Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


7. S E V E N | Fuck it, give me a drink

The party was nothing like I had imagined it to be. In my mind, parties had always been thrown in a huge mansion by a spoiled kid with loaded parents, everyone was drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and people were vomiting in the front lawn and music was blasting down the street. This was nothing like that. 
The party was in a normal looking house and while there was music it was surprisingly good and no one seemed to be blackout drunk yet. 
"I thought parties were horrible and filled with drunk, horny and sweaty teenagers", she said, "this actually doesn't seem that bad."
"What your describing are 99.9% of parties thrown by teenagers. You just have to find that small percentage that knows what their doing."
We went inside. There were a considerable amount of people there but none of them were wrecking havoc to the interior of the house. I tagged along with Ivy as she began greeting friends and introducing me. They were all a bit older than me and I felt a bit awkward but I realized soon that they were as crazy as Ivy and totally cool with just adopting someone new into their friend group. 
"So what school do you go to?" A guy named Tyler asked me. 
"Logan High", I answered. 
"Hey, that's cool! I never went there but my little sister goes there. Her name is Ash. Do you know her?" 
"No but I don't really know anyone there." Except for Nathan of course but I wouldn't exactly call him a friend and anyway he would forget me anytime now. 
"That's why you have us now", Ivy chimed in, "We're way cooler than any of the people there could be." I laughed but nodded. "You have no idea how true that is." 
"Hey, do you want something to drink?" Another guy asked looking at my currently empty hand. 
"Um…" Just the thought of alcohol brought my wasted mom to mind. 
"Could I just have a coke or something", I stared at my feet, becoming embarrassed, "I don't really want to drink."
"Sure thing. Be right back." with that the guy disappeared into what I assumed was a kitchen. 
"Hey, Rain, are you okay? It's totally cool if you don't want to drink, you know that, right?" Ivy smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.
"Yeah, sure. I'm just not really used to this stuff."
"No worries", Tyler said, "I'm not drinking either, I have to drive those idiots home later." 
A few moments later the other guy, who I found out was named Ethan, came back and handed me a coke. 
"There you go. Freshly opened, the only poison in there are the two tons of sugar. Enjoy." I took the coke and took a sip. 
"Wow, that sounds tempting. Thanks though."
Ivy took a beer out of Ethan's hand and drank about half of it's contents before handing it back to Ethan. "Wanna dance?" Without waiting for my reply she dragged me to the corner of the room where people were shamelessly dancing. Ethan and Tyler just grinned as they watched me get dragged away by the crazy person that was now magically my friend. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽
The rest of the evening was pretty cool. I had more fun that I'd probably ever had and Ivy kept her promise and never left my side even though she was getting increasingly more drunk. Tyler and Ethan were pretty cool as well, they talked to me like they'd known me for ages. None of them seemed to have a problem with me being younger than them and still in school. If anything, they seemed excited to have someone new in their group. After a while Tyler gave in and drank alcohol as well. 
"Oh well, guess we'll have to walk. You don't happen to have your license yet, do you Rain?" I shook my head no. 
"Well, it's a good thing Ivy lives pretty near. You don't mind if we crash at your place, do you Ivy?" 
"You are such an idiot. Can you not resist the temptation one fucking time? Oh, heck, why not." I had already noticed that tipsy Ivy was a big fan of cursing. 
"I guess Rain just has more willpower than us", Tyler defended himself, "Unless you want to try a bit? No pressure." I was already shaking my head no when I suddenly became angry. My mom would not be the reason I was scared of something like alcohol. Sure, drinking could be harmful, but this party was anything but dangerous, I wasn't even sure if it could qualify as a real party, everyone was way more chill than I'd thought. What better place to try drinking than in an environment with people who cared about me for some reason and would make sure I was safe? Without thinking I took the drink Ivy was holding and took a big gulp. My face scrunched up and I painfully swallowed. It burned and took all my willpower to not spit it out.
"Hey! That was my drink!" Ivy protested, but she was drowned out by the sound of Tyler and Ethan laughing at my grossed out expression. 
"Was that your first drink? Wait here, I'll get something better." And with that Ethan disappeared into the kitchen once more. 
                            ✽ ✽ ✽
By the time we decided to leave I was pretty tipsy as well. Ethan had given me some mixed drink he claimed to have made himself and I had to admit, it tasted amazing. He refused to make me any more than four though, claiming I would thank him later. I didn't buy that but he wouldn't change his mind. 
We were all walking around, trying to keep the general direction to Ivy's house and laughing at Tyler's stupid jokes when I spotted a middle aged man who was clearly wasted tumble in our direction. Ivy, Tyler and Ethan saw him too because they stopped laughing and seemed to move a bit closer together. I prayed that the guy would just walk past us. He didn't. Surprise. 
"Hey! You're that slut's kid!" I froze. This wasn't happening. Not again. 
"Fuck off!" Ivy practically screamed, obviously pissed off, "How dare you call someone a slut in that demeaning way?!" 
"Shut up, you stay out of this. She's a slut there's no denying that. And her daughter's no different." The guy laughed but then continued stumbling along. 
"Rain? Rain, do you know that guy? Rain?", Ivy looked down at me, concerned, but all I could do was close my eyes to keep my tears from flowing over. Who was I to pretend I could live a normal life? My mother ruined my life from day one and that wasn't ever going to change. 
"He probably thought I was someone else. I'd better get home now." My voice sounded shaky and I could feel myself starting to shake as well. 
"Hey, it's fine. You're coming with us to Ivy's house, don't even try to do anything else." Tyler wrapped a protecting arm around me. I felt my composure slipping some more. Tyler gently pushed me a bit forward and I straightened. I wasn't going to break down. Not now. Not ever. Everything was fine, I could do this. I already had done this countless times before. I banished the tears from my eyes and put on a weak smile. Then I continued walking and tried to pretend nothing had happened. And soon enough I actually forgot, resuming my laughter and enjoying every second of my slightly foggy mind.
                            ✽ ✽ ✽
Ivy's parents were already asleep when we all entered the house. Ivy gave me an oversized t-shirt of her to sleep in – it probably fit her just fine – and everything else I needed before doing the same with Tyler and Ethan. They had apparently done this a few times before because before I new what was happening, Ethan was making himself comfortable on the mattress Ivy had pulled out from under her bed and Nathan was doing the same on another mattress beside that. 
"We'll just share a bed if you don't mind." I didn't and and after changing and getting ready in the washroom I fell onto the bed completely exhausted, almost unable to appreciate the cloud-like dream out of tiredness. Ivy joined me and pulled me toward her, as if I were an oversized teddy bear. 
"If your in trouble, you can tell me. You know that, right?" 
"Mhm", I replied groggily. 
"Will you two shut up? I'm tired." Ethan semi-shouted at us. 
"This is my house, I can fucking talk whenever I want to." Ivy replied but after that she fell silent as well. I felt her placing her arm on my hip and cuddling up behind me. I was to tired to question it though and had to admit I liked the feeling of being sincerely hugged or cuddled with.
 Before I knew it, I fell into the most relaxed sleep I'd been in since I could remember. 

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