cooler and prettier version of myself but myself nonetheless. 
"Thanks. You have to teach me how to do this sometime."
"Obviously. I can't do your hair and makeup every time we go out."
"Obviously", she grinned, waving a curling iron in front of my face. Before I knew it my hair fell down onto my shoulders in perfect, seemingly effortless and a bit messy curls. 
Ivy agreed to let me wear my combat boots since we didn't have the same show size but she insisted that we'd go shopping soon. 
And before I knew it I was on my way to my first ever party.

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