Bringing back Rain

"Go home girl." My smile vanished when he mentioned home. No way was I going back there. He narrowed his eyes in frustration.
"If your a prostitute, I'm not interested." Now I was offended.
"I'm not a prostitute you asshole!" My jeans weren't even that tight.

A girl trying to survive the hell that is her life and a boy who could make everything better... or way worse.


1. O N E | Yep, I'm a total badass

quick sidenote before starting this: I feel like my writing has gotten way better since starting this book and I just haven't had the time to revise the first two chapters or so. If you think the premise is interesting, please stick around till then. Otherwise, thanks for reading:) I hope you like it!


Someone was throwing himself against my door. Someone else was cursing and screaming and I heard a glass shatter. Home sweet home.
Yep, you heard right. My home is basically the meeting place for every scumbag in the area. Needless to say, I absolutely love it here.
Groaning, I get out of bed and throw on some grey jeans, a black tank top and a leather jacket. Then I put on my combat boots, but on some makeup to make myself look as fierce as humanly possible, check to see that both my pocket knife and pepper spray are within good reach before turning the key to my door and stepping out.
Some drunk guy I've never seen before almost falls on top of me but I swerve around him, shove him away from my door, look it and head towards the kitchen before he gets the chance to get angry.
Just hold yourself together for two more minutes and then your out of here, I tell myself, even though I would love to curl up in my bed and cry.
My mom is standing in the kitchen, a bottle of vodka in her hand and some dick behind her. Judging from the look on his eyes, he's probably out of his mind wasted. They haven't noticed me yet so I decide I can go without breakfast today and slowly back out of the kitchen.
I almost reached the door when someone pulls me back by my hair. My scalp is screaming in pain and I feel like falling apart right then and there but I remain quiet and shove at the person trying to hold me back. No such luck. This guy too is a complete stranger and he stares down at me with lust in his eyes. Bloodlust or sexual, I'm not sure but I'm not too keen to find out. Finally coming to my senses I grab for the knife in my bag and try stabbing him. His look transforms into absolute fury. He grabs the knife from me and drives it into my thigh. Even now not one sound leaves my lips. But then he pulls my head violently towards his and crashes his mouth on mine. In the same moment I feel his disgusting hand on my breast.
Why does this has to happen to me? I try to pull back but he slaps me violently and I fall to the floor.
"Little bitch, do you think you're to good for me? Slut!", he slurs before kicking me in the stomach. Tears run down my face but I still haven't said a single word. When he continues to kick me I curl up and wait for him to get bored with me. Eventually he does and I practically fall out of the door trying to get away.
As soon as I've gotten enough distance between the run down apartment and myself, I collapse and sob. How am I supposed to survive this for two more years? The feeling of dread never leaves me anymore and I am forced to watch my life crumble bit for bit every single day.
There's always plan B... As soon as the thought enters my head I shove it back. I'm not that desperate yet. But I'm damn close, thats for sure.
One more day might push me over the edge. Maybe it would best to just start plan B and get it over with. Maybe.
I grit my teeth in pain as I tried to stand up. My body felt like it had been run over by a truck but that wasn't a new feeling. How depressing. I already felt a bruise spreading on my face but I couldn't do anything about that now. Not that anyone would notice anyway. With that thought, I began limping towards my school.
The day rushed past me in a blur. I sat in my chair completely zoned out and looked towards the board with a blank expression on my face. I knew that people noticed my limp when I walked past them but I knew no one would do anything about it. The teachers wouldn't either. They all think I'm some sort of troublemaker even though I can't recall ever being late, getting a bad grade or even opening my mouth in school. I'm not mute or anything but sometimes theres just nothing to be said. Talking will only get me into trouble and I'm not exactly craving more negative attention from anyone.
"Do you see her leg? It looks like it's bleeding!"
"How do you think the other person looks like?" Wow, they thought I could beat someone up? I'm flattered. But my leg did start bleeding again so instead of feeling satisfied I was fighting the urge to burst into tears.
Yep, I'm a total badass. Not.
I don't really know what my reputation at this school is but I kind of doubt I really have one. I'm not interesting enough to be noticed and I like it that way.
When school is over I head over to the park not wanting to go home quite yet. My leg is throbbing in pain and my ribs don't feel that good either. I haven't eaten anything today either.
I collapse onto a bank and am so immersed in my self pity I don't notice someone is sneaking up on me until its to late.
"Wanna have some fun?" O, how I love being assaulted by drunk guys. I think this guy was hanging out in my living room recently. I stand up and try to run but before I can get away he slams me into the ground. Before I can get to my senses he practically rips my pants off and grins.
"Your slut of a mom doesn't mind it, why should you? And you're way hotter anyways." Fuck! Not only does my mom let all these guys into our house and into her, she's also responsible that this guy thinks he can get into me! I've been in this situation way too often and I know how this will end before it really began. Nothing I do stops this guy from raping and beating me before walking off.
When he's gone I put my pants back on, crying hysterically and drag myself into an alley. It wasn't the first time this happened but it was the last time I could survive it. I was done. Nothing would get better so I should stop it now before it got even worse. I already hit rockbottom but I knew if I didn't do something the ground would crumble and I would fall even further.
Plan B here I come. 


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